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Defying the Male Patronization in Contemporary Art Paintings

Contemporary art paintings rose in the 1940s. Like any other facet of society, it was also male-dominated. But, some of the women defied the ongoing norm and registered their presence in the art world.



Recently I watched the documentary- First Man. I was startled to know that millions of years ago, in the troops of the primates that are believed to be our ancestors, females had a say in the decision-making process as a member. It seems, the more evolved we became, the more animalistic instinct we followed. Humans, like any other animal, tried to outmaneuver the physically weak amongst them- the women.

Contemporary art paintings rose in the 1940s. Like any other facet of society, it was also male-dominated. But, some of the women defied the ongoing norm and registered their presence in the art world. Consequently, there are many known faces that are known for their efforts to take forward the vision of artists. The female participation in the realm of art surged to witness some good gallery owners, art critics, dealers, etc. with some path-breaking artists.

Contemporary art paintings

The Sher-Gil Dilemma

Amrita Sher-Gil had a Punjabi father and a Hungarian mother. There are many lesser-known facts about her. She was not very confident about how she looked due to excess facial hair. This natural outcome of her sharing the Punjabi genes made her uncomfortable with her appearance as per a letter was written by her to her mother in the year 1934. She used to pluck them all day long. In the same letter, she expressed her desire to come to India from France.

The first thing she wanted to do after coming to India was to visit the cousin of Mrs. Fodor whose specialization was top remove facial hairs. In the same letter, she asked her mother to inquire about the time the process of removing the hairs would take, how much would it cost, and the ensuing and probable after-effects if there are any because she did not want to get trapped in some other serious problem at any undesirable cost.

This was a result of insecurity which compelled her to make efforts in looking more feminine. She was obsessed with the social conformists’ view of beauty. Though she was brought up in a non-conservative environment of France, this was the reason which drew her to India even though she did her graduation from the coveted Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris. She knew that her artistic endeavors are going to get a blow. For that, she was ready and more ‘ideologized’ than ready.

Her style was compared to the iconic figure of the Mexican origin- Frieda Kahlo. She was fully aware fo the fact that her art was not going to receive critical acclaim even though she has been raised with privileges. Being an outsider, was another story altogether. Indigenous people were wary of ‘cross-breeds’ at that time. The odds were potentially against her. She knew she had a long way to go to prove her potential and talent.

She rose to form her ashes like a phoenix, furious and vocal. But, her flow of voice was shut down under some mysterious circumstances. She died at a young age of 29 years i.e. seven years after coming to India. The art world has witnessed and borne many such tragedies. ‘Self-Portrait as Tahitian’ was one of those 200 paintings which she left at the time of her death. The celebrated work was included in ‘Document14’, an art exhibition that was organized at Kassel in Germany.

The world has been denouncing and condescending every voice who has emerged as a threat to their existing dogmas and diktats. According to Richard Bartholomew, “She was so outspoken that she antagonized many. Her contemporaries considered her a curiosity, a kind of hothouse flower of mixed culture. She was isolated and she pined for warmth, understanding, and friendship. In March 1938, she wrote to critic Karl Khandalavala, ‘Please, please come. I am starving for appreciation, literally famished,” as reported by the Hindu in their edition of 8th December of 2017.

Geeta Kapur is the wife of Nephew of Amrita Sher-Gil. She has written a critical eulogy of Bartholomew. She misses the imprints of women at the time when the wave of modernism hit India. It is depressing that all the eminent artists of that era were male. Sher-Gil had the potential to lead but she met the same fate as that of Van Gogh. They both were way ahead of their time, utterly misunderstood, and prejudiced. Van Gogh was elementary in starting the revolution which was later identified as Abstract art. Similarly, Amrita tried to make a mark as an artist in many hostile and unaccommodating conditions. The reason for these conditions, maybe, was her identity as a multi-cultures descendant and as a woman.

Women were subjected to similar condescendingness. They had to compete in the world where the answers to the questions were subjected to biased definitions. The aesthetics and its appreciation had become their inherited property which could only take a form after their opinion has been expressed.

The Mrilanini Factor

Mrilanini Mukherjee was a feminine respite in the testosterone-filled art world when she was awarded the British Council scholarship for culture. She got to brush her sculpting skills in the fruitful environment of West Surrey College of Art and Design in Farnham which is situated at the U.K. Her art received critical praise for her efforts in adventurous experiments with dyed hemp as a medium due to which she was looked down upon and with suspicion and sometimes, intrigue. The Marvel lady of art claimed, “They think that if you are not working with stone or bronze you’re not macho enough,” when she was interviewed by Anshul Avijit in December of the year 2000. Savage eh! 😉

Are the realm of colors and imaginative ingenuity prejudiced against females still? Bharti Kher owes it to the prevalent social structure. The artworld is patriarchal as it is a part of the larger picture. Some also find it as a reason as to why weren’t there any female artists or sculptures in the traditional renaissance. We can only speculate!

I am an art aficionado living in New York and Museum of Modern Art is my next home. I love to paint and keep my eyes open for a marvelous and ingenious masterpiece.

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How to Choose the Best Humidifier For Baby?



Choosing a humidifier for your home is easy if you know what you need. Here are the main things you need to consider before buying a humidifier. Click here https://babyvenue.com/best-humidifier-for-baby-reviews to read more.

  • Types of humidifier – Evaporative humidifier, cool mist humidifier, warm mist humidifier, or ultrasonic humidifier.
  • Room size – Know the size of the area that you want to humidify so that you know what capacity your humidifier should be.
  • Features of the humidifier – Such as noise level, control settings, ease of handling and maintenance, safety features, filters, and warranty.

Do I Need a Humidifier?

How do you know you need a humidifier for your home? Dry air can cause many problems for your health and comfort at home.

During cold spells in the winter, the air is especially dry as the cold air seeps in from outside. When it’s seriously freezing, lips start to crack and skin gets flaky. Those who know the pain of winter itch, allergies, and continuous flu, know that this is the time when a humidifier is your best mate.

You can check the humidity level of your rooms with a hygrometer, an inexpensive and easy-to-find device. If the humidity level is below 50%, then it is advisable to get a humidifier. Any level below 30% is unacceptable.

Reasons to Get a Humidifier

There are many reasons to get a humidifier. Most people buy one to retain moisture in the cold, dry winter, while some want to improve health conditions. If the humidity in your house is too low, you and those living in the same space will enjoy a more comfortable living with the help of a humidifier. Here are some reasons why you should list humidifier in your list of household appliance purchase:

1. Good health should not be compromised. The air that you breathe in daily is contaminated with dust and other unseen elements. When your breathing passage is dry, the dust and bacteria will stick to the walls of your respiratory tubes and trigger allergies and even asthma attacks. Humidifying the air will help moisten your windpipe and “wash away” germs.

2. During winter, the air is very dry. Dry air reduces oxygen intake, leaving you lethargic. Adding a humidifier instantly adds moisture to the environment you’re in and keeps the area comfortable.

3. Increasing moisture in an area helps a person to relieve a variety of ailments such as dry skin, itchy eyes, cracked lips, respiratory problems, colds, and coughs.

4. Adding vaporizer to the water reservoir is especially useful for elderly people and kids with breathing problems.

5. A relief to pets. Pets may also suffer from similar health symptoms.

6. In extreme cases, expensive furniture and certain musical instruments may run “dry”. Furniture may appear lackluster while musical instruments go out of tune. They will require higher maintenance, which translates to higher costs.

7. There is an increase in static charge in a dry area. This charge proves to be uncomfortable when you come into contact with another person or object.

There is a variety of humidifiers for you to choose from. Whether cool, warm or ultrasonic, you can find a humidifier that suits your needs best.

The most important point to bear in mind is to regularly clean your humidifier. Make it a point to empty stale water and consistently disinfect the water reservoir and evaporative pad. Allowing bacteria spores to breed is worse than not having a humidifier – you would not want to jeopardize your health and those of your loved ones with contaminated air.

More About Humidifiers

Personally I think shopping for a humidifier is rather fun; that’s why I keep on checking out various models even when I’ve got a few humidifiers in my house. I like to read articles about humidifiers too, and I’ve written some of my own including humidifier reviews!

Here are some topics you might like to read before or after buying a humidifier. So happy researching and I hope you buy the best humidifier for your home!

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Rapper Kaliwae talks about balancing mommy life with rap life




Kaliwae is a rap artist from Los Angeles, California. She rose to popularity after her viral single “Disrespectful”.  Which was a response to a quarrel with her brother who happens to be multi-platinum rapper, Blueface. Kaliwae and her brother eventually settled their differences but not before she was motivated to pursue a career in rap.

Becoming a rap artist in today’s society is no easy task. When you dive into the personal life of Kaliwae, you will notice that she’s a mom as well. It can definitely be challenging to effectively manage being a rapper and to taking care of a growing child but Kaliwae is up for the challenge. She’s always been a person who can work under pressure and is no stranger to the game. When she’s not in the studio working on her album, she’s does everything in her power to uphold the responsibilities that she has as a mother.

“You have to work hard and make numerous commitments to achieve your goals” she said. “I value my family and I know that paying attention to the needs and requirements of son is important”.

Growing up there were very challenging conditions in her neighborhood. She attended five different high schools but was still able to secure a good GPA. In addition to that, she was a prominent player on the girls’ basketball team and played a major role in her schools CIF Championship Victory.

The difficulties she faced during her childhood helped her to develop a clear understanding of the importance of good parenting. Her mother had to pay close attention to her life and decisions to ensure her success and Kaliwae wants to do the same for her son.

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Outdoor Kitchen Design and Appliance Cost: What You Must Know



Your outdoor kitchen should look smart, upgraded with contemporary design and the latest appliances including heavy-duty grills and burners. Then, you need to look into the cost too. The cost would depend a lot on the materials, size, and appliances set up in your backyard. If you’re looking for a basic outdoor kitchen design with a grill, patio, and just a countertop, it would cost you a few thousand dollars. Then, a sumptuous design with top-notch kitchen appliances would cost you more.

According to an article published on https://www.forbes.com, nowadays, homeowners are looking for a grill with a fully-functioning outdoor cooking space replete with a refrigerator, sink, faucet, ice machine, dishwasher, and cabinets.

Cost of appliances

The most essential appliance in your outdoor kitchen is the grill. You will find these products in a range of prices. Some of the basic ones will cost you around $800 and a few top-of-the-line grills would cost around $10,000. Therefore, you need to decide first how much money you can shell out on the grill as well as other kitchen features that you prefer.

It’s not a smart thing to spend most of your money on the grill because a luxury item with average counters will look odd. Your goal is to decorate your outdoor kitchen space in the best possible way without exceeding your budget.

The average cost of popular items including grill, refrigerator, and stainless sink are $200-$4,000, $400-$1,000, and $100 respectively. If you have an expensive grill, then ensure that you shop for heavyduty grill covers to keep it protected from dust, debris, leaves, twigs, insects in your outdoor space when not in use.

General costs

The majority of outdoor kitchen design costs are exclusive of paving a well as overhead construction. Let us look at the general costs:

Appliance installation: $2,000-$5,000

General construction: $5,000-$12,000

Outdoor kitchen with masonry or brick: $400-$600 for every linear foot

Outdoor kitchen with a preassembled framework: $300-$500 for every linear foot

Keeping costs reasonable

If you want to keep the cost within your budget, you can give up the sink, side burner, cabinets, and refrigerator. You can set up your outdoor kitchen close to your indoor instead so that you can move in and out easily. You can use the kitchen window to pass things outside like bottles of water, plates, etc. These little things matter when designing your outdoor cooking space.

Again, running the utilities for your outdoor cooking area will cost you. Yes, it’s expensive and therefore, you should try to set up your outdoor kitchen close to a point where electricity and water are easily accessible.

Framework expenses

When you choose prefabricated kitchen frames, the average cost is approx $200 for every linear foot for the frame. It will hold all your kitchen items, appliances. Make sure that the same is finished on site. The costs of brick veneer, manufactured stone, stucco, and granite countertop are $15-$25, $20, $5, and $60-$70 for every sq. ft. respectively. 


Now that you have an idea of your outdoor kitchen design and appliance costs, you can make an informed decision.

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