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How CEO Ronne Brown Graduated from Mopping Floors to Owning a Multi-Million Dollar Business



Despite the fact that women are generally more educated than men, they continue to earn less than their male counterparts. Sadly, women’s strength in business goes almost always unrecognized. The percentage of women entrepreneurs is very low as compared to that of men. No wonder, four out of every 10 businesses in the United States are owned by women. The problem is global. Everywhere you look, women tend to occupy low income jobs, or sometimes have no work at all. The situation, however, doesn’t always have to be like this. At least not in Ronne Brown’s world. 

Brown has climbed the corporate ladder, from mopping floors at one point in her career, to owning a multi-million dollar company. As you let that sink in, think about the millions of women out there who bear the brunt of an ever widening gender gap in the corporate space. Brown stands as the epitome of women who want to go beyond the confines of society and make a name for themselves in the business industry. 

Learning to Let Go of the past and to Focus on the Future

This young national level social media branding expert has gone through a cycle of hardships. However, believing in herself and her strength has proved that women can also work or start a business and become successful. Getting fired from her workplace because of the ‘single mom’ tag was not an easy thing for Brown especially considering that she had three kids at the time. The situation threw her right into the middle of a dilemma. She had to either get another job, or start one of her own. Brown did not have anyone to look up to. She, however, has always been strong. So she tapped into that strength and found the motivation to start a business. 

Although Brown was not sure how the response in the market would be, she counted on the expertise she had gained over time. Brown was just a teen at the time she decided to get into entrepreneurship, but her presence on social media was something to go by. She chose to leverage her social media presence to get that big push everyone needs at the beginning. Brown, like 35 percent of all female small business owners was facing lack of capital as her main challenge. That, however, did not stop her from being the woman she is today. 

Not Going for It Alone

Brown came out and decided it was time she made something out of herself and for her kids. She had been disappointed by people in the past after getting fired, but there is one thing she knew. To achieve what she wanted, Brown had to let go of everything that had happened in the past, clean her hands and forget about it. At some point, Brown knew she could not work alone. That is what most women forget. Research shows that women are more likely to care for the collective, which means they are more likely to step in when they see a gap or ambiguity in teamwork. 

With the influence of social media, most people think they can work alone but they need to form a solid team and create a good environment for the team. Brown believes that one can never be a one woman show. In as much as women are known for not being able to let go of some things easily, with an aim of becoming successful, they have to let go of the things they think they can’t-a piece of free advice from Brown.

Being Committed to Achieving More and Helping Others

Today, Brown is the Chief Executive Officer of Girl CEO Inc. She has built an empire, the Ronne B. Enterprises. This serial entrepreneur is also the author of From Mopping Floors To Making Millions On Instagram. Brown is also the founder of High Heels High Goals, a non-profit with the aim of reaching out to women, empowering, and educating them on different entrepreneurial practices. Brown commits herself to helping other women grow. She understands that she has to help others grow first, and then learn from them, from which point she will be in a position to grow herself and reach greater heights. It’s not just about yourself; it’s also about those who are around you.

Brown has a vision to keep on achieving more and to stand out among all other online entrepreneurs. She is looking forward to creating an online platform, where she can bring together both young and old entrepreneurs around the world to encourage and empower each other and share powerful ideas on how they can grow their businesses. There are also plans underway to positively impact the success of upcoming entrepreneurs by sharing the methods she used to grow her business and develop her personal life as well. 

While you might have heard of people who ‘single handedly’ build empires, it is not always the case. In business, you need a helping hand. Whether it is in the form of inspiration, or a random idea from a friend, you sure do need all the help you can get. Learn from Ronne Brown. She figured out that she wasn’t going to always mop floors for a living, but it took more than just that to grow a business. 

In summation, if you want to get into online business, you’ve got to be outgoing like Brown. Take advantage of your social media presence. Talk to people, engage, and learn. That’s where and how you’ll find your big break. Not in regrets of being in the wrong job, or in the dissatisfaction of getting paid less than you are worth. Take a step and go for what’s yours.

Sergio Centeno is a PR Expert that helps brands establish credibility and create brand awareness. He specializes in helping brands get recognized by prestigious publications and featured on major news outlets. He’s worked with influencers with 100K+ followers and a few clients worth over $100M. Sergio is known for helping brands get more clout!

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Jimmy Boss : A Breath in the Music industry



Jimmy Boss, is a young entrepreneur of 25 years old. He rubbed shoulders internally with the music industry from a very young age, in particular thanks to Mister V, famous French YouTuber who decided to get into music, more particularly in rap, and this with the help in particular of Mr. Boss. After finishing his internship at Hey Pelo Records, Mister V’s label, he decides to set up his own artist management company : SDW Management.

I assure you, it’s not an order” Jimmy Boss tells you in his Paris office, while you contemplate with dismay a picture of a bearded “Mona Lisa”, the work of a Dutch fan of SDW Records, urban music label that he founded in 2017.

Jimmy Boss goes further than the others and had the crazy idea of bringing together the essentials of what a record company could provide to independent artists of 2020 to create a business that will help artists to finance, create, as well as promote themselves, while remaining independent ; he explains it to us in more details during an interview that he very kindly granted us :

«Artists these days no longer necessarily need the creative side that a major can offer. Actually, he no longer needs anything that a major can offer to him apart from the contacts and the financial aspect. This is exactly where SDW Management supports its paramount value. The company keeps offering total flexibility on the contracts in function of needs of the artist. Depending on the contract, SDW can also guarantee immediate funding to the artist, weekly monitoring and incomparable transparency of sales made. The goal is also to take care of all administrative tasks so that the artist does not only take care of the creative side. »

On the other hand, Jimmy Boss must validate the projects before releasing it :

«Basically my desire to do this job concerned people, being close to the artist, assisting them and finding something new that the record companies do not offer. But it was my creative side that pushed me to do this job, indeed, from a very young age, I have a very commercial ear and I never stop finding new artistic trends, that’s what has been the strength of the business so far, it is the icing on the cake.»

After two years spent managing artists, Jimmy Boss undertook to create his own label in 2017. His desire is simple, to release the music he loves, there, now, immediately. It was the meeting in 2015 with Mister V that created the real trigger. The latter inaugurates the long list of artists. SDW Records was born with the “Do It Yourself” spirit and the mix of genres as its only weapons.

Remember to follow him on Instagram

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How Romy Johnson Became A Successful Entrepreneur



Romy Johnson is a popular Indian Entrepreneur, Businessman, Educationalist who is currently based in Canada. He is the founder, owner and CEO of Cool Gurus, Xaare and British India Academy.

In 2017 he started his first company British India Academy which offers English language courses and international test preparation coaching. Today at the age of 21, Romy is at the helm of a unicorn startup. Cool Gurus is a joint venture with Kerala based British India Academy, which is now valued at more than 55 crores. Romy Johnson appeared in Silicon India and was featured as the youngest and most successful entrepreneur Indian on the list. Cool Gurus Solutions provides blended learning management through mobile and cloud-based Learning Management System (LMS).


Cool Gurus

In a bid to promote online learning and boost content creation in the ed-tech space, aligned to the needs of 2020, Cool Gurus decided to generate an affordable alternative to formal education in collaboration with schools, colleges, universities and companies. The company is jointly owned with the British India Academy based in Kerala, India and is currently valued at more than 55 crores. In November 2019 the British India Academy accomplished its first milestone by delivering courses to over 10,000 active learners, making it the top-rated language institute in India.

He was recognized nationally for his scientific research and innovations during his highschool for building a brain-controlled electric wheelchair and finding an alternative to plastics using banana peels and tapioca.

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Why people call Linda Andrade the Fat Freezing Queen



What’s your backstory?

I started my first business when I was 16 years old, it was called “luxe by Linda” and it was mainly focused towards women’s fashion and makeup, I did really well, especially because I was still in high school and girls in my high school started buying from me. I got married at 19 to another badass entrepreneur, my husband Ricky, and since then I’ve started my fat Freezing business which blew up, with plans to franchise soon. 

Can you tell me the story of your prior successes, challenges, and major responsibilities?’

Before I got married and started my own successful business, I was a student at orange coast college. My parents would not let me drop out or I would be kicked out, basically. I was the typical entrepreneur drop out cliche, really wanting to drop out. That was a responsibility I had that really hindered the way to my success. I was taking unnecessary classes just to be busy and keep my parents happy. Eventually, I got married and moved to Vegas, so my parents kind of let go of the whole college thing after that.

What made you decide to choose this career path?

I got fat Freezing done myself, I loved it so much. I got rid of my love handles and tightened my stomach up really nice. I started looking up more about it and decided to take a training to teach me more about it. 1 and a half years later I have 2 locations and have helped thousands achieve the results they want. 

Can you share a story about the funniest mistake you made when you were first starting?

Can you tell us what lesson you learned from that? Oh my god, in fat freezing there are levels of suction, and I usually go up in levels when they’re numb and can’t feel anything, because otherwise it hurts. One time, I forgot to take the level back down after the 1st area she did, so on her 2nd area, she immediately went to the highest level, and she was freaking out and making the funniest noises, and I couldn’t understand why, I was like “what’s wrong? It has a great grab of fat.” And then I realized she was at the highest level. It was like a solid 45 seconds of confusion and laughter. Then I felt really bad. But it was definitely the funniest mistake I ever made 

What do you think makes your company/personal brand stand out?

Because the product I offer isn’t just catering to 1 person, it caters to everybody. Literally everybody I know needs my service, and they know it too. 

What’s a quote that you live by?

How you do something is how you do everything. 

Linda Andrade

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