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How Beacon Technology Is Transforming The Retail Shopping Experience?



How-Beacon-Technology-Is-Transforming -The -Retail -Shopping-Experience?

You ever get into a store and receive an instant notification on your mobile regarding their offers and deals? Ever wondered how or why? 

Let me first get to the how part! And the answer is Beacon Technology. 

The retail store uses a small device called Beacon, which transmits a low energy Bluetooth signal that contains a message or information that retailers want to convey to their customers. This way, retailers can target people based on their shopping preferences and frequency.

What Is A Beacon?

Beacon is a transmitter that transmits the same message over and over to all nearby receivers. 

In 2013 Apple introduced this technology to the mobile platform, and since then, it has made quite an impact on the retail business. You can see beacons in most of the big retail shops or malls. It works by sending a low energy Bluetooth signal called BLE to the nearby devices. This signal is one-way, meaning receivers can’t reply to the message. 

How It Works?

Beacon is a device consisting of a Bluetooth transmitter and a battery. It works by continuously transmitting low Bluetooth energy waves. These low energy waves could be a message or a unique ID that will be sent to the receiver. The receiver will then convert this message or ID and show it to the users. The receiver here will be a device that supports Bluetooth. It can be a mobile phone, a tablet, a laptop, or even a wearable. 

Too Technical?

Let me explain it to you in simpler terms. Suppose you went to a store and you have a bluetooth enabled mobile device (a phone, or a watch). Then this mobile device of yours will capture the signals sent by a beacon as soon as you are in the close range of it. This signal contains a message, and it could be an offer or an advertisement, depending on the company. 

That’s how a beacon tech works!

Why Are The Retailers Using It?

In this ever-changing digital world, covering both online and offline marketing aspects is imperative. As, nothing is too much when it comes to marketing your product.

Marketing products digitally is done by promoting them online on different sites. Generally, most people prefer social media platforms as it has a large number of users, and by using it, retailers can target people more easily. Due to such a vast amount of users, it has always been the first choice of the retailers. 

Marketing on social media is done in many ways, out of which, most preferable one is the video advertisement. Making a video advertisement for your product and publishing it on social media. This way, you reach more people in a single given time. There are many tools available in the market like PowerAdSpy, Anstrex, PayPerTrail, to help you make better videos, videos that are geo-targeted, and according to your niche.

Now, coming to the offline marketing. Offline marketing includes banners, fliers, billboards, etc. which retailers use to advertise their products or business. These banners or fliers are handed over to people in person when they visit the store or by any other means. 

But advertising and handing coupon this way is not enough, as only a handful reads the fliers these days. You have to be more innovative with your marketing. So, how do you do that?

In this technological era, what a better way to market your products than using the latest gadgets. Retailers have been using beacons for the past 2-3 years, and it has increased their revenues substantially. Simply putting this little device across your store may benefit you a lot more; than those fliers. As these beacons, informs consumers about the new and exciting offers as soon as they enter the store.

How Is Beacon Technology Transforming Your Retail Shopping Experience?

Beacon technology is slowly creeping into our lives, transforming our shopping experience in a way that we don’t even recognize. Here are the facts to state that – 

  1. Analysing Data 

With the help of beacons, retailers are also tracking people’s way of shopping. They are tracking people with the help of beacons and using this data to analyze one’s shopping pattern. Using this data, retailers are now targeting people with ads which are specific to their shopping pattern. 

For instance, a person likes to shop on weekends. So, they will be going to the store on weekends and shopping for clothes according to their preferences. Now, the beacon will track the device they are carrying across the store, recording everywhere they went and what they bought. Using this data, the retailers will now send them a personalized message regarding weekend sales and offers. 

This way, the ads are more targeted towards consumers, and they are more likely to return to the store. 

  1. In-Store Automation

Beacons can also track when a person is in the store; doing so, retailers can show advertisements to that person according to his/her shopping preferences. They only need to track the identity of the person. 

This will help paint a better picture in your brains. Have you seen the sci-fi film called Minority Report? Yes? 

In this movie, you’ll see Tom Cruise entering a store, and an iris scanner instantly scans his eyes. Then the lady on the screen starts asking him what he wants by stating his name and what he last bought from this store. Well, this is not as high tech as the film, but it works on a similar principle. 

As soon as you enter a store, a beacon registers your presence by sending a signal to your device. And as the store recognizes your identity, it then sends you a notification about offers on the products you generally or last bought. This automation is carried further today by showing you these offers right on the screens that are placed inside the store as soon as you are near them.

  1. Better User Engagement

Beacons are also helpful in providing better user engagement by delivering useful information to a consumer at the right time. By doing so, a consumer is more likely to make a purchase.

Suppose you are in the electronics aisle in a retail shop. You are looking to buy a set of earphones, and at that time, you get a notification on your device saying ‘10%-20% off on all electronics items’. What do you do?

Yes, you buy the item. These timely notifications help increase customer engagement substantially. As people are more likely to make a purchase, if they know, you are offering a discount.

  1. Advertisement

As I said before, in this technological era, you have to geek out on your advertisement. You have to use the latest technologies to lure the customers in buying your products. Therefore, retailers are now targeting people with personalized ads that are tailored to their shopping preferences. They are doing so by sending you a personalized ad with the help of beacon as soon as you enter the store. 

This way, they are telling people about their current offers and deals. They are also targeting people who are in very close proximity to their stores. 

Summing It Up!

There you have it, four key factors with the help of which beacons are transforming our retail shopping experience. Beacon technology is a tool to enhance the user shopping experience. It is not a tool for spamming the user’s notification with ads or coupons. 

That will be all from me. If there is anything that you think I should add, please mention it in the comment section below. 

Renowned performance marketer, user acquisition expert, and a product fanatic from Bangalore. He is a prominent speaker in masterminds and events in the performance marketing space. Sumit is the Founder of Socioboard, which owns products like PowerAdSpy, Socinator, Gramboard, DominatorHouse, and mobile apps in social media automation space which have millions of users.

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Can We Use Magento Commerce as an Enterprise E-Commerce Platform



Are you planning to roll out an enterprise e-commerce platform? If so, you are certainly on the right track to leverage a wide spectrum of benefits. Yes, you can expect to get high traffic, important customer data, and several orders that need to be processed.

What I mean is enterprise e-commerce will allow you to get a dream start. But wait for a moment. Did you consider one major player playing a pivotal role in building a strong inning? Yes, I’m talking about Magento Commerce, which has become a popular choice among e-commerce owners.

Research says that Magento nearly powers 1.2% of the internet and 12% of all e-commerce sites. Furthermore, about 2,50,000 online merchants use the Magento e-commerce platform.

But remember you are operating an enterprise e-commerce platform in the age of digital transformation and cutthroat competition.

Which is more appropriate: MagentoOpensource or Magento Commerce

It is important for you to know the major difference between Magentoopensource and Magento ecommerce solutions.

MagentoOpensource, also known as Magento Community, is basically a free version of Magento that you can easily download, customize and self-host.

Magento Commerce is available in two versions namely Magento Enterprise Cloud and Magento Enterprise. Now, both these versions have been combined to form Magento Commerce, a subscription-based version providing cloud hosting facilities.

Now that you are acquainted with the difference between the two Magento versions, it’s time to consider the important elements before choosing Magento for enterprise e-commerce.

Consider the ongoing cost

If you are going with MagentoOpensource, you don’t need to pay the annual subscription fees, unlike Magento Commerce. But it does not mean that you can enjoy all the free benefits. Yes, of course, you have to go for regular upgrades and integrate new features to enhance your e-commerce functionality.

Besides that, there are various other hidden costs such as updating the security, which isn’t an easy task. You may require professional help unless you are a Magento expert.Also visit https://www.jbklutse.com/

Managing technology 

Magento Commerce is based on the traditional approach, which focuses on downloading and customizing the platform. Hence, it may consume your time but also require technical knowledge as well.  Plus, you have to invest your money as well, if you want to custom-built and get enterprise-grade e-commerce.

Is Magento restricted to e-commerce solutions

We have to ask this question. Most people have the notion that Magento for e-commerce is a stellar platform, but does it fit into the shoes of enterprise e-commerce? With competition exceeding, you need more than an e-commerce platform.

The customers have become much smarter. This means you just cannot convince them on the basis of good website reviews and product ranges. Customers want a more real-time experience of the product with AR and VR technologies. They demand relevant videos, documentation, and third-party genuine reviews.

In short, they are looking for an omnichannel experience and Magento Commerce is ticking on that corner. In addition, it also helps you to monitor and analyze your e-commerce website performance and gather all-important customer data. You can even implement your ad and email marketing campaigns to drive more sales.

The support system 

Magento was facing issues with its support services having only 1300 open and ongoing support tickets. You had to wait for some time to receive assistance if there was an issue.

Now, with the progress of time, Magento has upgraded its support system, providing faster solutions to the problems. But having said that, you will have to pay a premium amount to avail support.

What about updates and migrations 

The next vital question that comes to mind is what about the updates and migration process. You must be aware that come June 2020, Magento will stop supporting version 1.0. Hence, you have to migrate to a higher version now or sometime later.

Additionally, if you are planning to re-platform it completely instead of migration, it’s going to be an intricate task. And this is not something that you can do yourself. In fact, many Magento developers have already shared their experiences regarding the challenges and difficulty levels.

Choose Magento Open or Closed-source

Magento is a popular open-source platform that allows users to customize the codes. But you may have to face a few issues when you are updating or migrating the e-commerce platform to a higher version. The challenges are more associated with back-end implementation and re-platforming.

So, this is where the closed-source enterprise e-commerce platform will come into play. It is a more viable solution to build a custom e-commerce website. But you still have to approach a Magento Development Company to do the work on a professional note.

Concluding note 

As you have explored the options, you can make a decision, whether Magento Commerce is the right platform for enterprise e-commerce. The ultimate choice is yours. You can decide depending on your requirements for the project.

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Technology Gives Chance of Growth to Every Business: New Govt. Schemes



Technology is central to the growth of modern businesses. With remarkable development in digital connectivity and information technology (IT), businesses are aiming to maximize their reach. In 2017, India’s IT industry contributed around 8% of the nation’s GDP.

The Government of India has consistently encouraged the boom of small and medium scale businesses to support the Indian economy.

Moreover, with online tax filing and GST login facilities available enterprises want to incorporate the recent technological advancements to compete in the global market.

The government has launched multiple initiatives to offer vocational training to the Indian workforce.

The purpose of such training is to create a capable and competent populace possessing digital literacy.

Micro, Small, & Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) have benefitted the most from this technological revolution facilitated by government schemes.

Government initiatives to boost technology in business

The Government of India has ardently supported the implementation of technology in MSMEs. It has launched various initiatives to ensure technological co-ordination and organisation across sectors.

Government loan schemes also enable businesses to upgrade their infrastructure to accommodate the best technological practices for growth.

  • For vocational training in technology

The government has undertaken certain initiatives to provide the young workforce with technological literacy and skills to serve MSME needs.

  • Visvesvaraya PhD Schemes: Electronics & IT

This scheme was launched by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) to offer training in Electronics System Design and Manufacturing (ESDM), and IT Enabled Service (ITES) to 1500 PhD candidates across India.

This scheme also provides vocational training to 200 Young Faculty Research Fellowships.

The objective of this scheme is to boost research & development (R&D) in technology-intensive sectors.

It ensures that PhD scholars acquire skills to identify the technological requirements of MSMEs as per international business standards.

  • Financial assistance to set up Electronics & ITC academies

The central government has allocated funds to set up Electronics & ITC departments in IITs, IIITs, and NITs to create a base of employable graduates in the technology service MSMEs.

Special attention is given to Engineering, Science, and Polytechnic colleges to develop a technologically capable workforce for MSME needs.

  • Skill Development in ESDM

The central government aims to provide training in skill development to 3,28,000 aspirants in the Electronics System Design and Manufacturing (ESDM) discipline to boost employment in electronics, telecom, health and automotive sectors.

  • Government loan schemes for business growth

MSMEs have the option to consider several government loan schemes to boost their competence and infrastructure for combining technology and business operations. Enterprises require this fund to create a growth plan for small businesses.

  • MUDRA loans

Business owners can opt for loans up to Rs.10 lakhs under the MUDRA scheme. At an affordable interest of 8.40% and a reasonable tenor of 1-5 years, the fund acquired under this scheme can be allotted to the development in technology and product modification.

Enterprises may leverage the fund to provide training to its employees to tackle the technological challenges prevailing in the relevant market.

  • Credit Guarantee Fund Trust for Micro and Small Enterprises (CGTMSE)

This scheme provides financial coverage to business loans up to Rs.2 Cr. Small and micro-enterprises can claim financial cover to 50% and 85% respectively against defaulting.

An enterprise may invest the fund in the latest sector-specific technology to gather an advantage over its competitors. The sanctioned amount can also be used to employ experts in technology for a boost in business.

Businesses can fund the use of technology to increase business efficiency.

GST filing for MSMEs

Filing for GST returns is mandatory for MSMEs under the ‘one nation one tax’ structure. Around 4.8 million MSMEs are registered with the GST council under the Udyog Aadhar Memorandum (UAM) program.

GST is an efficient taxation system that implements automation and data-intensive software to eliminate error in the new tax administration. MSMEs can avail GST login portal facilities online for maximum convenience.

Thus, details of sales, purchases, input tax credit and output GST can be found on the GST login portal. This feature improves the overall efficiency and transparency in the taxation system.

When an MSME has an updated database of return figures, it can avail loans at lower rates of interest and reasonable tenors. Individuals can reap the benefits of collateral-free business loans whenever their businesses face a financial crunch.

Bajaj Finserv provides pre-approved offers to ensure quick and easy disbursal. These offers are available on home loans, business loans, and personal loans.

Technology has become the make-or-break factor of any business. To compete in the business market, an MSME must have a technological advantage for further growth. Business loans can aid companies to meet these technological requirements.

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How to keep employees happy in 2020?



how to keep employees happy?
Photo by Kelly Lacy from Pexels

In today’s world I think business owners lose track of ways to keep happy employees.  Most importantly, there are certain things that a leader of a company can do to help boost company morale.  A lot of business owners lack this communication with employees.  The owner needs to gauge the success of their company based on the people day to day who make it run, because if they do not, they will see not only the revolving door, but a decline in productivity.

Here are some things a business owner can do to help keep their employees happy.

Company Events

First of all, a lot of people spend more time with co-workers then they actually spend with their own families. For that reason, these company events allow personnel to engage and learn about one another outside of a work and professional setting.  This could be a company picnic, barbeque, bowling, a baseball game etc.  Furthermore, this creates great company morale and memories for the staff to look back on and talk about later.

Monthly Bonuses

Another way to keep your employees happy is to implement a monthly bonus within a company.  This will help increase sales and actually give the employees something to work towards to keep up productivity.  Who wouldn’t want an extra $500-$1000 per month by just giving a little more than what is normally required?  This extra effort can produce way more in revenue then the actual costs of the bonus.

Effective Training

A lot of people who work a job, never receive adequate training in the beginning.  Everyone is in a fast-paced environment that I think the time spent to adequately train employees is rushed and overlooked.   Even when initial training is effective in the beginning there is never a refresher to follow up on the training previously learned.  There should almost be like a continue education class for employees.  This will eliminate mistakes and improves quality control.

Money Reviews

Consequently, most companies do not have a review process in place for their employees.  As a result, an employee will not get a raise until they complain, or they already have began looking for a new job which will pay them more.  People aren’t always loyal to the company, they are loyal to their responsibilities (i.e. bills, credit cards, car payments, rent, etc.).  If a company puts in “Money Reviews” I like to say, this keeps your employees on track.  Whether the reviews are quarterly, every six months or yearly there is an expectation put in place that if the employee has performed their duties and has not had any issues, they are entitled to some type of incentive or pay increase for their consistency in performance.

Sales Meetings

Every company should be having sales meetings.  No matter if sales are up or sales are down.  These sales meetings make the employee feel like they are apart of the company especially when the company is doing great and thriving.  It gives them a sense of accomplishment that their efforts and hard work is a direct contribution to the company’s success.  If the company isn’t doing well it still gives the employee a sense of comfort knowing that they are involved and made aware of what is going on within the company and how important their role is to the company’s success.

Great Management/Supervisors

Most people are all too familiar with loving the company they work for but consequently hating the supervisor who is in charge.  An employee will always respect a professional leader who is willing to help and encourage.  There is no pleasure in working with a manager or supervisor who is not motivating you to be the best.  Making sure you hire great management and supervisors to oversee your business and departments is a key asset to business growth and productivity.

If you are a business owner be aware of these things that you can do to help boost your company morale.   Keep in mind what makes a good boss and always know how to effectively communicate with those people who are helping steer the ship.  If you implement these small things, I can promise you better productivity amongst your employees.

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