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Interview with Feli Fame



We had the pleasure of interviewing Feli fame who is an Independent Artist that has worked with multiple Fortune 500 Companies, Platinum and gold hiphop artist, very notable popular movie stars and is also the head of an Independent brand which is called “MNDS” (Music Notes & Dollar Signs)

Thank you so much for joining us! Can you tell us a story about what brought you to this specific career path?  Thank you for sharing my Story, hopefully people that are from where I am from and have faced what I have faced see this and get inspired.

This Career path was something that I feel picked me, it was my calling and the only thing I have ever wanted to do. Music, Film etc. I put myself in the business, I hired myself, I pay myself and best of all I work for myself. So to answer your question what bought me to this career was me.

Can you share the most interesting story that happened to you since you started your company?

Can you share a story about the funniest mistake you made when you were first starting? Can you tell us what lesson you learned from that? My funniest mistake would be something I did that wasn’t funny back then, but I can laugh about it now. To make a long story short it would be me thinking that everybody was like me..you know helping others, keeping my word, Giving when I didn’t have anything left to give. I’ve always looked at the bigger picture, I never looked to get rewarded by people because I always figured my biggest reward would come from GOD. Others may not see the humor in it but theres plenty and thats because in order to be a good business man and entrepreneur you have to be able to laugh these things off and keep pushing yourself or else you will be caught up in wasting valuable time that you could have put toward running your business. The lesson I learned from it all was take your own advice and create your own destiny because there’s only one person in this world that has to live with the decisions you make and that person is you.

What do you think makes your company stand out? Can you share a story? Music Notes and Dollar signs, MNDS first things first I made a company that other Fortune 500 companies believed in. They believed in it enough to work with me. When I actually take it for what it is which is a kid by the name “feli fame” created a brand that companies that are making hundreds of millions of dollars are interested In working with. That means something, and to me that means everything. Coors Light, LA Gear, MTV, BET, Sony RED / The orchard, Red Bull etc the list goes on and on. If the independence and drive I’ve had along the way alone doesn’t make my company stand out then standing out must have a new meaning.

Which tips would you recommend to your colleagues in your industry to help them to thrive and not “burn out”?  From my personal point of view I would tell colleagues, peers or even other artist to be aware. Be aware of who your in business with. Take things one day at a time because being consumed in your work 24/7 can blind you from things you probably would have seen had you given your self some time away. Working hard is great, but you can lose your sanity and more if your not mindful of the pressure you can put on yourself.

None of us are able to achieve success without some help along the way. Is there a particular person who you are grateful towards who helped get you to where you are? Can you share a story? Im actually surprised you made that statement “ none of us are able to achieve success without some help along the way” I can’t stress this enough. I see people that Brag about succeeding on they’re own as if the “key” players are not holding the “keys”. I think when it comes to that, people say they did it alone to sound cool. I know over 10 millionaires and all of which had some one open the door for them once they arrived at the door. What they did with it from there was on them. When it comes to me, for some odd reason no one wants that door to open for me. I’ve arrived at that door many times and its like when I get there nobody is home. so my only choice has always been to break in and what I mean by that is I’ve always had to open my own doors with little to no help. It’s always been that way for me. Im not an ungrateful person so I appreciate the other millionaire entrepreneurs such as 50 Cent, DJ Envy, DJ Drama, Ice Cube and others that have extended there hand to kinda help me out over the years. Even people that have helped me out of the kindness of there hearts because they truly believed in my purpose such as LS, Banks, Sinat, Jay, Boogs, J. Willis. But the fact of the matter is had the ones in position given me more opportunity I could have done more and I could have done what I set out to do faster. I would take opportunity over money any day. A proper introduction to the right person is free. I would love to help everyone around me out, they deserve it just as much as I do. when I become a multimillionaire everyone that has ever helped feli fame or MNDS will get taken care of. Even the ones that I didn’t name in this article just because thats where my heart is.

How have you used your success to bring goodness to the world?  Absolutely, its still very early in the game for me and I’m still out here trying to give back and include people that might not ever get these opportunities. This is the reason I have this company. Its about more than just me, its about the artist that are on this label, the companies that weren’t afraid to book me or put me on the frontline to represent them. I’m bringing my goodness in the form of opportunity because thats one thing I feel that wasn’t given to me. I’m already attempting to donate to schools, put people that have dreams of becoming actors in my indie films. Im already off to a great start.

Do you have a favorite “Life Lesson Quote”? Can you share a story of how that was relevant to you in your life? I really don’t have any “life lesson Quotes” so I’m not going to pretend like I do. But I sure have had lots of life lessons that I was able to make quotes about. Too many to even name, life teaches me lessons everyday.

What are your “5 things I wish someone told me before I started my company” and why. Please share a story or example for each.

1. I wish some one had told me when it comes to following your heart, theres a time and place for that.

when it comes to following your heart in business some times it can be dangerous not to mention costly because your acting out of passion at times. Too much of anything is bad for you, following your heart a little too much can take you down a road you never thought you would be traveling.

2. The importance of a strong team mentally. On and off the clock. When it comes to business. A team a faculty and all of the above. Your supporting cast is just as important to the company as you are. They are a reflection of you. They get seen more than you do. Not to mention these are the ones that are spreading your message to the world. Majority of the time all you get is a first impression, even if your not the one giving the impression.

3. A person that you look up to or even admire could be the person that views you as competition. Certain people shy away from people with potential because they feel you may be in position to take the spotlight away from them one day. So they will do things like give you bad advice or keep certain connections away from you. God forbid you win on a turf that they consider to be theres. You have to be aware 24/7

4. Cant do it alone, for a long time I had this idea of doing everything myself. Like it could be done. Let this be a news flash to anyone reading this.There will always be a gatekeeper some where along the way. Take the help, embrace it. Join forces. Do what you have to do to bring success closer to you. Its the way.

5. Your company is similar to a baby because its going to need just as much love and care. If you neglect it your going to pay the price.

You are a person of great influence. If you could start a movement that would bring the most amount of good to the most amount of people, what would that be? You never know what your idea can trigger. 🙂 That movement would be the one I’ve already started MNDS not only is it a business, but its also a movement, a statement within its self. Im going to change things for the better in all the locations I can touch. I would have said the world but I like to be more hands on with people so Lets touch the hearts of the masses one place at a time.

How can our readers follow you on social media?  I use Instagram the most, So follow me on instagam @felifame

This was very inspiring. Thank you so much for joining us!


Anthony Delgado (born February 6, 1986) is an American software developer and internet entrepreneur widely known as a professional hacker in the developer community. Anthony Delgado has won numerous hackathons sponsored by Fortune 500 tech companies like Google, IBM, Intel, Facebook and Microsoft and hosted by organizations including Rutgers University, the New Jersey Institute of Technology, the AT&T Developer Summit in New York City.

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Learn How Digital Nomad Ksaveras Jancauskas Is Disrupting The Instagram Marketing Industry



Ksaveras Jancauskas is a digital nomad who helps industry leaders and businesses, spanning different countries, to grow their online presence via Instagram and scale their brand. 

So far, Ksaveras started and scaled his Instagram marketing agency to a 6-figure firm. The well-known brands and non-profits such as RepresentUS and GivePower Foundation been clients of Ksaveras. The biggest turning point for Ksaveras was when he was able to grow brands to over 221,000 real followers in just ten days!]

In this article, Ksaveras shares how he climbed up the industry ladder and became the successful digital marketer he is today. 

Being Different

If you’ve heard about Ksaveras before then you’ve probably heard of the Instagram Leverage Framework. The Instagram Leverage Framework is the brainchild of Ksaveras and is referred to as a system that helps anyone assert their authority in their industry.  

With this system, Ksaveras has generated ten times return on investment (ROI) for different businesses on Instagram. This is why he’s one of the most sought after Instagram experts in the world. 

Overcoming Challenges

At the start of his journey to success, Ksaveras faced a significant amount of challenges. His biggest challenge was that he trusted a lot of unqualified individuals to carry out his task. Slowly but surely, his brand was no longer sought after by prospects.

“I tried taking shortcuts by delegating my work to individuals who offered cheap prices, but in turn, they gave my clients a lot of substandard results.” -Ksaveras says.

In due time, he learned that trust is a belief that has to be built and that taking words for a fact without testing can prove detrimental to the status of a business. Ksaveras also shares that it’s important to test a product before you sell it. He’s acknowledged the fact that it’s better to employ individuals yearning to learn and improve on their craft every day than to outsource to a third party “professionals.” 

Values and Principles

Ksaveras is a proud advocate of the “learn something new every day” movement. He never rests on his laurels and no matter the level of success he attains, he doesn’t get comfortable. 

Everyone in his industry learns how to grow Instagram accounts and then complacency sets in. Instead of following the status quo, Ksaveras improves himself every day and according to him, he knows more about Instagram than Instagram knows about themselves. 

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Garrett Atkins- Making Use of Full-Service Digital Platforms to Serve Others



With the advent of the internet and advanced technologies, many business-minded people are investing in this sector. In fact, the number of people who have become reputed and wealthy online entrepreneurs has surged over the past 10 years. Among the reputed entrepreneurs who have stood out in the market, entrepreneur Garrett Atkins is a class above his peers.

At the age of 27 years, Garrett Atkins owns one of the successful full-service digital advertising companies. He is the Chief Executive Officer of VIE Media, a company based in St. Louis, Missouri. He is also the founder and a major stakeholder in St. Louis Podcast.com, the only and the most incredible podcast recording studio in the region. 

What Does Garrett Atkins Advertising Business Focus On?

Through his VIE Media; Mr. Atkins has been working with many household brands that have also taken advantage of his full-service digital advertising platform. These labels include The UPS Store, Better Homes & Garden, Metro Powered by T-Mobile and Sansone Group. Other notable brands include Farmers Insurance and Arsenal Credit Union among others. 

For small business owners, VIE Media has been a blessing. Thanks to incredible leadership and guidance of Garrett, the company has been working with numerous renowned start-ups as well as small to medium-sized businesses. The good news is that Garrett has been responsible for the establishment and growth of these relationships that have led to these incredible partnerships.

Significantly, through his podcast recording studio, Garrett Atkins has changed the livelihood of many people looking for a means to share and view content online. His podcast has been using advanced technology such as 4K video recording of the podcast. 

Through his podcast, it has been easy for his clients content to be distributed to Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts and other incredible platforms. Luckily for most of his clients, the content is also perfect to distribute via social media. 

The most common platforms many of his clients use are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube. This has been possible due to the implementation of high-quality videos.

Garrett Atkins has been an Inspiration to Many People 

It is not all about making money when it comes to Garrett Atkins’s endeavors. He is also a motivational public speaker who has inspired many people. He has been using social media, podcasting, and leadership to inspire many people not only in St. Louis but also in many other parts of the world. 

Among the great event, he has graced as a keynote speaker is the St. Louis Live2Lead event, an event that focuses on leadership. 

Garrett believes firmly that in life, those who do good things will then be rewarded down the road. Not because we live in some type of fantasy land but rather because people take notice of the good deeds you do and people to admire such things. They admire these things so much that they are also willing to work and provide a helping hand to those who are making a positive impact. 

What More Garrett Atkins has to Offer?

Mr. Atkins believes in the mantra that; nothing feels better than helping another human being. He is a Board of Directors of KMA Foundation, a non-profit organization that works together with the Missouri Department of Transportation. 

The main focus of the organization has been to identify roads where there is a high rate of fatalities and make necessary changes to reduce such deaths. Through this organization, Garrett Atkins and his team have been traveling to many high schools enlightening students about safe driving techniques and sensitizing the importance of safe driving. 

The organization has also been offering a scholarship to needy students. Mr. Atkins has been a staunch believer of good relationships and he believes they are the best way to serve other peoples’ interests. He wants to always be recognized as a great content creator, entrepreneur, public speaker, and a devoted philanthropist.

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How to Beat the Odds in Life with “Your Favorite Online Trapper” Anthony Williams



Anthony Williams’ success is a classic story of falling on hard times and rising back up by reinventing himself. Before finally realizing his potential. From getting caught in one of the biggest marijuana busts to becoming one of the most promising and successful young entrepreneurs and economists. This young man has come a long way. At 24, Anthony Williams has achieved more than many of his age. His life story has been awe-inspiring, and it was only his determination and perseverance that he has allowed him to overcome all the difficulties that came his way and has become the man of influence and substance that he is today. Let’s take a closer look at his life and the struggles that he had to go through in a little detail.

Anthony Williams – An Eventful Life full of Struggles

Born in the twin cities St Paul- Minneapolis, Anthony was abandoned by his parents while he was still a kid. Raised amidst immense hardships by his grandmother, “Nanny,” he had seen all sorts of eventualities and difficulties coming through. Anthony recalls a police raid at his mom’s residence as his first memory since he was born. He then later lived in a Public Housing Project, called “The Rose” with his Nanny and his other siblings.

The harsh reality of life hit him hard when he and his family were kicked out of the rose when he was 17 and was rendered homeless. This was just before he was about to enter his senior year at high school. He would have perhaps perished in oblivion had one of his best friends who co-coincidentally also goes by the name of Anthony would not have helped him. Anthony, then moved into his friend’s house and lived there for a good five years till the age of 23.

While living with his now extended family, he had too little money to afford to go to a community college and hence had to drop out in less than two months of attending St. Paul Community College. He was forced into the world of drug dealing to make ends meet while working a job, but even that was barely enough for him to survive alongside his newly found family. The worst was about to come in 2017 when a Minnesota Police Patrol team intercepted a truck full of marijuana and had charged Anthony for possessing 50 kgs (nearly $2M worth) of it since he was also in the pick-up truck. He went to jail as well and had to fight a legal battle to beat the case against him. His good friend and an exemplary lawyer Daniel Repka helped him to win the case.

Having seen his life and struggles, let’s look at his success story as well.

Successes and Achievements

Anthony started with day trading in the Foreign Exchange Market initially and kept digging in the world of finance and banking, and after acquiring enough knowledge, he helped his mentor with improving his credit so that he could qualify to buy a Lamborghini SVJ. Since then, there has been no looking back, and he has been named as “The Numbers Guy” or “Your Favorite Online Trapper.”

At the age of 24, he has achieved quite a lot for any 24-year old. He has been successful in creating the first-ever hybrid company involving Finance and Education in Minnesota. His expert knowledge about numbers, money, and the financial markets has made him a sought after name by many independent Financial and Banking institutions. He is an A-list Board Certified Credit Consultant and is FDCPA (Fair Debt Collection Practices Act), and FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) certified. Anthony has helped clients with institutions as well as the end customers with his expert consultant services. When wearing his suits, Anthony proudly wears his Star Achiever Award lapel pin that he received during his early days in business as a Network Marketer for his exemplary service.

Anthony Williams – The Man with a Vision

With all that said, Anthony makes it pretty clear that he is into this business to help others. Perhaps that is much to do with the deep-rooted pain he had gone through being financially weak in his teens. He envisions, creating a system where people understand finance and the importance of money and how to go about increasing one’s worth, value, and credit through means of teaching financial literacy and investing.

His vision is to continuously create a delightful client and student experience showing that human touch, love, and compassion towards people with their particular financial problems. His purpose is to not only provide solutions to them but also to make them feel the way nobody else can make them feel when handling the sensitive topic of money — your friend in the financial arena.

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