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How Chris Dufey Managed to Create a Multi-Million Dollar Company by Helping Others Win




“It was not easy,” Chris Dufey says. Every time he talks about how he has had to overcome the worst of his days to build a successful business, you really feel the passion. Chris started out more as anyone else does. There was a vision to pursue, and though the road was not so clear cut for him, he managed a level of success that many only dream about.


Chris Dufey opens up about how he built his business empire from scratch, and here is his story. At the end of the read, you will learn that even though success doesn’t come easy, the reward of knowing you have finally made it makes the struggle worthwhile.


Chris Dufey’s Story


At the age of 24, Chris Dufey was a ‘successful’ but admits that he didn’t feel it. He was making more than enough money and had a constant supply of clients in the pipeline to keep him going for quite some time. That is when Chris realized there was more to life than just the money. He wanted more freedom, more time with his family, and the ability to give them the life he never had growing up. So he left the comfort of his Sydney home, the warm arms of his 6-month pregnant wife, sold his assets, gave up his clients, and got on a plane to Dubai to pursue his dream.


For 3 months, Chris slept on a couch and worked around the clock to build what became the stepping stone to what now is his million-dollar business today. Just a few years later today, Chris lives the life he always dreamt about. He spends time with his wife and three daughters, and he travels with them anywhere in the world. Seeing how possible it was to transform his life, Chris decided to help others win and this has been the core principle defining his business.


His Calling


One day, Chris Dufey was driving and he noticed that his phone kept beeping. When he checked it later, he was shocked that all the while, it was his PayPal app notifying him of money coming in. His online coaching program was selling like hot bread! This was the second time he had launched an online coaching program. The first attempt never brought in a cent, but he knew better than to give up.


Chris says, “ After furiously reading, listening and learning as much as I could. I opened up and launched a new coaching program. It was ecstatic when my PayPal app made a ‘ding’ noise every time a sale came through.” Though he only made a few hundred dollars at first, the most important thing to him was that finally, he knew that it was possible to make it. Chris found the motivation he needed to build himself into a brand. He now helps trainers and coaches from all over the world to build successful businesses and live the lives they want.


The Secret to His Success


In a world where success is measured by how much money one makes, Chris Dufey had to look beyond just making money to making an impact. “Yes, I want to impact the world, be the best father I can be to my three daughters and experience the wonders of this life,” Chris says. He adds, “Money is the scorecard we use in business and it is important. However, the drive behind my business is providing more value to each of our clients. That way, we create more profit, which in turn gives us the ability to help more people. It all turns into a perpetual flywheel that breeds business success.”


It’s as simple as


Chris Dufey stresses that the constant need to improve has kept his business growing bigger every day. By focusing on growing his clients, Chris is able to offer them the best products in the market as well as encourage many more that while others see the proverbial “blood, sweat, and tears”, the easiest way to success is focusing on the positive side of the struggle – the success.

As an established trainer and business coach, Chris Dufey continues to build others up as he grows his business. For more information on Chris, check out coachescartel.com and learn how you can attract clients in your target market, position yourself as the authority, engage with them, build trust and be successful.

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Meet Anton Ortigas; ​one of 2019s top travel photography artist.



Anton lives in the corporate world; he breathes the hustle and bustle of the concrete jungle. He seems like your average yuppie: finished his MBA, works a day job, dabbles in photography… if only they were that. Instead his Master’s degree in Entrepreneurship from Ateneo GSB is put to good use daily in his many roles: first, as one of the youngest Country Managers of an international company, second, as an owner of an f&b franchisor, and third, as a globetrotting Instagram influencer.

Anton is behind Cotecna Elite Philippines Inc., a leading third-party audit, training, testing, inspection, and certification (ATTIC) global provider dedicated to developing and employing Filipinos in different provinces so they can provide local companies with world-class assurance services. With a bustling professional workforce of more than 300 employees in the Philippines, Anton has certainly carved himself a top spot in a niche industry, and yet despite his success, you can still see him in action, always in pursuit of bettering himself and others around him. This is why they recently launched their capacity-building initiative The Cotecna Institute, a training facility providing technical and vocational education to further professionalize the industry. It also provides leadership and skills enhancement seminars available to the youth in partnership with various government agencies.

His passion for empowering people goes beyond the confines of skyscrapers and traffic jams, and this is seen in We The People Coffee and Tea Company, a homegrown farm-to-palate coffee shop with three branches in Manila that serves handcrafted specialty coffee made from locally sourced and roasted beans. It also features curated products from students and budding entrepreneurs, as well as art pieces from illustrators, writers, and photographers from metro south, including his pieces from his internet-famous IG @antonorts, with over 90,000 followers and counting. There you can see his travels around the globe, captured in their wonder with Anton’s unique take on lines, shapes, and colors. When asked how he can manage to find time to take such beautiful photos in his busy life, he answers: “Social media provides an escape – a means to find inspiration and breathing spaces in other realities.” It’s no wonder that he takes such poignant and inspired images.

Here are some questions I asked him:

How did you make a name for yourself in your industry?

By taking photos of unique things, creating moments through everyday life experiences

What obstacles did you face to get to where you are now? 

I was young when I started managing our family business. It was hard to improve our corporate culture in the beginning because more senior employees did not listen and were resistant to change.

How did you overcome these obstacles?

Lead by example and worked hard to get more clients. I implemented programs within the company that empowered our employees to make decisions and lead their teams independently. This infused in them a feeling of ownership and it leads to positive growth and unity amongst each other.

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Why forex traders need to know the name Tyler Espitia



Tyler Espitia has created a great living trading Stocks & Forex. He has helped thousands of regular people working a 9-5 become highly profitable trading in the markets. Tyler is known for turning $5000 into over $250,000, trading & helping over 5000 people personally trade in only 2 years. The trader has helped hundreds of students quit their jobs, drop out of college, and change their lifestyle for the better. 

Throughout the years Tyler has become more of a “go-to” in his space. Many have begun to see great results when learning from Tyler. He has very affordable courses and alert rooms, in addition to that, he offers a FREE forex & stock Accelerator where he covers choosing your broker, what kind of trader you should be, what apps you need to get started, and more.

It wasn’t always easy for Tyler, he went from being homeless at the young age of 18. Going all out on his dreams of becoming a successful trader required some sacrifices to be made along the way. He dealt with a lot of loneliness when he first started trading and his entrepreneurial journey.

“I had to cut out anyone who wasn’t willing to grow, reach new levels, hit milestones in their life and who weren’t shooting for the same goals as me. The crazy thing was, it was pretty much my whole circle I had to cut off so it was pretty much just myself and my determination this whole process. Lots of people can’t stand being alone but it’s something you will have to endure as part of the journey.”

But by the age of 22 & mastering forex trading, he has been able to grow his Instagram account to over 48k followers, live a luxury lifestyle and has been able to buy himself a big house in a gated community along with a foreign car, all within a 4-year time span. 

To continue following his journey you can follow his Instagram account @tylertrades and Youtube channel here.

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Meet the forex trader disrupting the trading industry. This is Clint Fester.



Clint Fester is a forex mentor & founder of FestX. An educational platform for learning how to trade in the forex market. Clint put together this platform himself after gaining extensive knowledge doing a local and two major international courses that completely changed his life.

Clint Fester was born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa. He is 33 years young and is a full-time Forex Trader & Entrepreneur. He is the Husband of Simone Fester and a father to his 2 beautiful kids Kyro and Kourtney. He started his entrepreneurial journey in March of 2015. The start of 2018, having so much success in FX Trading, he started his mentorship 2-day course which started with just one student and rapidly grew only 2 months of operations. 6 months later Clint has a 100% success rate teaching all of his students.

He started trading back in Feb 2016, with all of his success and hard work in Forex Trading he launched his own company and brand FestX in June 2017. FestX soon became as successful as his trading career. He was able to bring in a student base with over 460 students in 12 different countries. As of January 2019, he achieved what many others could only dream of. He became a self-made millionaire.

It’s not easy making it in the trading field but unlike others, Fester hustled, stayed motivated and stayed consistent. Clint’s talent was recognized globally, as he would put out his analysis on pairs and called moves while trading days & sometimes even weeks before they happened! He then always followed up with a picture afterward to show everyone he IS result-driven. He now has a great following base of over 28k followers on Instagram.

Clint went from being known as a “normal” kid from a normal town to living an abnormal life because of his high-income skill, trading forex. 

It wasn’t always easy, when I spoke to Clint about his journey to becoming a millionaire, I asked “what are some obstacles you faced”, he remembers the struggle; “the money shortage, cash was running very low in the halfway mark of my career, this was getting tough”. On his journey to becoming a self-made millionaire, he had to make plenty of sacrifices, selling his Xbox, tv, PlayStation and even his car! “I just kept my cell phone and laptop as that was the 2 most important things I needed to make it”.

To learn more about Clint Fester and FestX follow him on Instagram here.

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