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Interview with Feli Fame



We had the pleasure of interviewing Feli fame who is an Independent Artist that has worked with multiple Fortune 500 Companies, Platinum and gold hiphop artist, very notable popular movie stars and is also the head of an Independent brand which is called “MNDS” (Music Notes & Dollar Signs)

Thank you so much for joining us! Can you tell us a story about what brought you to this specific career path?  Thank you for sharing my Story, hopefully people that are from where I am from and have faced what I have faced see this and get inspired.

This Career path was something that I feel picked me, it was my calling and the only thing I have ever wanted to do. Music, Film etc. I put myself in the business, I hired myself, I pay myself and best of all I work for myself. So to answer your question what bought me to this career was me.

Can you share the most interesting story that happened to you since you started your company?

Can you share a story about the funniest mistake you made when you were first starting? Can you tell us what lesson you learned from that? My funniest mistake would be something I did that wasn’t funny back then, but I can laugh about it now. To make a long story short it would be me thinking that everybody was like know helping others, keeping my word, Giving when I didn’t have anything left to give. I’ve always looked at the bigger picture, I never looked to get rewarded by people because I always figured my biggest reward would come from GOD. Others may not see the humor in it but theres plenty and thats because in order to be a good business man and entrepreneur you have to be able to laugh these things off and keep pushing yourself or else you will be caught up in wasting valuable time that you could have put toward running your business. The lesson I learned from it all was take your own advice and create your own destiny because there’s only one person in this world that has to live with the decisions you make and that person is you.

What do you think makes your company stand out? Can you share a story? Music Notes and Dollar signs, MNDS first things first I made a company that other Fortune 500 companies believed in. They believed in it enough to work with me. When I actually take it for what it is which is a kid by the name “feli fame” created a brand that companies that are making hundreds of millions of dollars are interested In working with. That means something, and to me that means everything. Coors Light, LA Gear, MTV, BET, Sony RED / The orchard, Red Bull etc the list goes on and on. If the independence and drive I’ve had along the way alone doesn’t make my company stand out then standing out must have a new meaning.

Which tips would you recommend to your colleagues in your industry to help them to thrive and not “burn out”?  From my personal point of view I would tell colleagues, peers or even other artist to be aware. Be aware of who your in business with. Take things one day at a time because being consumed in your work 24/7 can blind you from things you probably would have seen had you given your self some time away. Working hard is great, but you can lose your sanity and more if your not mindful of the pressure you can put on yourself.

None of us are able to achieve success without some help along the way. Is there a particular person who you are grateful towards who helped get you to where you are? Can you share a story? Im actually surprised you made that statement “ none of us are able to achieve success without some help along the way” I can’t stress this enough. I see people that Brag about succeeding on they’re own as if the “key” players are not holding the “keys”. I think when it comes to that, people say they did it alone to sound cool. I know over 10 millionaires and all of which had some one open the door for them once they arrived at the door. What they did with it from there was on them. When it comes to me, for some odd reason no one wants that door to open for me. I’ve arrived at that door many times and its like when I get there nobody is home. so my only choice has always been to break in and what I mean by that is I’ve always had to open my own doors with little to no help. It’s always been that way for me. Im not an ungrateful person so I appreciate the other millionaire entrepreneurs such as 50 Cent, DJ Envy, DJ Drama, Ice Cube and others that have extended there hand to kinda help me out over the years. Even people that have helped me out of the kindness of there hearts because they truly believed in my purpose such as LS, Banks, Sinat, Jay, Boogs, J. Willis. But the fact of the matter is had the ones in position given me more opportunity I could have done more and I could have done what I set out to do faster. I would take opportunity over money any day. A proper introduction to the right person is free. I would love to help everyone around me out, they deserve it just as much as I do. when I become a multimillionaire everyone that has ever helped feli fame or MNDS will get taken care of. Even the ones that I didn’t name in this article just because thats where my heart is.

How have you used your success to bring goodness to the world?  Absolutely, its still very early in the game for me and I’m still out here trying to give back and include people that might not ever get these opportunities. This is the reason I have this company. Its about more than just me, its about the artist that are on this label, the companies that weren’t afraid to book me or put me on the frontline to represent them. I’m bringing my goodness in the form of opportunity because thats one thing I feel that wasn’t given to me. I’m already attempting to donate to schools, put people that have dreams of becoming actors in my indie films. Im already off to a great start.

Do you have a favorite “Life Lesson Quote”? Can you share a story of how that was relevant to you in your life? I really don’t have any “life lesson Quotes” so I’m not going to pretend like I do. But I sure have had lots of life lessons that I was able to make quotes about. Too many to even name, life teaches me lessons everyday.

What are your “5 things I wish someone told me before I started my company” and why. Please share a story or example for each.

1. I wish some one had told me when it comes to following your heart, theres a time and place for that.

when it comes to following your heart in business some times it can be dangerous not to mention costly because your acting out of passion at times. Too much of anything is bad for you, following your heart a little too much can take you down a road you never thought you would be traveling.

2. The importance of a strong team mentally. On and off the clock. When it comes to business. A team a faculty and all of the above. Your supporting cast is just as important to the company as you are. They are a reflection of you. They get seen more than you do. Not to mention these are the ones that are spreading your message to the world. Majority of the time all you get is a first impression, even if your not the one giving the impression.

3. A person that you look up to or even admire could be the person that views you as competition. Certain people shy away from people with potential because they feel you may be in position to take the spotlight away from them one day. So they will do things like give you bad advice or keep certain connections away from you. God forbid you win on a turf that they consider to be theres. You have to be aware 24/7

4. Cant do it alone, for a long time I had this idea of doing everything myself. Like it could be done. Let this be a news flash to anyone reading this.There will always be a gatekeeper some where along the way. Take the help, embrace it. Join forces. Do what you have to do to bring success closer to you. Its the way.

5. Your company is similar to a baby because its going to need just as much love and care. If you neglect it your going to pay the price.

You are a person of great influence. If you could start a movement that would bring the most amount of good to the most amount of people, what would that be? You never know what your idea can trigger. 🙂 That movement would be the one I’ve already started MNDS not only is it a business, but its also a movement, a statement within its self. Im going to change things for the better in all the locations I can touch. I would have said the world but I like to be more hands on with people so Lets touch the hearts of the masses one place at a time.

How can our readers follow you on social media?  I use Instagram the most, So follow me on instagam @felifame

This was very inspiring. Thank you so much for joining us!


Anthony Delgado (born February 6, 1986) is an American software developer and internet entrepreneur widely known as a professional hacker in the developer community. Anthony Delgado has won numerous hackathons sponsored by Fortune 500 tech companies like Google, IBM, Intel, Facebook and Microsoft and hosted by organizations including Rutgers University, the New Jersey Institute of Technology, the AT&T Developer Summit in New York City.

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Inspiring Musical Journey of Nepalese Rap Artist Prakash Neupane



There are very few people under the age of 21 to do great things and achieve great milestones that many people older than they haven’t achieved yet.

Prakash Neupane is a permanent resident of Kolhapur, Nepal and is 21 years old. He is a popular Nepali RnB singer in his area as well as in many places of Nepal. As he is also a music composer and creates his own new things on the music.  He is not only an rnb singer but also a Rapper, Blogger, Poet, Music Composer and social worker. He has won Tuborg Music Award for the best male debut male singer for his song “Sunana” and has been nominated for OS Music Award. He always looks forward to opening new horizons with his music. He’s already a well-known Rnb/Rap singer and songwriter in his homeland of Nepal. Despite this, the latest song he’s promoting got some type of EDM influence, keeping up with the same level as the current hits on his new Dance-Pop charts.

In his childhood Prakash used to write poem, faiths, gazals, however, he had stopped to write it in 2014.

This eventual transformation from a shy boy to extrovert adolescent also brought mutability in his areas of interest. He soon started to listen to Sugam Pokharel, Narayan Gopal, Nabin K Bhattrai, The Unity, Girish Khatiwada, Manas Ghale and other Nepali singers and rappers that made him appear in different school functions, gatherings, and fetes. Praises received at that time laid the foundation for his musical career.

Prakash spent his entire childhood in Kohalpur in his complete introversion. ‘I was very shy and never showed up on stage until my 7th standard. Slowly, I pushed myself into social gatherings more and started to wander in narrow to wide lanes and pathways of kohalpur. Prakash feels he had nothing besides himself to rely upon, so poetry and eventually songwriting became his main thin dig at something of poems and then poems to Composition of songs and that to gain a piece of rap music and he has more plans for still doing more, giving more at Nepali RnB and hip-hop.

There’s always something which had apprehended him to write the poems to rap. Basically, a rap itself is a branch of slam poetry. It’s an assortment of emotions with words. It was his emotion, feeling and self-awareness that motivate him to perform or write a song. These days he has my entire focus only at rap line even more.

He entered into Nepali music industry with his first single “Aaideuna” which was not so successful but “U Got Me” is his most ambitious project yet, which now has 1 million Youtube views! It’s helped him to gain recognition and success in the Nepali Music industry — fusing the mind of a storyteller and producer together to create a romantic love tale of survival. His latest, Arajakniti, is a political rap song about civil war, the local Panchayat political system, and Nepal’s slow economic progress. He told “Nepal had to deal with a civil war where thousands perished and then it took a decade to pass a new constitution. Those who had access to power became rich and powerful, but the general public remained poor,” he said, referring to the 10-year long civil war in Nepal from 1996 to 2006. “This is why I want to alert the political fraternity through my hip-hop music.” “From “nothing” to “something” and “something” to now again” More than that ” this feeling of self-manual realization and aim of executing something at Nepali music had been his strength.”

He has already released three albums, including 30 songs yet & has done featured with several famous Nepali artists like Girish Khatiwada, Amit Dangol & Jovan Bhuju and international artist like Delon & Marvelous. He is quickly becoming one of the most successful & famed Rappers in Nepal’s growing Hip Hop community.

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This Is Why Your Next Super Car Should Come From Royalty Leasing Group



Imagine driving the Lamborghini Huracan all year long in 2019, then switching it up for another supercar next year, all without buying either of the cars or parting with a ridiculously large amount of money. That is the definition of having your cake and eating it too for any car enthusiast. Sounds like the perfect fantasy, right? Well, that fantasy can now become a reality thanks to the revolutionary company, Royalty Lease Group, based in Las Vegas, Texas. Royalty Lease Group was founded by Houston Crosta and is set to be the game changer in supercar leasing. The company seeks to disrupt the supercar leasing market. This is why your next supercar should come from the Royalty Leasing group


The Royalty Lease Group Super Car Offer


The idea of Royalty Lease Group was born when Houston Crosta, discovered that there was an unattended market in the supercar leasing industry. This market comprised of individuals who could afford to lease a supercar based on their yearly income but did not meet the requirements of an ideal candidate for renting a supercar. Two of the most pressing requirements that this market could not meet were presenting a perfect credit score and great comparable car credit. This is because this specific market comprised of supercar enthusiasts who were either international personalities who have not lived in the US long enough to build up their credit or personalities who have all their expenses written off by the employer. So he set out to develop a supercar lease product that would satisfy this market.

Instead of just offering the average 30-day supercar rental option, Crosta decided to develop a 1-year long leasing offer on some high-end supercars. This way his clients could get more value for the money they would spend. He decided he would also offer constant prices that do not vary from client to client based on their credit on the down payment and monthly installments for the supercar leasing product. To top it all of, Crosta decided to counter the 2500 mileage offer on supercars from dealerships and other leasing facilities with a 7500 mileage offer for an entire year. And in 2019, thanks to this great offer, Royalty Lease Group signed their first client for a year-long lease on a supercar.


A 5-Minute Application Procedure


Royalty lease group staff pride themselves in their top-notch customer service and efficiency when it comes to the services they offer. In remaining true to who they are, they developed a 5-minute supercar lease application procedure to get you ready for your new car. The entire application procedure is carried out online, so you don’t even have to get down to Las Vegas. And in as little as 90 minutes, your application can be approved, processed and your supercar prepared for shipping to wherever you are. To sign up for your year-long supercar lease just log on to Take your time as you go through the array of supercars available then pick the car of your desire. The next step in the online application process will require you to answer a number of personal questions for the purpose of assessment. Finally, you will be requested to send your bank statements for the past 3 months and that’s it, the application process is done. After that hassle-free process, you will be one step closer to having your dream supercar.


The Future for Royalty Lease Group


In the first month of offering year-long leases on supercars, Royalty Lease Group has already signed on 4 clients and has 4 of their supercars already on the road. Since 2015, Houston Crosta has helped many car enthusiasts experience driving their dream cars through his car rental company, Royalty Exotic Cars. He now plans to fulfill the dreams of many other car enthusiasts all over America and beyond by offering unbeatable supercar lease offers through his newly established leasing company Royalty Lease Group. Houston Crosta is currently the sole financier of Royalty Lease Group. He is however in the process of seeking to attain equity funding from a hedge fund to enable him to scale his business further. Crosta envisions having at least 100 leased supercars on the road by the end of this year and expanding into Canada in the near future. Royalty Lease Group hopes to make the dreams of many car enthusiasts a reality. Isn’t it time you started living your dream too? Your supercar awaits you at

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Why Every high-value lawyer is coming to Qamar Zaman for his SEO expertise



Believe it or not, SEO is more than just publishing content and adding in the necessary keywords to acquire traffic, views, and audiences. 50-yr old Qamar Zaman, a reputable SEO entrepreneur, and SEO Expert has developed a unique way to rank up on major search engines such as Google. A KISS PR story is a system developed for personal and business branding that improves organic SEO signals that Google and other search engines love. Qamar developed this system 10 years ago and has perfected results with over 28,000 plus cases studies. This is arguably Qamar’s greatest work.

When it comes to showing clients how it’s done, look no further than Qamar’s Story. The predictable system has allowed the entrepreneur to wow clients, including high-profile lawyers in New York City!

Check out the details below.

How Qamar Zaman Ventured Into Providing SEO For Law Firms

Qamarstarted things out with a can-do approach when it comes to providing SEO services in the form of Stories. He SAAS based system creates and a team of a digital marketing team deploys a cloud-hosted story newsroom which is then used for the brand to get results. The types of clients who have used this storytelling system have been used by lawyers, professional firms and small to large corporations.  More often than not, the content Qamar system creates achieves large media personal and business branding and getting Page 1 Google Results.

Qamar’s work ethic and processes have set him and his partner apart from all the other content companies who work to optimize a brand’s content through SEO. Intent-based branding and identifying the market’s pain and addressing that pain is essential as it makes you more unique and valuable.

The Story System

Qamar’s Story system is designed to provide maximum branding and intent-based SEO services for all clients. There’s zero blackhat strategy, link spamming and keyword stuffing. At its core, the Story was built from the ground up and started when Qamar worked part-time in order to afford a small office without any windows.

It’s part of what makes Story so successful in bringing visitors, customers, and audiences to the business’ website and online platforms. A story is organic and focuses on bringing brands closer to the audience, therefore making them more relatable. There’s no content strategy or marketing methods that could bring a detrimental effect to SEO. As such, Google and other major search engines recognize it and put it on top of the search rankings.


Why High-Value Lawyers Choose Story

Qamar Zaman recalled a time when they were called to do SEO work for a high-profile law firm in New York. Before a meeting, the entrepreneur published a Story for the client via a predictable system. As Qamar and his partner were discussing things with the lawyer, the secretary came in and stated that the New York Firefighter’s Association wanted the lawyer to help them with their case. The association did an online search and was so impressed with what they saw that they wanted the lawyer to take care of their biggest case yet.

The New York lawyer hired Qamar on the spot and offered a six-figure deal for his Story and SEO marketing services. It was the first of many high-value professional attorneys who would seek the Story platform and what it could offer. This kind of workmanship, foresight, and attention to detail propelled Qamar to the top of the SEO game and things only got better from there.

Perfecting The Craft

Qamar recalls how Story made them desirable as an SEO company and how other SEO firms didn’t like what they were doing because of all the business they received as a result. But the entrepreneur didn’t allow that to faze him- in fact, Qamar worked to further develop and perfect Story as a top predictable system that can provide excellent SEO results give companies a solid online presence.

Furthermore, Qamar states that one of the reasons why big law firms love his way of doing SEO is because he is selective, dedicated and always exceed results and expectations. The entrepreneur chooses the next project, applies his expertise and the Story system and follows through for complete success. Law firms experience the best outcome and get their much-needed online exposure to acquiring lucrative contracts and client deals.

Qamar Zaman is a visionary in his chosen field and knows how to attract businesses, including high-value clients such as law firms and major organizations. His Story system is a prime example of hard work, dedication and thinking differently than his competitors. SEO can be achieved in many ways, and sometimes all you need is a step back to gain a higher perspective. Today, Qamar is earning upwards of six figures per project, thanks to his predictable system and never-give-up attitude.

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