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Credibility Coach Johnny Medina Medina’s Top 3 Tips for Gaining Instant Credibility Within Your Industry




In the current era of trust economy, achieving and maintaining credibility is everything for both individuals and businesses. You need credibility in everything from; personal and professional credibility, brand credibility, products/ services credibility and more.


Why Credibility is an important Asset


When you first get into a profession or a business, people don’t know your expertise, the value, and ethics you hold dear or the quality of your services or products. In addition, consumers are always reluctant to change since most new market players come with risks such as; poor quality of services and products, bad work habits, overcharging and so on. One of the best things you can do to get your name out there and achieve a steady stream of customers is to establish credibility in your industry. It’s much harder to convince people to do business with you if you haven’t yet established your credibility. Credibility helps your customers to trust you and build long-lasting relationships with you. Building credibility is also important for long-term success as it helps more people become aware of your expertise, helps your current customers stay loyal, and is a good strategy to stay ahead of your competition.


Gaining Credibility in Your Industry


To establish credibility in any industry, you must focus on gaining trust and making an impact. This is because credibility means other people will follow your lead as a trendsetter, a reliable source and a decision maker in your industry. Jonathan Medina is one credibility coach and PR specialist who can help you gain and maintain credibility in your industry. Jonathan has a deep understanding of the surefire ways to establish credibility for individuals and business. He has helped hundreds of clients become authorities in their industries and build stronger brands that leave a lasting impression on their target audience. Medina’s work as a credibility coach and PR specialist has also been recognized in major publications including Entrepreneur and Nasdaq.


Credibility Coach Johnny Medina’s Background


The credibility coach is currently the Managing PR specialist at Influencer Press, a top tier company that manages publicity for prominent social influencers and clients worth more than $100 Million. Jonathan has been able to book prospects all year long which he achieved without any client acquisition specialist. Jonathan grew up in a small Indiana town known as Grandview, where it was almost impossible to have big dreams since there weren’t fancy cars, big mansions, or fancy clothes. Still, Jonathan Medina knew he was destined for something greater and when a friend introduced him to online marketing, he realized he had gotten his big break.


From $11 Per Hour to $20,000 in a Day


Before being introduced to online marketing, Jonathan worked for Pizza Hut for a minimum wage of 11 dollars per hour. He then transitioned to work for one of the Northwest’s top PR agencies where he learned how to be a successful salesman and PR specialist. In just 3 months, Jonathan rose to be the top salesman and PR specialist in his team with a five-figure monthly income. He is currently hitting a whopping $20,000 in a single day. After becoming an expert in the PR space, Jonathan focused on creating his own brand to help people establish their credibility and build stronger personal brands. According to Jonathan, Instagram and other social media are essential tools that can be harnessed to establish credibility and sustain meaningful relationships, which is why they are his main focus.


Credibility Coach Johnny Medina’s Top 3 Tips for Gaining Instant Credibility Within Your Industry


  1. Press Features


Press features are the ultimate ticket to gaining credibility, building trust in your audience’s minds and staying ahead of your competition. When your expertise and knowledge is newsworthy, it enhances the authority of your image and gives a strong signal that your brand and expertise are reputable. Press coverage will enable you to be seen as an expert and an instant authority in your field. It also allows you to share your opinions, and educate and target a greater audience. But not just anyone can be featured on media platforms. You have to understand your niche, and have great expertise, experience, and content to back up your authority. To attract coverage, write press releases for media outlets you respect, whether it’s a local publication or national magazine. Other clever ways to get featured in the press include; offering to be a guest contributor, product launches and sponsoring local events. Leverage your press feature to further gain credibility by using your coverage as a testimonial in your advertising. Add the feature to your social media profiles and website and use it to create a Facebook Advert. You can also use your press feature to pitch for further press coverage with other journalists and media outlets.


  1. Podcast Interviews


Never before has there been a better time to start a podcast to boost your credibility. This is because podcasts are all the rage right now, gripping audiences everywhere. Podcasts are easy and quick to produce and provide a great opportunity to connect with your audience. They are a win-win situation; you further your personal brand and gain credibility and at the same time your listeners are learning something from you. Podcasts are the most underrated and underutilized forms of marketing yet studies show that there has been a rapid increase in the use of podcasts over the past few years. A study conducted by Edison Research showed that approximately 21% of Americans use podcasts every month. Teaching a mass of people through podcasts and expands your brand in ways that written content can’t, because not everyone reads, but most people watch and listen to something. It is a solid way of building credibility, through brand love, trust, and expertise. It’s also a cool, fun, thing to do, what better way to stand out as an expert and showcase what you’re about?


  1. Becoming a Contributor


Contributing to major publications with fresh, interesting and authoritative content helps you to establish yourself an authority in your particular field. Sharing your knowledge with millions of other people online gets your brand noticed. It is one of the quickest and most efficient ways of establishing yourself as an expert because you get to reach a new large audience you normally wouldn’t get to. Another major benefit is that if a publication publishes your article, it’s like they are vouching for you or endorsing you in a way. Most people search the internet for answers when they have a question or a problem. Recent studies also show that more than 80% of consumers search for content about a product or service before making a purchase online. Being a contributor enables you to have access to these consumers and control exactly what they are going to see. There’s no doubt your audience will have confidence in you after reading an authoritative article with your name on it. Becoming a contributor also gives you the chance to use SEO boosting backlinks to your profile and everyone who reads the article will be a potential lead. To be a contributor, you have to be an expert professional in the field you are writing about or a closely related field. It’s also essential to pitch only your best content to appear more authoritative than your competitors. Conclusion Without a doubt, credibility does not occur naturally and cannot be done overnight. Instead, it must be cultivated and effective strategies such as the above Credibility coach Jonathan Medina’s tips must be put in place. Jonathan Medina has helped countless people cultivate credibility and increase customer loyalty.


How Marco Cabrera Created a 6 figure Real Estate Empire in Less Than a Year



All his life, Marco Cabrera has been an entrepreneur at heart. Ever since he was a little boy, Marco Cabrera’s mind was business oriented. He learned from a tender age to take advantage of every presenting opportunity to make some money. At some point in his childhood, he made money from his mother’s friends by offering to paint their nails for $5. When 7-year-old Marco knew that her mom’s friends used to get paid on Fridays, he realized it would not be difficult to get $5 from each of them by doing their nails on Saturdays when they came over to their house.


To Marco’s parents, that might have just been their kid passing time while making a few bucks to buy candy with. To Marco, however, this was the beginning of a long journey into the corporate world. It was never going to be an easy journey, especially considering that business is full of risks and an uncertain future. There was much learning to do, and Marco was ready to go all in on the lessons life was going to teach him.


Believing in Himself and Learning From His Mistakes


True to his nature as a serial entrepreneur, Marco Cabrera worked hard to the extent of setting up 5 businesses. Like any other risk-taker out there, he knew there was a chance that a few or none of the businesses would grow into huge enterprises. Even so, he was not about to stop dreaming, and most importantly, taking action.


In his own words, Marco says, “Some of the companies did better than others, but what mattered most to me was taking action, believing in myself and learning from my mistakes.” One such mistake he made was backing down from his dreams. Instead of pushing through with his dream of becoming the entrepreneur he was born to be, he ended up being employed. Though he was still making a sizeable income from two of his best-performing businesses, he wanted something more for himself, his wife, and two kids.


From Stable to Uncomfortable


Marco Cabrera might have secured a ‘stable’ job six years ago, but to him, it was the same as having given up on the dream of greatness. He wanted a life higher and beyond the corporate cubicles, he had found himself in. Marco says, “I felt like I had thrown in the towel on my dreams, and was now settling. I knew something was not right.” The discomfort he felt being in the corporate cubicles then bred the determination to leave it all for something else. He realized it was not all about the money, but about fulfillment. Then came the tall and thick wall separating him from leaping onto his destiny – fear. Marco’s vision had been somewhat blurred by the confines of the corporate job that he was terrified about failing if he dared trying reaching for his dreams. Marco Cabrera, however, knew that something had to give, and it surely did.


Building a Fresh Relationship With God

Having lacked the strength in him to move forward, Marco looked to God for help. He started working on his relationship with God. That is how he found the confidence, faith and drive to get to where he had always wanted to be, where he was supposed to be. He confesses, “Through Jesus Christ, I have been able to get clarity and a new focus in my life, family, and business.” During his time growing in Christ, Marco attended a seminar where he met a distinguished real estate investor, who later became his mentor. Before long, Marco, through his mentor’s coaching, was able to finally create a six-figure real estate business. Marco Cabrera finally saw and lived the reality of his lifelong dream, and it all happened within a year.


Unlike many who give up on their visions, Marco Cabrera did not. He finally quit his corporate job to fully become a real estate investor. Today, he closes deals worth hundreds of thousands of dollars every month without prior experience of having ever been in the real estate industry. So, what is stopping you from pursuing your dreams? Are you stuck in some corporate cubicle feeling sorry about yourself? Don’t let life beat you down. Like Marco, you can find help in Jesus and finally see the realization of your dreams.  

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5 Things Photographers Need to Know By Jaime Flores



Jaime Flores is a photographer based in the Pacific Northwest (PNW). He is best known for his portraits but also does a variety of different types of photography. In just a span of a year, he grew his two instagram accounts to have 10x more followers than he had we started. Before photography, Jaime was going to college with no real idea of what he wanted to do for a career. After receiving his Associate’s degree with an emphasis in business, Jaime decided not to continue school and look for something new to pursue in life. He bought his first camera in April of 2018 and quickly gained the knowledge needed in order to be commercially successful in his hometown.

At first his focus was only portraits but later on he began doing product photography, events, landscapes and more. In May of 2019 he started his own Media company called Digital Trends Media. The company provides photography, videography, graphic design, and social media management services. Jaime hopes to inspire and help others find skills that are needed in today’s world driven by social media.


1. Carry your camera at all times

It’s actually really important to always have your camera with you. Pretty often, people get curious and will ask you: “Are you a photographer?” or “What kind of camera do you have?”. Use that as a chance to show them your work and/or hand them a business card (you should always have some). Take your camera everywhere you go and learn to take candid photos of people out in the city, take pictures of your food/drinks, take pictures of nature, etc. This seems pointless but people are willing to buy print versions of those types of photography. Expand your skillset beyond portraits.


2. Leverage your personality

Don’t rely solely on your work to catch the attention of potential clients. Your work will only get you so far but you have to be willing to put your personality out there as well. If you take a look at some of the most successful and well known photographers, you’ll notice that they not only take amazing pictures but they also have huge personalities. People love to see what the person behind the camera is like.


3. Make your photography stand out

Editing is crucial, spend lots of time learning new editing techniques. Also, when shooting portraits, take your time and really analyze backgrounds. Take pictures from numerous angles to give your pictures unique perspectives. Combine a unique editing style with new angles/ideas, and you will gain popularity.


4. Youtube is your best friend

A question I get asked all the time is: “How can I get better at taking pictures?” My answer is always Youtube and practice. Of course you can pay to attend seminars and pay for online photography courses, but to me that’s all unnecessary. All the information you need can be found on YouTube for FREE. At least that’s how I learned everything I know.


5. Cameras don’t do the work for you

A common misconception that people tend to have is that having a good camera is all it takes to be a good photographer. Nowadays an iPhone camera is the best camera to use as a beginner. Anyone can buy the most expensive camera but it takes knowledge about camera settings in order to take the best pictures, as well as good editing skills.


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There are 4 Ways to have Fun All Summer Long



Three Connecticut friends transformed a dream into a booming business. While watching sports one night, something sparked their creativity and they realized that there was a gap in the sports industry. After conducting additional research, they found that they truly had an original idea, so they came together and created the blueprint for their game, and within a year, a prototype was born! Now there is a new way to enjoy summer sports whether you’re on a beach, at a picnic, gym, or park. This four- way intersecting volleyball net has all the fun of a traditional volleyball game but with a unique twist and a brand-new set of game rules.  

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The real final four.

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The World’s First 4-Way Volley Ball Net

Chris Meade, the co-founder of CrossNet recounts the journey of creating the world’s first 4-way volleyball net when the idea was only in its infancy. “A prototype that was created and tested on a beach in the summer of 2018 gained lots of attention. It went from the four of us playing and having a good time to 25 people waiting in line and me not even getting to play my own game at the beach. As soon as that happen, we knew we had a great game.”

Success Doesn’t Happen Overnight

In most cases, success doesn’t happen overnight, and this was definitely the case for the Connecticut trio, they attribute their success to creating a clear set of game rules for their users, implementing strong branding techniques, and utilizing social media to build brand awareness and outreach. “We were three kids from a farming town in Connecticut. We had an idea and we were able to make it come to life, and now we’re being played in over 500 gym classes across the world. You can also find their products in some of the world’s top retail stores like Walmart, Target, Academy Sports and Outdoors, Amazon, and many more.

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The best place to meet your friends is at the net.

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New-Found Freedom

Meade enjoys the life that entrepreneurship has awarded him. Since the business has taken off, he’s able to reclaim his time, energy, and life back. When asked how has entrepreneurship improved his life, he had this to say: “I have more flexibility! “Nothing is worse than going to a job everyday and working for somebody to improve their business. Everyday I wake up and ‘think how do I improve my business?’ Which is a direct impact on my life and the life that I live.”

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Spike what? CROSSNET!

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Changing the Game of Outdoor Sports

Meade is proud of the success and attention that the CrossNet game has gained since it’s release in June 2017, he also mentions that the sports industry has plenty room for innovation, yet, despite the passing of time, the industry lacks fresh innovation, until now! “The outdoor game and sports market is a very boring industry, and I mean that in the sense that no innovative outdoor game products really came out to the market. Our parents and their friends have been playing corn hold, Frisbee, and basketball outside for the last 100 years. There’s only so many times [that a new outdoor game is developed] and becomes a game changer, and we’ve brought in a four-way volleyball net, four-square combined, and a new game of CrossNet.”

CrossNet Brings Value to Players

CrossNet is a unique game that brings value to anyone who is willing to take part in the sport. Families can enjoy this game at a picnic, or at the beach. Physical education instructors can use this game as a pre-workout tool or as a fun workout for students. Even professional athletes can find ways to enjoy this game. Its versatility and easy game rules makes this a suitable activity for anyone to enjoy. Meade says “Leisure players can now play volleyball in a one-on-one setting. Children and young adults who are looking to learn the basic skills of volleyball can now play with select friends. It’s also a great warm-up and skill and development tool as well.

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Sunset CROSSNET in Australia. (via @nbva.manly)

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Here’s to the Future!

Chris Meade is a young 26-year-old who has successfully traversed the world of business and entrepreneurship. Together, him and his friends were able to take an idea, and turn it into profit. As a piece of advice to young aspiring entrepreneurs, he says “Have a concrete idea and run it by your peers. Don’t give up! It’s been over two years in the making and we went from a company that celebrated one sale a day, to now making the news in Minnesota were sport anchors are taking our game out of the box and showing the entire state of Minnesota.”

For business inquiries and questions, Chris Meade can be reached at [email protected].

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