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Classic watches for men that are worth the investment




Given that ‘best’ is a highly subjective attribute, the task of selecting the best of anything is a tough job, and with watches, it is a too much daunting task. Defining what ranks among the best is especially tricky. There are endless styles and designs, together with the complications that are always changing. However, the task is a bit easy if you have a liking for classic watches that you find at Michael Kors watch stores. Picking any of the watches that find a place in this article will not only make you proud but also confident of going with the best.

Montblanc Star Legacy Nicolas Rieussec Chronograph


French watchmaker Nicolas Rieussec, the inventor of the first inking chronograph, patented the product in 1821. The Montblanc Star Legacy is a classic 44.8 mm stainless steel watch that mimics the original device of the inventor and has been created to pay tribute to the legendary watchmaker. The anthracite dial of the watch has two rotating discs horizontally aligned for the 60 second counter and 30 second counter, respectively, which turn below a stationary double-index. Caliber MB R200 is the in-house mono-pusher chronograph movement that provides power to the device that consists of a column wheel mechanism and automatic winding backed by a 72-hour power reserve.

Santos de Cartier Chronograph

The world considers Santos as one of the earliest wristwatches when Louis Cartier created it in 1904. The story goes that the watch was created for Alberto Santos-Dumont. The aviation pioneer who had difficulty while using his pocket watch when flying and complained about it. This led to a simple solution of tying the watch on the wrist that became a game-changer in watch styling. And made the wristwatch fashionable. This watch now comes with an 18k yellow gold bezel with satin-brushed silver dial. And sword-shaped luminescent hands made from black steel. The 1904 caliber CH MC automatic movement provides power to the chronograph that retains the original square shape. The watch comes with a rubber strap and a steel bracelet. That is easily changeable with the ‘QuickSwitch’ interchangeability system that is Cartier’s very own.

NomosGlashutteTangenteNeomatik 41 Update

Nomos is a small German watch brand that specializes in timepieces that blend a Bauhaus esthetic design with watchmaking precision. The innovations of the niche watchmaker, coupled with affordability, are the reasons for the brand’s popularity among watch aficionados. In 2018, Nomos received the Oscar of the watch world, the prestigious Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Geneve for this watch.  The marks of innovation of the watchmaker are evident in the design of the slender 41 mm watch. That has an outer ring to display the date in a completely new way. The date appears within a frame of two red dots on the edge of the dial by virtue of the DUW6101, the automatic date caliber.

The money you spend on these watches will justify the investment completely due to the immense satisfaction that you derive from owning the marvelous devices that are simply classics.

Sujain Thomas is a leading blog writer and expert travel photographer. She has written numerous articles and blog posts on topics related to Travel, Food, Lifestyle, Home Improvement, and Photography, etc. Nowadays she is doing her work together with the Casio Singapore company.

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Meet Angelo Raguso aka FAW9 – Italian DJ and Producer




Credits : Warm Room

Angelo Raguso is an Italian disc jockey and music producer. He has published electronic music releases on some of the most hot music labels on the electronic business, such us Spinnin’ Records, El Row, Hotfingers and many more .

Who is Angelo Raguso ?

I am a young boy of 26 who lives in Italy, precisely in the south.
I’ve always been passionate about technology, social media, cinematography and many other things.

What’s your main genre ?

I started producing minimal and techno, which in 2008-2012 was very awesome, i released dozens music for years with this genre. Receiving important supports from Fatima Hajji, Umek, Hollen and other known names on the techno genre.

In 2014, together with my partners Camilo Valderrama and Stamen, we published on Spinnin ‘Records, one of the most famous labels in the world in the field of EDM, “Enjoy The Deep“, a deep-house track, with softer and lighter melodies. From here I moved to tech-house, house, deep-house, and I have released many other productions on these sounds

2 personal Steps to Success for who want to start a career on the music biz?

  • Don’t follow the fashion, don’t copy the music of others, at most take it as inspiration, and then try to create something of your own. Every musician, composer, should have his sounds to differentiate himself from others. Otherwise you’ll always be a copy, one of many!
  • With the second, I will be simple and of few words: “Don’t do it for money“. Many kids think that by making music you will become rich and famous. But if you start with this assumption, you won’t go anywhere. You have to do it first of all because you feel it inside, you have to love what you do. Then if you are good at it, obviously success comes gradually

Use the internet to your advantage, always listen to new music, discover what people like to hear on the clubs, always experiment with new production techniques, create something that has not yet been proposed by anyone, ask advice from others in the sector, and learn all you can. Only then can you succeed and become, day after day, the GOAT in what you do.

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The Mandalay Group today announced updates for the upcoming #PAY TAMPA BAY event, including additions to the advisory board, two of the keynote speakers for the February 20, 2020 Conference as well as a new community partnership in the Florida technology corridor.



The Mandalay Group today announced updates for the upcoming #PAY TAMPA BAY event, including additions to the advisory board, two of the keynote speakers for the February 20, 2020 Conference as well as a new community partnership in the Florida technology corridor.

The theme for 2020 event is “Banking, Blockchain and Beyond”. Event proceedings are being co-sponsored by BlockSpaces, a Tampa based blockchain technology innovation studio. This unique event will be staged at the new Embarc Collective innovation hub in downtown Tampa.

“We’re excited to enter into these new partnerships leading up to the event” said Bruce Burke, CEO of The Mandalay Group. “These high-profile supporters and contributors will help amplify our message and attract attention and investment to our thriving technology community.”

Andrew Morris, Founder & CEO of new consultancy The Fintech Agenda LLC, will be joining the #PAY Board of Advisors. An expert in the technologies and trends shaping the future of financial services, payments and commerce, Andrew serves on multiple boards and is an advisor to several fintech organizations, including the Technology Association of Georgia’s Fintech Society and the HOPE Global Forums.

“Having served for 5 years as Chief Content Officer for the Money20/20 conferences, and thus helping to build the leading fintech events globally, I have seen how powerful events can be to move industries and companies forward,” Andrew explains.

“The #PAY event brand is in the right space at the right time. I’m excited to play a role moving forward in helping #PAY produce world-class events exploring the innovation that will occur over the next decade in payments.”

#PAY also announced several presenters for the event, including keynote speaker Matteo Rizzi, an unconventional Entrepreneur, Investor, Innovator and Author of the new book “Talents and Rebels, Dealing with Corporate Misfits”.

This book is an inspirational journey where – hopefully – misfits get a spot to be heard, and everyone gets an opportunity to understand a different innovation perspective. For three years in a row, Financial News has nominated Matteo as one of the “40 most influential Fintech executives in Europe”.

Matteo will be joined by executives from Arival, the first fintech bank. Arival was founded in 2017 by a dynamic trifecta consisting of two seasoned fintech venture capitalists and one young fintech entrepreneur.

Regarded for the team’s prior investments in pioneer digital banks such as Simple, Moven, Fidor, & RocketBank – they decided it was time to take the bull by the horns & build their own. CEO, Vladislav Solodkiy, CFO, Igor Pesin and COO, Jeremy Berger will participate in the #PAY event. Arival now boasts a pre-money valuation of more than $14.8 million.

“We’re proud to have so many fintech leaders as headline speakers for #PAY,” said Rosa Shores, Co-Founder of BlockSpaces. “These innovators will explore the most transformative technologies and ideas reshaping the banking, fintech and payments industry. 

We look forward to shining a global spotlight on Tampa Bay as an emerging fintech hub and, once again, show the nation we are a “go-to” city for blockchain innovation.”

The Mandalay Group also announced a new community partnership with the Florida based non-profit, Synapse. #PAY will host a panel session focused on Fintech investment during the Synapse Summit being held February 11-12, 2020 at Amalie Arena. Leading VC’s, institutional investors and well-funded fintech firms will provide information and insight with key strategies for successful exits.

“Synapse is glad to partner with #PAY to ensure our audience of upwards of 6,000 attendees from all parts of Florida’s innovation ecosystem have the chance to learn about the growing fintech and payments industry,” said Lauren Prager, Synapse Vice President of Community Engagement.

The #PAY TAMPA BAY agenda offers keynote sessions from global leaders in the banking, fintech and paymentsindustry, with more than dozen sessions on topics ranging from opportunities in blockchain, to shifting consumer payment preferences, digital identity, innovative payment solutions and how these changes will reshape the banking, payments and commerce industry.

Reserve your spot today at: www.paytampabay.eventbrite.com

Industry innovators count on #PAY to connect them with key decision-makers at financial institutions, venture capitalists, and fintech startups as well as service providers, analysts and media.

Get your brand message in front of executive-level stakeholders and buyers. #PAY TAMPA BAY has opportunities for speakers, sponsors and supporters.

For more information visit: www.paysymposium.com/contact

About The Mandalay Group

The Mandalay Group is a consortium of professionals focused on accelerating the future in the banking, fintech and payments industry globally. TMG is well known for bringing together thought leaders, innovators and decision-makers from across the financial services industry to discuss the tsunami of transformation changing the face of finance.

Attendees benefit from access to the world’s foremost experts focused on emerging payments technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, cryptocurrencies, e-commerce, blockchain, cognitive platforms, digital identity and experiential customer engagement

Media Contact: The Mandalay Group: [email protected] (727) 612-5775

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Defying the Male Patronization in Contemporary Art Paintings

Contemporary art paintings rose in the 1940s. Like any other facet of society, it was also male-dominated. But, some of the women defied the ongoing norm and registered their presence in the art world.



Recently I watched the documentary- First Man. I was startled to know that millions of years ago, in the troops of the primates that are believed to be our ancestors, females had a say in the decision-making process as a member. It seems, the more evolved we became, the more animalistic instinct we followed. Humans, like any other animal, tried to outmaneuver the physically weak amongst them- the women.

Contemporary art paintings rose in the 1940s. Like any other facet of society, it was also male-dominated. But, some of the women defied the ongoing norm and registered their presence in the art world. Consequently, there are many known faces that are known for their efforts to take forward the vision of artists. The female participation in the realm of art surged to witness some good gallery owners, art critics, dealers, etc. with some path-breaking artists.

Contemporary art paintings

The Sher-Gil Dilemma

Amrita Sher-Gil had a Punjabi father and a Hungarian mother. There are many lesser-known facts about her. She was not very confident about how she looked due to excess facial hair. This natural outcome of her sharing the Punjabi genes made her uncomfortable with her appearance as per a letter was written by her to her mother in the year 1934. She used to pluck them all day long. In the same letter, she expressed her desire to come to India from France.

The first thing she wanted to do after coming to India was to visit the cousin of Mrs. Fodor whose specialization was top remove facial hairs. In the same letter, she asked her mother to inquire about the time the process of removing the hairs would take, how much would it cost, and the ensuing and probable after-effects if there are any because she did not want to get trapped in some other serious problem at any undesirable cost.

This was a result of insecurity which compelled her to make efforts in looking more feminine. She was obsessed with the social conformists’ view of beauty. Though she was brought up in a non-conservative environment of France, this was the reason which drew her to India even though she did her graduation from the coveted Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris. She knew that her artistic endeavors are going to get a blow. For that, she was ready and more ‘ideologized’ than ready.

Her style was compared to the iconic figure of the Mexican origin- Frieda Kahlo. She was fully aware fo the fact that her art was not going to receive critical acclaim even though she has been raised with privileges. Being an outsider, was another story altogether. Indigenous people were wary of ‘cross-breeds’ at that time. The odds were potentially against her. She knew she had a long way to go to prove her potential and talent.

She rose to form her ashes like a phoenix, furious and vocal. But, her flow of voice was shut down under some mysterious circumstances. She died at a young age of 29 years i.e. seven years after coming to India. The art world has witnessed and borne many such tragedies. ‘Self-Portrait as Tahitian’ was one of those 200 paintings which she left at the time of her death. The celebrated work was included in ‘Document14’, an art exhibition that was organized at Kassel in Germany.

The world has been denouncing and condescending every voice who has emerged as a threat to their existing dogmas and diktats. According to Richard Bartholomew, “She was so outspoken that she antagonized many. Her contemporaries considered her a curiosity, a kind of hothouse flower of mixed culture. She was isolated and she pined for warmth, understanding, and friendship. In March 1938, she wrote to critic Karl Khandalavala, ‘Please, please come. I am starving for appreciation, literally famished,” as reported by the Hindu in their edition of 8th December of 2017.

Geeta Kapur is the wife of Nephew of Amrita Sher-Gil. She has written a critical eulogy of Bartholomew. She misses the imprints of women at the time when the wave of modernism hit India. It is depressing that all the eminent artists of that era were male. Sher-Gil had the potential to lead but she met the same fate as that of Van Gogh. They both were way ahead of their time, utterly misunderstood, and prejudiced. Van Gogh was elementary in starting the revolution which was later identified as Abstract art. Similarly, Amrita tried to make a mark as an artist in many hostile and unaccommodating conditions. The reason for these conditions, maybe, was her identity as a multi-cultures descendant and as a woman.

Women were subjected to similar condescendingness. They had to compete in the world where the answers to the questions were subjected to biased definitions. The aesthetics and its appreciation had become their inherited property which could only take a form after their opinion has been expressed.

The Mrilanini Factor

Mrilanini Mukherjee was a feminine respite in the testosterone-filled art world when she was awarded the British Council scholarship for culture. She got to brush her sculpting skills in the fruitful environment of West Surrey College of Art and Design in Farnham which is situated at the U.K. Her art received critical praise for her efforts in adventurous experiments with dyed hemp as a medium due to which she was looked down upon and with suspicion and sometimes, intrigue. The Marvel lady of art claimed, “They think that if you are not working with stone or bronze you’re not macho enough,” when she was interviewed by Anshul Avijit in December of the year 2000. Savage eh! 😉

Are the realm of colors and imaginative ingenuity prejudiced against females still? Bharti Kher owes it to the prevalent social structure. The artworld is patriarchal as it is a part of the larger picture. Some also find it as a reason as to why weren’t there any female artists or sculptures in the traditional renaissance. We can only speculate!

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