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Nick Nittoli is a self taught producer & writer. In his early age his first words were from a Michael Jackson song. He has since been inspired by late artist, but Nick is original & produces, writes in every genre. He said “My Genre is Genre”. Putting his own twist to his melodies, Nick has produced & written for artists like Zendaya, Jessie J, French Montana, YG ect. giving him quite an edge. He’s also proud of his Trinidad and Italian background, which have given him a competitive spirit. Nick Nittoli just released a new song, Gimme da Money on Spotify.

Listen to the song below and you can also follow him on Twitter @nicknittoli and Instagram @nicknittoli


Anthony Delgado (born February 6, 1986) is an American software developer and internet entrepreneur widely known as a professional hacker in the developer community. Anthony Delgado has won numerous hackathons sponsored by Fortune 500 tech companies like Google, IBM, Intel, Facebook and Microsoft and hosted by organizations including Rutgers University, the New Jersey Institute of Technology, the AT&T Developer Summit in New York City.

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Meet winner off Voice off Uae shahid shabaz



shahid shabaz is a multi-award-winning Musical Artist from kumta h shahid shabaz is launching himself into the forefront of the industry with acclaim.shahid talent has found himself performing to sold-out audiences at some of the Iconic songs and videos.shahid shabaz is a singer, cricketer, and Music producer and the list goes on. shahid falls in love with the music and made his mind to make a career as a Musician.shahid shabaz is winner off voice off Uae 2016 Since shahid shabaz has done the various projects as single tracks. Then he comes up with the live interviews with various tv channel and radio , shahid shabaz is pretty active in acting and dancing on his own videos and is going to work with a lot of famous artists in his own upcoming songs.He says he wants to become Bollywood singer and music producer around the world and explore the talent. So keep motivating the songbird, who are chasing their dreams and wishes them the best for their shining 

shahid shabaz
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Off Your Ass And On Your Feet With Meeklow Diamond



What’s your backstory?

To be honest, I’m a punk rock-ghetto gutter kid raised in acres homes, off Antoine and Tidwell. I knew from when I was young I aspired for freedom. Freedom of expression at first and now, freedom of choice. Had kind of a rough upbringing, being named “Meeklow” from a movie blood in blood out because I was 1 of 3 caucasians in the neighborhood I grew up in.

The latin community saw I was a good kid and fondly named me after A white character that earns the respect of a latin gang in California. As a kid I played guitar, learned drums, how to sing, and rap. After working for Texas Energy Giant TXU for 8 years, learning to sell door to door, and then learning how to train and manage sales offices for them, I became a much different man. The whole while I as a hobby had been managing my friends that were artists/djs/producers/rappers getting them shows and building their social media. Fast forward to the end of the 9 year phase,

I started helping models, and eventually business owners and influencers. To take the passion I have for music and creative expression and be able to present it effectively online and give people a stronger chance of winning than they had before? Thats the shit I wake up every fuckin morning for.

What made you decide to choose this career path?

I think I made the decision right around the time I started ACTUALLY getting my bedroom DJ friends booked at clubs around town. I saw I was making a difference and still able to be around music, I was hooked.

Can you share a story about the funniest mistake you made when you were first starting? Can you tell us what lesson you learned from that?

My team and I went 17 deep to SXSW with a 10k investment. I used it to book 4 venues during the 10 days we were there, hoping to give my guys as many opportunities. It turned into 17 of us in one room, and me waking up the next morning to my gf rolled over snuggling up to one of our security smh haha, we were wylin’

What do you think makes your company/personal brand stand out?

My “off your ass and on your feet” tough love, take no shit approach to LEARNING / WORK ETHIC / PROVIDING VALUE FIRST. Allow us to show and prove, thats all it takes. The network i’ve built over 10 years is probably my greatest asset, lots of people can market you, not many can score you a brand deal with johnny dang, or get you flown to fashion week next season off a phone call.

What’s a quote that you live by?


Meeklow Diamond

Follow Meeklow

Instagram: @Influenceconsultant

Facebook: Kelby Dishman

Twitter: @putmeonthephone

Snapchat: @meeklowdiamond

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Every Visionaries Dream Come True: How Media Agency Whiteout Is Bringing Together The Worlds Top Creative Artists From Around The World



I had the pleasure of interviewing Jamieson Murphy and Clint Hodnett, the founders of Whiteout, a media agency filled with some of the top visionaries in the world who all have a passion for creating visual stories that bring every brand and business to life. They started the company over a shared love of creating memories and stories that will last a lifetime. 

The Whiteout team has taken their success from social media and rendered it to work closely with some of the world’s most respected brands. They have been able to stand out from everyone else because of their attention to detail, creative direction, and ability to develop amazing results for every single one of their client’s marketing campaigns. As a stacked team of over 200+ creators, the Whiteout team will always bring the vision of your company to life. 

Both are from the Northeast, with Jamieson coming from Connecticut and Clint from Rhode Island. They currently live in Miami Florida where they get to travel and explore some of the world’s most beautiful destinations, producing digital imagery that speaks for itself.

Jamieson Murphy

Jamieson & Clint: We pride ourselves on never forcing creativity or inspiration at all, we seek it out and always go the extra mile for every business, brand or artist to showcase their product, hotel, festival, etc., that always leaves the viewer wanting to see more.

Clint Hodnett

From A Dream to Over 200 Creators

Jamieson’s story is unlike most, he picked up a camera about 8 years ago after the death of his father in 2009. He used creative art as a source of expression and a way to deal with depression. 

“A fellow visionary once said that art and depression go hand in hand… and I couldn’t agree more”

I don’t think that I would be in Miami or have ever picked up a camera if I didn’t go through such a traumatic experience at such a young age says, Jamieson. Taking that initial jump to chase a dream and go after a goal was frightening. He knew the risk that he was taking and how serious it was but he just couldn’t sit around in a small town in Connecticut. Fast forward two years and the risk was one of the best decisions he’s ever made!

How The Creation Of Whiteout Will Change Lives

Jamieson & Clint: There are so many influential and all-around amazing people in this world that need more recognition for their work and Whiteout is definitely going to change the lives of some of those individuals. We created Whiteout to show the world through our creative viewfinder. Whether it’s shooting a short promotional video for a real estate agent, short travel film for a 5-star hotel or a car commercial that the client never expected could be produced, Whiteout puts all of our young, creative minds together to make it possible for any brand or company. 

Every creative in the world has a dream brand or company to work with and I know with the help through Whiteout we can make that happen. We can not only grow this agency into one of the top agencies in the world, all over the news, magazines, etc. but also help anyone along the way with jobs and making a huge impact on generations to come.

The Difference Between Whiteout and Everyone Else 

There are so many “agencies” in the world today. Whiteoutes attention to detail and creativity separates them from everyone else. They always go the extra mile for every one of their clients and always brings a final product that leaves clients speechless. 

In 5 years, they see Whiteout as one of the top media agencies in the world. Jamieson and Clint, along with the whole team have the drive and ambition to make this happen. Jamieson says that Whiteout is going to be known globally. Though there may be obstacles and challenges along the way, with a team as solid as theirs, I doubt there is anything that can bring them down. 

If you want to work with Whiteout or just want more information, you can email Jamieson at [email protected]

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