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4 Ways Cookie Robinson Can Help Your Business Keep Up In Today’s Market



With the changing times, it is easy for some of us to be left behind in the old ways of doing things. When that happens in business, it might cause loss of money and consequently the death of the company itself. The business world is also evolving. The internet has brought with it many new opportunities for entrepreneurs. It has become easier than it was to market products or services and even access international markets. Any business not utilizing this opportunity is losing a lot. More so because doing business online is taking over and it’s taking over by storm.

Cookie Robinson, an agency owner and brand strategist knows why many small businesses and brands are not growing today. She is the owner and CEO of CookieTruth Media Group, also known as CTMG, a digital marketing company that helps small business owners grow their online presence. Through growing their social presence, creating courses, generating leads, monetizing ad campaigns and helping increase scalability by solving  the needs of small businesses and brands by utilizing relevant technology.

Here are some of the ways small businesses can keep up with the changing times and operate like big businesses.

  1. Building a Website

As a small business looking to scale, having a website is crucial. A business without a website is as good as dead. It is an excellent platform to develop a brand and connect to your potential and current customers. The online presence that comes with a website gives your business credibility and establishes some trust with the customer. All those factors lead to more sales in the end.

Contrary to what some might think, developing a website does not require any expertise. You also do not have to use any of your money to do so as there are many free website builders available that allow you to develop the site yourself. 

Another avenue of reaching even more people using a website is making it available through multiple devices. A recent survey done by Verisign and Merrill Research found that only 21% of small businesses globally with a website have a mobile version of their website. That means there are still more opportunities to be exploited.

Most business owners build their website not knowing many of the design and functional needs will be overlooked due to lack of experience. Through CTMG’s website development division, Tally Agency,  a way to interrupt these inconsistencies was birthed. They created an A.I powered website generator that will build your website in under 1 minute and preview your work, and it will automatically be mobile friendly. With the agencies help you can then have customizations and features added to perfect what you’ve built.

  1. Social Media Marketing

Today, Billions of people in the world have social media accounts. That means your business has billions of potential customers on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Snapchat, and others. Facebook, for example, has over 2.41 Billion active users in a month. People spend many hours on social media; it would be crazy for any business owner not to want to tap into that. 

Social media marketing is a great way to reach potential customers. Open accounts for your business on all platforms to maximize reach. Many entrepreneurs, however, may not have the time to prioritize managing and growing their social media accounts themselves. To solve that CTMG’s software division, iNTELLIGIZE, developed a practical solution, a social media management platform called, iNTELLIPOST, that brings tremendous ease to scheduling and auto-posting content as well as editable keyword-based content generation and analytics reporting all within the same platform.

  1. Set up AD Campaigns

For any business to grow, it is essential to let people know what products and services are being offered to attract customers. The internet has revolutionized the advertisement industry, and it is now cheaper than ever to run an ad campaign. In an ad campaign, you make a set of ads that talk about the same thing. The intention is to create awareness for a brand, making sales, and generating leads for the business.

With the billions of online users trafficking the internet every minute, the right ad campaign can be a game-changer for a small business. Types of online ad campaigns include Google AdWords, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Linkedin ad campaigns. Some of these platforms, like Facebook, actually allow you to choose your target audience, so you can better control the interactions your campaigns have ultimately leading to increased revenue. CTMG has developed, built and managed ad campaigns helping client net profit 10x their original ad spend.

  1. Automation

One of the best things about technology is that the more it advances, the more it makes things easier. Business automation is one of the awesome things that technology has made possible. Now you can delegate tasks, hold meetings, and manage your team more efficiently than before. An example of automation platforms that small businesses can use include, Zapier, IFTTT, ActiveCampaign, Leadformly, iNTELLIPOST, Google Ads, Grammarly, and more.

The world is changing in all aspects of life, socially, economically, and politically, do not be left behind. Let your business evolve; that way, you will end up increasing your revenue with each passing day.  As a brand strategist, Cookie Robinson, has coached and developed processes of automation to suit each clients needs. “Although no two businesses are alike, the beauty of automation is it levels the playing field of what can be accomplished even with a small team, as long as it’s the right team”, says Robinson.

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Cody Cornwell – Heavy Marketing



Recently, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Cody Cornwell. Cody is a marketing expert and has built a successful agency in a super short time. I asked him how he got started, what he does, and more.

  • Hey Cody, what does your company do?

Heavy Marketing LLC helps businesses and personal brands grow their exposure to increasing revenue while creating a brand that will withstand the test of time.

  • How did you get started?

I left my “high paying” skilled labor job in search of a better future more myself and my future family.

  • Why did you pick your niche?

I followed where my interest took me while making sure I was serving clients that had the money to pay for my knowledge and skills.

  • What advice would you give to someone looking to start a big agency?

Just start and figure it out along the way as you learn. Try to serve a mentor to get their knowledge if you have to. 

  • How have you leveraged building a personal brand?

By being my authentic self the people that I have met online meet me in person and realize that nothing is fake. I am transparently me and that allows me to connect with the people I was to work with. Building my personal brand also has put me in contact with so many that would never meet with someone random that walked up to them in the street. It helps build your like, know and trust factors before even meeting someone in person. 

  • If you could leave the world with one piece of advice, what would it be?

To never stop searching for the best version of yourself as possible.

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Mark Neilson Shares Tips on What It Takes To Become a Successful Entrepreneur



Parents struggling to make ends meet for their children is familiar among many families, and Mark Neilson’s family wasn’t any different. He watched his parents struggle to put food on the table and cater to their other needs. Having a mother who did odd jobs to supplement his father’s fishing income taught him that he had to work hard to make it in life. Although they weren’t rich, he learned the virtue of honesty and hard work from the example his parents set for him. Mark knew that if he was to build a better life, he had to work very hard and maintain honesty all through.

Early Life Journey

Mark grew up in a trailer based out of Alaska. Although his parents tried everything to give them a good life, it wasn’t enough. They still struggled. This formed the basis for Mark Neilson to want to build a better life for himself. He ventured into entrepreneurship while still young and living in Alaska. His family started a firework stand. The relocation to Utah at 9 didn’t kill Mark’s entrepreneurial dreams. He continued by selling Christmas trees during the festive seasons and selling other products in other seasons like lemonade during the summertime.

They lived in Utah until his teenage years when he decided to leave and find another home. While still with his parents, he tried to help them in their business. Through this, he was able to better his entrepreneurial skills, skills he later used to thrive in his environment. He first left Utah to go on a mission trip that ended up igniting in him the need to help other people achieve success. He realized that his success would come from their success. Mark also realized that he needed a different setting for his dreams. He set out to look for a new place that would feel like home to him and traveled to different states including Washington and California. He ended up settling in San Jose, where he currently resides.

Work and Achievements

Mark Neilson has a business in the insurance sector. For over ten years, he has been providing exceptional services in that industry and has grown to become a force to be reckoned with. Although seeking employment was a possibility for him, he decided to start his own business because he didn’t want a limited income. He wanted to earn as much as he could work for. He didn’t depend on his abilities either. He accepted help from others when he could and had mentors he worked with.

Mark Neilson has achieved many accolades during the ten years he has been in business. He has been an AO Rolex Recipient, AO squire, and AO knight, First to break $7,000,000 in AO Regional in one year, first producer in AO to net $150,000 in one month, and first in AO Regional Manager to net $400,000 in production in a week. He was also Producer of the Year in 2013, Number Four Manager in 2017 2017 AO Leader of the Year, and again AO Leader of the Year the following year. He also an Only Diamond Club Member, Million Dollar Club Member, four times Presidents Club Member, seven times Gold Club Member, three times Founders Club Member, and two times Monthly Producer Record Holder.

Advice on Success

Mark Neilson attributed his success to his hard work, professional work ethics, and his mentors. He advises upcoming entrepreneurs to understand that success doesn’t happen instantly but instead takes time. He also advises them to keep going, especially when it gets tough. Another tip is for new entrepreneurs to develop a passion for learning and to listen to the advice given by mentors. The mentors have been through the journey and know what it takes to get to where you want to be. Loving others is also essential because it is the only way you’ll be able to prioritize their needs and do what’s best for your clients.

One thing that is evident in Mark Neilson’s journey is hard work. For him, that is the only way to achieve anything he wants. He is always ready to put in the time and effort, do whatever has to be done to finish the job at hand. He also enjoys helping others and derives his success from their success.

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Morning Habits for a Better You with Dave Panozzo



Most successful people have many similarities and many things in common. However, there’s usually 1 that stands out and that they do before they do anything else in their lives. 

That 1 thing… is their morning routine. They adopt a morning ritual to jump start their day. It might sound simple and ineffective but every successful person will tell you otherwise.  Time and time again experts have pointed out that having a morning ritual helps you to overcome procrastination, be more positive and set you up for a successful day. 

Your morning habit dictates the flow of your day. That’s why if you study successful people around the world, you will observe that strictly follow their morning ritual until it becomes embedded in their system.

Dave Panozzo, a former United States Army Member started his career in the real estate industry in 2016. He received citations for his accomplishments as a real estate agent, but in an interview, he told us how the road to success does not follow a straight line. 

While he is going after his goals he is often hit with detours that take him off his path to those goals. As a result of this experience it was important to Dave that he design a morning routine to keep him focused on what is important in reaching his goals. He stated “I started doing this about 5 years ago and it has completely changed my life!” 

In this article you will read the five morning habits that Dave created for himself to make sure that regardless of what is thrown his way he will have a productive day and stay focused on what he is set to accomplish. He suggested “ Try to follow these habits every morning for 21 days since experts said that it takes 21 days to develop a habit.” 

Get Up Early From Bed

Successful people start their day early. Those who rise early tend to procrastinate less as compared to others. Dave says “Every time I wake up early, I feel less stressed because I am not cramming to get out of the house. I have more time to prepare myself, ready to attack the day. And suddenly you will realize that you have more time, and you will be able to accomplish more”.

But you might say that you’re not a morning person. You can gradually work yourself to wake up early. For example, you can wake up 20 minutes earlier for a week then the following week you increase it to 25 minutes. You can keep doing this until you reach your ideal wake up time.

As the weeks go by, you gradually feel the result. You will reduce your stress level since you eliminate the need to rush in the morning. This gives way to a positive feeling that will trickle throughout the day. Research has shown that those who wake early can anticipate problems and minimize it more efficiently.

Dave shared with us his morning routine and what makes it so successful. It consists of making his bed first thing in the morning he stated “this is the first win of the day”, he follows up my reading his personalized affirmation. These are things that are he is reinforcing into his mind first thing in the morning. Next, he writes in his journal, making sure that he describes the way he feels while also focusing on a major win he has recently. 

Once you start doing this on a daily, weekly, or yearly basis, you now can reflect back on the situations you were in and reflect on how you conquered it. 

The last part of Dave’s pre-day routine consists of books. He enjoys reading a few pages at a time some mornings his mind is racing so fast that he can only get through a few pages while other mornings he can read a whole chapter. Some of the books that have changed his life are The 10X Rule, Relentless, Think and Grow Rich.    

Eat Breakfast

As they say, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It serves as the fuel of your body so you could the tasks that lay ahead of you. It will help become more focused throughout the day. 

Nutritionists said that the basic formula for a healthy breakfast is to pair carbohydrates or carbs with proteins. 

Carbs will give your body the energy to get started and fuel for your brain. Protein, on the other hand, gives you more stamina and helps you feel full until your next meal.

Get Some Exercise

One part of Dave’s morning that helps fuel his energy is exercise. “Including exercise in your morning ritual will help boost your energy. It will also make you feel more alert and ready to take on the day” Dave stated. 

Morning exercise improves your stamina, boost your mental focus and improves your mood. Notice that you sweat out after a workout you feel good about yourself. You don’t have to do full workouts in the morning. You can just do a 15-minute workout, or you can have a quick jog. Put those rubber shoes on and make your body sweat.


Another part of Dave’s morning that not only helps in keeping him motivated but also in staying on that straight line toward his goals is visualizing. 

Dave recommends “early in the morning, reflect on your goals and tasks to map out your day. Think about what you want to achieve and why do I want to achieve it. You need to reinforce your motivation in the morning, so you are ready to seize the day. You devote time to do meditation in the morning, you can read or listen to your favorite music. This will improve your mood and clarity to your mind.”


Prioritize your task. Do the toughest task in the morning when your mental focus and capacity are at the highest. Tackle your most important project in the morning so you feel fulfilled throughout the day. If you start prioritizing your tasks and start doing the most difficult task in the morning, you will become more productive. And you will feel good about yourself.

You can prepare a to-do list. Organizing your tasks will make everything manageable. Seeing an outline of you should complete will make you mentally focused and give you a sense of fulfillment every time you tick out a task on your list. It is key to do this list the night before you go to bed. 

This morning routine will bring success, a sense of fulfillment and happiness throughout your day.

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