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How Abby Frimpong Went From Non-Profit Employee to Female CEO



There is a glaring gender gap in the CEO suites of America.  It’s visible in America’s C-suites, in its boardrooms and in the founders who get funded.  In the world of venture funding for tech companies alone, female CEO’s receive only 2.7% of investments each year.  Considering hundreds of billions of dollars get invested into tech every year, there is certainly a problem that needs addressing.  Taking initiative has always been the American way and that’s exactly how Abby Frimpong, CEO of challenge app Duuple, began her journey with a European VC.

Abby didn’t start out in the c-suite and after leaving her previous career working for veteran NGO, the Mines Advisory Group, there was definitely an adjustment period.   When Abby raised for Duuple, it was to be able to construct a minimum viable product. This isn’t uncommon in tech where oftentimes large teams of developers must be wrangled to bring a founder’s vision to life.  But for someone who hasn’t done it before without the relationships to fundraise at that level, it can be daunting, “I was not in their network initially, but I worked my way in. Once the investors got to know me better and my story, they invested in me because they invest in people, not ideas,” said Ms Frimpong.

Her first VC check came from Basel Holding, funds she calls “smart capital.”  Smart because the team is progressive and understands the digital landscape that companies like Duuple exist in.  Being on the same page with your investors from the get-go is crucial for optimizing investor relations in the long run. Even with the help of her tech-savvy backers from Basel Holding, Abby still faced her own challenges in the office.  To start, she relocated from Washington D.C. to Los Angeles. For the unfamiliar, just driving in Los Angeles traffic is enough to make a new CEO scream.  

But Ms Frimpong has held her poise, with a staff of more than a dozen employees under her direct command, she’s had to hone in on her natural leadership qualities.  For her, this started by working with a personal development coach to unlock some of her own potential. She also needed to understand the dynamic shift in workplace culture from the stoic, pressed and starched government standard of Washington DC.  In California, on the other hand a pair of cut off jean shorts are just as professional as a pencil skirt and that can take a bit of getting used to for a transplant. But Abby is not one to be stopped, she has a long history of overcoming the odds and isn’t going to let a little LA culture shock stop her.

 Things are now up and running, Duuple is starting campaigns all over the country and recently even as far as Asia. This is just the tip of the social good iceberg.  Duuple will use its integrated marketing suite to help each individual campaign benefit from Abby’s personal fundraising touch. While crowdfunding has spearheaded many campaigns for social good, just as many have never seen the light of day.  In fact, more than half of crowdfunding campaigns never get funded. Changing that statistic to more than half of campaigns being successfully completed is Abby’s vision as CEO of Duuple.  

Crowdfunding itself was an innovation when it first happened in 1997.  A british rock band funded their own reunion tour. Now, 20 years later it looks like Abby’s vision aligns with the times.  Most of the companies dominating the crowdfunding space like Kiva, IndieGoGo and GoFundMe have been around for a while and still less than half of campaigns are getting funded.  Why don’t all these unfunded campaigns bother the legacy companies the way they bother Abby? Simple: because Abby Frimpong cares. She might be a CEO now, but she hasn’t lost sight of her big heart.  In fact, she’s using technology to care more. To add a personal touch of the same enthusiasm and skill that has helped her raise millions for organizations. Except this time, as CEO, she’s directing a team to help her help even more.  Hopefully, she will inspire the next generation of CEOs. But she’s already leading by example and that is exactly what a CEO should be doing for her company.

Josue Arteaga is a 20 yr old Branding Expert and Ventur Capitalist. As the Vice President of Disrupt Media, his aim is to disrupt how personal branding is done through marketing tools like Social Media, Press, and Podcast in a unique way. Josue has worked with clients worth over $100m, celebs, and the worlds biggest entrepreneur influencers like Ed Mylett, Julius Dien, etc. As for as investing his owns and manages $2m in rev/yearly in meat markets and is expanding with his goal to own 1,000 meat markets and generate one billion in annual revenue by the next 7 years. If not he says "$10m a year doesn't sound so bad"

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Having emerged into the rap game with world wide exposure from World Star Hip-Hop Mall G was able to catch the eyes and ears of Multi-Platinum producer Dame Grease. Dame recognized Mall G’s Up North Records talent which led him to collaborate with him on several tracks. This would soon have him on tour along side French Montana, Max B,Bone Thugs n Harmony, Freeway and Trey Songz. Mall G has also teamed up to generate hits with Beanie Siegel, Jadakiss, Juicy J, Nipsey Hussle, and Wiz Khalifa through out the mixtape circuits. In 2013, Mall G signed a distribution deal with Universal Music Group/Protekted/Bungalo Records before opening his second self owned label G$D (GSD). A movement that quickly grew by the hundreds accompanied by a sound that resonated through out New England. Not only was creating G$D (GSD) a benchmark in Mall G’s career it also allowed him to further brand himself by using the moniker on his Loose Diamonds apparel.

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Alex Tonti: 19-year-old Instagram Guru



Alex Tonti

Instagram is one of the leading platforms that has helped digital creators and influencers leave their footprint in the social media world. Brands use this predominant platform to expand their mark by strategic use of this platform. To use this platform, one has to create a unique user name. At the mention of Instagram, names like Kylie Jenner and Gary Vaynerchuk comes to mind. 

Throughout 2018, Alex Tonti, the youngest social media expert in Italy mastered the functioning and algorithms of social networks. In 2019, he tested his knowledge on his personal account which resulted in a combined Instagram network of more than 250,000. Alex’s Instagram page gets millions of impressions every single week. All of these he was able to achieve in a year. 

At 13, Alex had learned to edit videos and started to post some gaming videos on YouTube but that wasn’t something he continued for too long because at school he was always made fun of. He decided to stop being a sensitive child. 

With a large network of followers at his disposal, Alex has shifted his attention from building his personal page to helping other people build grow their brands by channeling them traffic from the massive network he accumulated. Alex is now operating as a freelance full-service digital brand builder, helping different firms and individuals build their digital existence and achieve business goals through social media. He told us “ At age 18, after studying how social networks work (platforms that have always attracted my attention) and have met people who work there I thought “if a person can do it, why can’t I? I’ll do it even better than he does!”

At just 19, Alex has accomplished a lot which includes getting a part in a Netflix TV series that will be released shortly as well as other tv programs. He has been interviewed by various newspapers, blogs, and radios.  He also has a wide following on TikTok- another prominent social media platform. 

Alex faced a lot of challenges in other to get this far. The key attributes to succeeding in a career as social media branding are originality, creativity, determination and most of all believe in yourself. “To those who want to follow in my footsteps, you must like it very much. Also, you will have to invest a lot of time, go out and know as many people as possible. If you have a goal you have to believe in yourself, do not set limits to your imagination. Now I managed to show everyone that with competence and dedication you can achieve any goal. Because of my accomplishments at a young age, the people who made fun of me now see me in a different way…a better way. They all want to be friends now.”

Alex’s accomplishments are certainly impressive and we are sure he’s going to be taking giant strides in helping firms and individuals build their brands… we can’t wait!

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MAREN TSCHINKEL- " An elegant Supermodel and a fitness trainer, her versatility vouches for her talent"



A German Supermodel with her consummate skills, ready to rule the world, Maren Tschinkel is a fitness trainer too! With the proverbial saying that your body is a temple , in her mind, Maren worships her body through intense workout sessions.

Maren Tschinkel, a quite bold and charismatic personality, with a charm to captivate untold number of hearts has colossal plans to be effectuated.

Acquiring her trainer’s license after highschool,Maren’s dedication is truly admirable. Alongside being a Supermodel, she exhibits a soaring dedication and categorizes gymming as her passion too. Quite concerned about her eating habits too, she is highly disciplined in her quotidian routine.

Fond of excursions, Maren has a habit of making new friends often. Yet, amidst her excursions she often finds time for herself.
The Supermodel loves to have time dedicated to herself solely and plans solo weekend trips.

Her fitness and elegant skills and mindset is profoundly depicted by her work environment. Procuring support from her fans and family, she works with vigor towards her passion. Her parents tremendously care for her and corraborate her career choices.

The fitness connoisseur believer that she is her only competitor and strives to become the best of herself.Her great plans involve her all-inclusive development and travelling round the orb.

We admire her dedication and wish that she keeps thriving and proffering her fans with more and more love. We hope for her a ginormic success!

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