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How Interviewing 850 People Has Led To $36 million In Facebook/Instagram Ad Revenue With Kyree Oliver



What’s your backstory? 

I’ve built a social media marketing business that has generated multiple eight figures in client revenue. Yet I am not a marketer. In fact, I cannot stand the majority of people who identify as marketers with the “laptop lifestyle,” taking pictures in front of their supercars as if that has anything to do with their ability to serve their clients. 

As a 24-year-old former Division-1 football player, I have only picked up marketing as a skill in the last three years. A tumultuous time period during my late teens launched me into a crash course on who I truly was at my core. My identity as an athlete had been stripped away, and I was left trying to figure out who I was and what my new role in the world was since my football skills were no longer what I would be known for. 

I spent the next two years interviewing over 850 people about life, love, fear, what keeps them up at night, and a slew of other topics related to they way they viewed themselves and related to the world around them. I interviewed a vast variety of people, from family and friends to doctors, lawyers, and world leaders. I even interviewed three death row inmates and conducted 65 end-of-life interviews with individuals who had terminal illnesses and would not live more than three more months. 

The results of these interviews combined with my own introspection gave me an incredible perspective on human behavior as a whole, which is the number one reason I have been able to produce over $36 million in revenue for my clients using Facebook and Instagram advertising. Most “marketers” focus on numbers and metrics to inform them as to how they appeal to clients, but I’ve found that focusing on people and understanding what they believe to be true about themselves and the world around them will serve you far better than only running the traditional marketing campaigns that you are “supposed” to run. 

You can learn all of the tactics in the world, and you will still come to realize that unless you can connect with people’s core needs, you will never create longevity with a marketing campaign. You will forever be 

a slave to the “algorithm,” chasing those ever-expanding nuances of what true success as a marketer looks like. 

Kyree Oliver with his Hammer Of Doom

Having this personal connection will make the process of building out incredible cold audiences with engaging copy almost thoughtless. People will feel like you are speaking directly to them –because you are; you understand who they are, and you know exactly who you serve and why your offer will be life-changing for them. It becomes a no-brainer for them to click and ultimately purchase from you. 

Take it from a guy who has produced the multiple eight-figure results (with an average 9x ROI) and has never taken a marketing course or cracked open a marketing book: Marketing is about human connection and making people feel understood no matter what the “marketing gurus” are trying to sell you with their 10-step courses or super marketing secrets. The method I employ has produced better results than those of 99% of people in the market, and nothing you can learn in a course or eBook will teach you the real way to get there. 


‘Can you tell me the story of your prior successes, challenges, and major responsibilities?’ 

The biggest challenge I’ve run into when marketing clients is learning how to remove my own biases and interests when marketing different products or services. I had to learn along the way that the desired result had nothing to do with what I wanted to see or what images or videos would compel me to purchase; the only thing that mattered was the way the client needed to be spoken to and what they would find visually appealing. I had to completely remove my own thoughts from the equation and focus solely on the client’s needs and the customer’s problem points. 


‘Can you tell me about a time when you almost gave up, how you felt about that, and what you did instead of giving up?’ 

Truthfully, I’ve never almost given up. But I certainly have been frustrated. I’ve mostly found myself frustrated by the information currently available to those learning how to market on social media; most marketing trainings are too broad and too general to truly help someone without loads of experience navigate this landscape. There is simply too much nuance associated with each client. and nothing beyond learning how to serve each client according to his or her unique needs will help someone begin to run the high-figure campaigns they seek to run. 

No guidebook or video walkthrough can adequately tackle the topics that drive a truly great marketing engine for our clients, and way too often people get so caught up in the act of learning a new system that they never get to the point of implementing a profitable, long-term strategy. We become slaves to the algorithm or distracted by a new tactic that seems to be working for one specific person. The honest truth that most people have not yet discovered is that what worked for someone else may not necessarily 

work for you, and the shifts you need to make like have more to do with the approach to the problem (strategy) than with a new feature or campaign setup you learned this week (tactics.) 

Learn about people and the way they operate in whatever niche you occupy; they know (and will show you) their needs much more clearly than that “eComm/real estate/local biz marketing expert” whose course you’re about to purchase. Put your debit card back in your pocket, and learn how to treat people as if you are marketing to real people instead of numbers on a screen…because you are! 

Kyree Oliver 


Nathan Ray Ortega is the founder of influencer podcasts. Nathan helps those share their great story, by helping entrepreneurs, authors, influencers, millionaires and many more get on podcasts and tv shows around the world, his passion is to help share the stories of the few to impact the lives of the many. Nathan had to overcome many obstacles during his journey, from having 16 different jobs at age 20 to being homeless and sleeping in a car with his pregnant girlfriend, and even changing in public bathrooms for 2 months, but during that time Nathan stayed motivated and listened to many powerful stories that changed his life for the better. Nathan thanks the power of podcasting for motivating him to push further with every episode of entrepreneurship. ''Life is never a straight road, we have to face unknown obstacles, many emotional experiences, and life-changing habits, to get to where we need to be.'' - Nathan Ray Ortega

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To Being Perceived As Crazy To Being Asked How He Did It With Connor LaRocque



What’s your backstory? 

I was a goofy C student in high school and a prankster. I was always into hip-hop so I dressed like a gangster to stand out and hide my fears. I was literally terrified growing up but I never showed it because I had a big mouth. My brother and all of his hockey mates used to beat me up. I was a punching bag, which leads me to become a martial artist. I’ve practiced and trained the art of Muay Thai for over 10 years now. 

I competed briefly and was blessed to have had the opportunity to train with some of the best kickboxers in Canada. I even got to be the punching bag for Team Canada who was fighting in the worlds. The best part was that after all of those beatings from my brother and his hockey mates, I always have a smile on when facing adversity or in hardcore training situations. I feel that they conditioned me to never be broken. This leads me to write 2 books, one bestseller called “Mindset is Everything” which formulated my philosophy and helped me launch a successful brand as a speaker and author. 

From C student to now having published more books than most of my teachers gave me the confidence to take on the world. I didn’t want to be just another speaker and didn’t fit into the societal norm which leads me to become a full-time entrepreneur. All those years of prank phone calls really helped me when picking up the phone and selling! Knocking door to door in -40 helped build grit and character.

I’ve been blessed through my failures to have grown a 6-figure marketing agency (SocialRise) today that focuses on lead generation. I also do coaching now and help young adults and entrepreneurs become leaders and they monetize their brands to generate leads. 

Ultimately my life’s mission is to help people build self-sustaining platforms for the rest of their lives. We are building the next generation of entrepreneurs and leaders and Canada and I am excited to be at the forefront as one of the top millennial leadership experts throughout our proud nation!  


What made you decide to choose this career path? 

I didn’t want to be another lawyer. I know some friends who make great lawyers and are meant to be. However, as for myself, I have always been someone who wants to go down a different path and create my own. Entrepreneurship is the perfect avenue to create a life by design. 

I’ve always been good at communication and sales! Two of the most important things in my opinion when it comes to business. Like I always told my students, you can either work for a company or corporation, or you can OWN the company or corporation. I am all about extreme ownership and entrepreneurship provides me an opportunity to take full control of my life.

Can you share a story about the funniest mistake you made when you were first starting? Can you tell us what lesson you learned from that?

When we started our first business selling door to door we had so many doors slammed in our face that when we finally got in someone’s home and we’re sitting at the table we were like deer in the headlights. I was so good at pitching at the door when we sat down at the table I had nothing else to say. I had already told them everything. It was a rookie mistake!  

What I learned was give enough to peak someone’s interest, but always have a few moves in your back pocket to close the deal. You’re always going to get objected so have as many angles as possible.


What do you think makes your company/personal brand stand out? 

I’m Canadian! No, but really being a Canadian in a competitive US market is a great advantage because it gives me an opportunity to show our culture and how we do business. What I teach “how to monetize your brand to generate leads” takes a different angle then just basic lead gen. Our system allows you to align with some of the biggest charitable brands in the world, give them donations, and leverage their networks. It’s pretty awesome! 

At the end of the day, I’m just being me! Some crazy, hardcore, lover Canadian dude! 


What’s a quote that you live by? 

“Everyone told me I was crazy, to tone it down, to slow down. Now those same people are asking me how I did it.” 

Connor LaRocque

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Judge Graham: The Man Behind Huge Digital Agency Exits



A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Judge Graham. Judge is a veteran in the digital marketing space and has exited from multiple agencies for hundreds of millions of dollars. We talked about how he got started, his experience, and more. 



  • Hey Judge, what does your experience in the digital marketing space look like? 



Judge: After making a high 8-Figure exit from one of my agencies, I moved on to another agency and replicated my processes and helped sell that agency for a 9-Figure exit.



  • How did you position your agencies to sell?



Judge: A few pivotal things I teach on were key to positioning to sell. The first is recurring revenue. If your business isn’t generating recurring revenue, you won’t be able to sell it for a lot of money. The second is culture, I worked relentlessly to build a rock-solid culture in every business that I am involved with.



  • Was selling your agency always the goal? 



Judge: It was always the original goal to make an exit from my agencies. When starting, your positioning is much different if your ultimate goal is to sell.



  • What shifts have you seen in digital marketing?



Judge: I tell all my consulting and mentorship clients this today. In 2019, digital marketing has progressed so much, that we live in the best time to start an agency. The marketplace has become much more educated, and the software has become much easier to use.



  • What would you tell an agency owner just starting out?



Judge: Find a good mentor, and position your agency to sell. 



  • If you were to start an agency today, what steps would you take to secure another big acquisition? 



Judge: The same process I took in the past, build recurring revenue and a great culture and stop selling tactics, sell revenue.

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How a Kid Selling Lemonade Turned His Entrepreneurial Habits Into A Lifestyle



When you observe a major corporation, you most likely see the logo, the product or service they sell, or their marketing ploy. Take Apple, for instance. The iPhone, the MacBook, the classic minimalist design of their storefronts, or their iOS software are the first things that come to mind when the company is brought up. For Henry Westbrooks, he sees the innovator, or the Steve Jobs, behind the creation of the brand. Henry is fascinated by the concept that being an entrepreneur puts power in your hands as the creator. His fascination has lead him to multiple ventures in the business world, and has become massively successful as a result. 

Henry is a licensed realtor in Southwest Florida, the founder of iGrowClub, a digital marketing agency focused on helping clients grow organically on social media to reach their target audience and scale, and is the founder of the Health & Wealth Show, a podcast that focuses on health, wealth, love, and happiness. He has even found success in e-commerce business models, and has affiliates earning between 6-8 figures using the model. His intangible skills include door to door sales, where he has generated millions as a solar energy consultant, high ticket selling, and turning people into repeat customers through building value and pitching products. Henry is without a doubt a well rounded, dedicated entrepreneur who is making waves in the industry. But, Henry’s passion and dedication to making his own way in the business world is nothing new. 

As a child, Henry was already dedicated to selling and working for himself. During his school years, he would sell lemonade and Pokemon cards at a roadside table, host garage sales, and sell food or magazines whenever he could to make money. He was fascinated by seeing money stack up, and has always aspired to becoming wealthy and successful.

His actions speak louder than his words when it comes to Henry’s dedication. After graduating from the University of Buffalo with a BA in Communication and working for corporate radio, Henry was all in on following his passions and becoming successful. He drove from New York to Florida to start his real estate venture right after obtaining his real estate license. After getting involved in the real estate game, he was presented with an opportunity to sell solar across the country in California. Without hesitation, he accepted the offer, packed his things, and drove cross country to take advantage of the opportunity. 

On top of dominating the solar industry, Henry has grown a stellar personal brand and helps brands and companies grow their brands by helping them to identify their mission statements, handle the marketing, and helping with brand development. But, like all successful endeavors, Henry is cognizant of the slow process necessary to gain traction and momentum. He’s very open to detailing the processes he’s gone through to reach his level of success. 

Henry knows that the path to success happens one day at a time. There have been many early mornings and late nights, sacrifice, failures, and changes in his mindset. Finding success as an entrepreneur requires a ton of effort, patience, and grit, and Henry possesses all of those attributes, and his work ethic and drive has allowed him to work at his goals day in and day out to find success in his businesses. The reward of building something that not only generates revenue but helps people is well worth the early days of uncertainty, Henry says. A massive key is maintaining faith in the baby stages of a company, as your big break could come just a few days after you feel like quitting but decide to keep pushing forward.

Today, Henry has a massive amount of knowledge and the skills necessary to be successful. But, starting out, he wished he knew two key pieces of advice: Invest in yourself, and be aware that it all starts with you. You need to take on good debt that results in cash flow, believe in yourself, make daily progress, and trust the long term process. Anyone can become successful once they acquire the right mindset and work ethic, and no one believes in that idea more than Henry. 

Henry can be reached on Instagram @henryaaronwestbrooks, or via email, [email protected]

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