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Anthony Delgado and Sofia Stolberg join forces to Disrupt Puerto Rico



Anthony Delgado, CEO, and Founder of Disrupt Digital and Sofia Stolberg, CEO, and Founder of Piloto 151 are proud to present an all-new annual 7-day event series full of Conferences, Workshops, Hackathons, Music, Meetups, and Festivals to the City of San Juan, Puerto Rico, its businesses and citizens. On October 20th, 2018, Disrupt Week will welcome the world’s most influential thought leaders, marketers, developers, angel investors, and entrepreneurs to the island of Puerto Rico. The week consists of an unparalleled mix of industry conferences, trade shows, and festivals. The event will transform the island into a global mecca for technology and entrepreneurship, bringing together local leaders with the leaders of the world and solidifying Puerto Rico’s reputation as a thriving, innovation hub and the bridge between North and South America’s startup ecosystems.

The event will be kicked off with a hackathon for social good called “Hackea Por Una Causa” ( https://www.hackeaporunacausa.com ) which is being sponsored by and held at the Banco Popular Foundation, which is a co-working space and incubator for Puerto Rican non-profit organizations. The hackathon starts on Saturday, October 20th, and continues into the night until the winners are announced on Sunday, October 21st. The foundation has committed to pledging $5k in cash prizes to the winners of the challenges which have been crafted out based on the needs of local non-profit organizations. For those who aren’t hacking, or need to cool off from the keyboards during the night there is a pool party with live Brazilian music hosted by DJ Ivan Robles at Vivo Beach Club.

Monday kicks off the speaker series with the opening conference held at Piloto 151’s (https://piloto151.com/) iconic flagship location, inside of the heart of Old San Juan, which is the oldest settlement within Puerto Rico and a historic colonial section of the city of San Juan. Monday’s line-up of speakers includes Kelitza Brana, Jayden Sage, Sang Lucci, Stephen Lupsha, and Rhett Creighton. Monday’s nightlife consists of a networking event at The Poet’s Passage Cafe, hosted by Crypto Monday and an after party at the iconic speakeasy, La Factoria, featuring a live band playing Salasa and other traditional Latin Music.

Tuesday is hosted at the Science, Technology & Research Trust of Puerto Rico, (https://prsciencetrust.org/) an investment firm whose mission is to advance the island’s digital economy through supporting innovation-driven projects in the technology and science sector. Day two includes a fireside chat with Israel Figueroa, CTO at BrainHi the first company from Puerto Rico to receive funding from Y-Combinator. Other speakers on that day include Alex Grieco, Kirill Sopot, Laura Egocheaga and Pedro Rivera. Networking events on Tuesday include live music at the San Juan Arts and Culture District, Calle Loiza, Santurce, Puerto Rico.

Wednesday is hosted at Parallel 18, ( https://www.parallel18.com/ ) an accelerator program that accepts companies from around the world to help them scale their businesses from Puerto Rico. Executive Director, Sebastian Vidal will be speaking about the state of the tech ecosystem in Puerto Rico. Other speakers on that day include Laura Tirado, Paul Faerstein, Felix Ekwueme, Kaivan Dave and Jason Feifer. “The tech and startups community in Puerto Rico is growing with a combination of local and international entrepreneurs. A generation of young professionals that don’t want to leave or want to come back to the island to pursue their projects is creating and supporting the infrastructure and resources needed to launch Puerto Rico as a hub for creative and disrupting businesses,” said Sebastian Vidal, Executive Director at Parallel18, who is speaking at the event. Parallel18 is one of the first startup accelerators on the island, and they have helped companies raise over 30 million dollars in venture capital since they began operation. Sebastian continues, “In the past five years, the ecosystem has added coworking spaces, startup incubators, and accelerators, networking events and has advocated for a public policy that is friendlier for digital businesses. All of these in a place where you can find an international bank, award-winning restaurants, vibrant cultural centers, and the beach in a 5 miles radio. Finally, the location is pretty convenient for digital nomads with direct flights to Madrid, NYC, and Bogota.” A happy hour and music festival will be held in the evening at Delavida in La Placita which is a much sought-after destination for its nightlife and culture.

On Thursday, the festival returns to Piloto 151 in Old San Juan for the final day of conference talks and lectures. Dr. Mark Wade, John Malott, Jennifer Hopp, Tom La Vecchia, Emmanuel Oquendo, and Denisse Rodríguez Colón will be speaking at the event followed by the Disrupt after party and awards ceremony where local leaders are recognized in areas such as disruption, social impact, and influence.

Friday is all about fun in the sun and networking, with a private VIP dinner and an Acoustic Music Festival and Pool Party hosted by Vivo Beach Club (https://vivobeachclub.com/) featuring legendary Puerto Rican musicians such as Roy Brown, Alegria Rampante, Tito Auger, Fernando Wood, Andrea Cruz, Masquedos, Cheryl Rivera, Luckre Gerad, Ale Croatto, Fine Wood. Saturday morning features a Burn X Brunch, 80’s inspired workout with local fitness influencer Paula Landron at Punto Verde al Fresco, San Juan, followed by a brunch with unlimited mimosas. Saturday evening ends with a rooftop happy hour at Eter Lounge and the final afterparty at the Brava nightclub inside the El San Juan Hotel in Isla Verde.

Disrupt Week is designed to unite technology professionals and entrepreneurs across languages, platforms, and industries. Participants will have opportunities to network, engage, and learn about new and emerging topics that are shaping the future of technology and business, today. Disrupt will host multiple elite panels of experts in a fantastic series of talks, workshops, and presentations that include topics such as entrepreneurship, marketing, investing, blockchain, bots, artificial intelligence and more.

“Disrupt Week is one of the most genuine expressions of Puerto Rico because we thrive by being creative, providing a home to some of the biggest names in tech, music, and film, and playing host to some of the best experiences in the world. And even if you don’t come to the event, we all benefit. The economic impact on the island of Puerto Rico will be undeniable as we attract more people to visit the island each year. This is only the beginning.” said Anthony Delgado, Founder at Disrupt, who first came up with the concept for the event after hurricane maria. “Look at what SXSW has done for the economy in the City of Austin, Texas. The hospitality industry is a huge driver of the economy here on the island, why not combine the two. Technology Education and a tropical Vacation. It just makes sense.”

Disrupt Week 2018 kicks off with a Startup Grind investor panel hosted by Google for Entrepreneurs and Engine-4 co-working space on October 18th, EduBlock Blockchain Workshop on October 19th and Banco Popular Hackathon on October 20th and continues until October 22 through October 27 with the Disrupt Conference & Music Festivals. 2018 is the first year that the 10-days of events have taken place in Puerto Rico, and the goal is to have the same level of economic impact as bringing a Super Bowl or Olympics to the island. “Disrupt Week will continue to be an economic force in the island,” said Anthony Delgado, (https://anthonydelgado.me/) “and it will only continue to grow year after year.”

Tickets are available now by visiting: www.DisruptWeek.com

Anthony Delgado (born February 6, 1986) is an American software developer and internet entrepreneur widely known as a professional hacker in the developer community. Anthony Delgado has won numerous hackathons sponsored by Fortune 500 tech companies like Google, IBM, Intel, Facebook and Microsoft and hosted by organizations including Rutgers University, the New Jersey Institute of Technology, the AT&T Developer Summit in New York City.

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The Mandalay Group today announced updates for the upcoming #PAY TAMPA BAY event, including additions to the advisory board, two of the keynote speakers for the February 20, 2020 Conference as well as a new community partnership in the Florida technology corridor.



The Mandalay Group today announced updates for the upcoming #PAY TAMPA BAY event, including additions to the advisory board, two of the keynote speakers for the February 20, 2020 Conference as well as a new community partnership in the Florida technology corridor.

The theme for 2020 event is “Banking, Blockchain and Beyond”. Event proceedings are being co-sponsored by BlockSpaces, a Tampa based blockchain technology innovation studio. This unique event will be staged at the new Embarc Collective innovation hub in downtown Tampa.

“We’re excited to enter into these new partnerships leading up to the event” said Bruce Burke, CEO of The Mandalay Group. “These high-profile supporters and contributors will help amplify our message and attract attention and investment to our thriving technology community.”

Andrew Morris, Founder & CEO of new consultancy The Fintech Agenda LLC, will be joining the #PAY Board of Advisors. An expert in the technologies and trends shaping the future of financial services, payments and commerce, Andrew serves on multiple boards and is an advisor to several fintech organizations, including the Technology Association of Georgia’s Fintech Society and the HOPE Global Forums.

“Having served for 5 years as Chief Content Officer for the Money20/20 conferences, and thus helping to build the leading fintech events globally, I have seen how powerful events can be to move industries and companies forward,” Andrew explains.

“The #PAY event brand is in the right space at the right time. I’m excited to play a role moving forward in helping #PAY produce world-class events exploring the innovation that will occur over the next decade in payments.”

#PAY also announced several presenters for the event, including keynote speaker Matteo Rizzi, an unconventional Entrepreneur, Investor, Innovator and Author of the new book “Talents and Rebels, Dealing with Corporate Misfits”.

This book is an inspirational journey where – hopefully – misfits get a spot to be heard, and everyone gets an opportunity to understand a different innovation perspective. For three years in a row, Financial News has nominated Matteo as one of the “40 most influential Fintech executives in Europe”.

Matteo will be joined by executives from Arival, the first fintech bank. Arival was founded in 2017 by a dynamic trifecta consisting of two seasoned fintech venture capitalists and one young fintech entrepreneur.

Regarded for the team’s prior investments in pioneer digital banks such as Simple, Moven, Fidor, & RocketBank – they decided it was time to take the bull by the horns & build their own. CEO, Vladislav Solodkiy, CFO, Igor Pesin and COO, Jeremy Berger will participate in the #PAY event. Arival now boasts a pre-money valuation of more than $14.8 million.

“We’re proud to have so many fintech leaders as headline speakers for #PAY,” said Rosa Shores, Co-Founder of BlockSpaces. “These innovators will explore the most transformative technologies and ideas reshaping the banking, fintech and payments industry. 

We look forward to shining a global spotlight on Tampa Bay as an emerging fintech hub and, once again, show the nation we are a “go-to” city for blockchain innovation.”

The Mandalay Group also announced a new community partnership with the Florida based non-profit, Synapse. #PAY will host a panel session focused on Fintech investment during the Synapse Summit being held February 11-12, 2020 at Amalie Arena. Leading VC’s, institutional investors and well-funded fintech firms will provide information and insight with key strategies for successful exits.

“Synapse is glad to partner with #PAY to ensure our audience of upwards of 6,000 attendees from all parts of Florida’s innovation ecosystem have the chance to learn about the growing fintech and payments industry,” said Lauren Prager, Synapse Vice President of Community Engagement.

The #PAY TAMPA BAY agenda offers keynote sessions from global leaders in the banking, fintech and paymentsindustry, with more than dozen sessions on topics ranging from opportunities in blockchain, to shifting consumer payment preferences, digital identity, innovative payment solutions and how these changes will reshape the banking, payments and commerce industry.

Reserve your spot today at: www.paytampabay.eventbrite.com

Industry innovators count on #PAY to connect them with key decision-makers at financial institutions, venture capitalists, and fintech startups as well as service providers, analysts and media.

Get your brand message in front of executive-level stakeholders and buyers. #PAY TAMPA BAY has opportunities for speakers, sponsors and supporters.

For more information visit: www.paysymposium.com/contact

About The Mandalay Group

The Mandalay Group is a consortium of professionals focused on accelerating the future in the banking, fintech and payments industry globally. TMG is well known for bringing together thought leaders, innovators and decision-makers from across the financial services industry to discuss the tsunami of transformation changing the face of finance.

Attendees benefit from access to the world’s foremost experts focused on emerging payments technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, cryptocurrencies, e-commerce, blockchain, cognitive platforms, digital identity and experiential customer engagement

Media Contact: The Mandalay Group: [email protected] (727) 612-5775

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Electronic Tattoos for Bio Authentication

Electronic tattoos might sound futuristic but the industries are adopting them very quickly, especially for their use in bio authentication.



Bio Authentication
Bio Authentication

Bio Authentication: If you thought that facial recognition, fingerprint, and iris scanner is future ways of bio authentication. Wait till you hear the details about electronic tattoos. They have been around for a few years now but haven’t found the commercial success that the other forms of verifications have achieved. However, when you read their benefits you’d probably be looking to invest in a stock of these stamps.

Here is a succinct introduction to electronic tattoos. 

What is an electronic Tattoo?

E-tattoos, also known as Biostamps, is a bit different than the regular ink tattoos that inject within the skin. This slap-on, lightweight, gossamer and flexible electronic stickers have circuits and thin structures to carry and record information. Normally made of highly stretchable silicon, these stamps applly with a rubber stamp or bandage material. They normally have an electronic circuit and antennae.

“The technique is simple. The tattoos are ultrathin, very stretchable, and inexpensive to produce.”

  • Carmel Majidi, Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering

What is a smart tattoo?

A smart tattoo is simply a small computer built into the stamp. They help authenticate access to tablets and phones. Using these tattoos, one can easily connect with an electronic device. Using lasers they can cut into about any shape to fit in different devices and put on different surfaces.   

Is Bio Authentication through e-tattoos secure?

These tattoos create out of necessity due to a lack of security for logging in or getting access. In a way, they are making authentication more secure, so, by default, they are more secure than other methods of verification. They are very effective means of ensuring security, of say, public gatherings or events where only selected people can enter. Also, by storing medical history in these tattoos, they can be highly effective in communicating patient’s medical records with the hospital staff. 

Where are electronic tattoos being used?

E-tattoos have not found commercial success yet but they are gradually making their mark. At certain security checkpoints such as building entrances or entry to exclusive clubs. You might find these tattoos is use to verify the identity of the individual(s), and for biometric sign-in for different devices.

One name, Motorola, is making headlines in creating smart tattoos, with another one called vitamin identification. Simply put, this is a pill you swallow, which sends off signals, 18 bits, that can connect the person to surrounding devices. 

Why e-tattoos is the craze suddenly?

Every technological revolution precedes by a materials revolution. For example, the computer revolution was triggere and facilitated by semiconductors, silicon, in particular. Similarly, these tattoos are rapidly becoming popular because of the advent of flexible electronics. 

The revolution was fueled by the flexibility of these chips since complex systems and boards require bendable material to go around certain materials or fit into small devices. In fact, the reason for compact and small devices was made possible due to flexible electronics. So, roll, stretch and flex these boards, and make the devices that existed in the imagination alone, come to life.

Where are these modern stamps used?

Besides using these stamps for entrance or exit from offices or biometric login for electronic devices, they can be pasted onto the wrists of patients. Now their entire medical history is with them, easily accessible at any hospital or by any doctor with the correct equipment.

Medical tattoos can also read the vitals off of a patient. And with time, they are increasingly becoming sophisticated. There are other interesting uses of these tattoos too. For example…

Google has bought patents of tattoos that help with lie detection. It’s not difficult to imagine their usage in interrogation and courtrooms (perhaps). Similarly, they have a patent for another tattoo that one can stamp on their throat for easily communicating with electronic devices.  Another company Electrozyme uses a different approach, it helps monitor the athletic performance of athletes. It measures stress and lactate levels.

Smart tattoos will become prevalent in the near future. They offer tremendous benefits beyond ID validation, both for security and the health of people.

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Protect Your Loved Ones with TheOneSpy



Protect your loved once

When it comes to protection, it says that man protects his loved ones first. A Person protects their loved ones in every way so that no heat can come upon them or prevent them from trapping into a swamp. The increasing usage of the internet and mobile devices is endangering our loved ones.

Every year, many kids became victims of cybercrimes like bullying, threatening or other dangers like that. And many kids indulge in bad kinds of stuff like pornography, scamming or hacking, etc. At a young age, children cannot determine their right and wrong, therefore, it is the parents’ responsibility to keep watching their kids or teen activities.

In this way, much powerful monitoring spy software are helping to get complete control over your loved one’s mobiles to check their activities thoroughly. TheOneSpy is one of the powerful cell phone spy software, which is truly helping many peoples.

How to Protect Loved Ones through Cell Phone Spy Software?

TheOneSpy is trustworthy and reliable, smart software, which smoothly works with every phone device. It gives the best digital parental control to detect if their kids are reading inappropriate material, porn sites or viewing any kind of bad stuff and if their kids are facing bullying, threatening or involving in hacking, so it enables the parents to protect them from danger before time.

TheOneSpy Core Features

TheOneSpy offers a wide range of innovative and advanced features that allow the user to track all offline and online activities of their loved ones secretly. Let us know how TheOneSpy features help the user protect their loved ones. There are some features penned below with their use.

• Surrounding recorder

Its MIC and cameras enable the user to capture and monitor live surrounding activities of your loved ones, to whom they are meeting and what they are doing.

• Live Screen Recorder

User can view and record screen activities of targeted a device to watch, which apps, sites or which activities they follow the most remote access them. If the user is busy, he/she can give a command or can view later through cloud storage.

• Call Recorder

It enables the user to record and track phone calls with true time stamp, to check to whom they are calling or receiving calls or what they are talking and if they are planning to do something wrong, so a user can protect them timely.

• Social media monitoring

Whether it is WhatsApp, Facebook, IMO, messenger or Instagram, TheOneSpy social media monitoring feature enables the user to monitor activities on social apps and sites. • IM Instant Messenger is specifically for Facebook Messenger to record all voice and text messages on messenger.

• Keylogger

If your loved one is hiding something or appear to be doing things secretly or if you feel them scared or upset, in this way keystrokes logging feature enables the user to spy on all king of logs whether password, SMS or E-mail.

• Geo-Fencing

It enables the user to put an alarm on places, on restricted areas. So, if your person goes there, TheOneSpy will send you an instant alarming update.

• GPS location tracker

It gives complete access to track targeted device location wherever they go in the world. Compatibility of TheOneSpy is mainly in using many peoples because of its compatibility, as it works with high accuracy with all devices whether it is Android, iPhone, iOS, MAC laptop or Window PC.

How does TheOneSpy monitoring software work?

After knowing about TheOneSpy, you may think to buy it. You should also know about how it works?

Step 1: Go to the official site of TheOneSpy.

Step 2: Get the subscription of software online. You will get the password and ID of your e-mail.

Step 3: Login to your account and start installation on the targeted phone.

Step 4: Get access to the targeted device through your online panel. Start getting data on a single command.

Final Thoughts

Finally, we concluded that in this fast-technological age everyone takes steps to protect their loved ones. So, the cell phone spy applications alert you to prevent your people before getting into trouble. They are helping people, and over time more people are moving towards it.

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