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Tommy Gabriel, Working for TMZ at Only 18, Being a Social Media Influencer and Pursuing Acting



Overcoming, being bullied and becoming a social figure has never been easy. It takes a strong character to believe in oneself and see personal strengths that other people fail to see, to overcome the psychological and emotional torture. Tommy Gabriel, well known for his bubbly friendly personality, was once a victim of cyberbullying, which he overcame. He now stands as a voice for those who cannot stand for themselves, no matter the age. Gabriel is an online influencer and an entertainer, mostly talking about any trending topic and always posts items to inspire others. As exciting as he is, we were also interested to know more about him, and here is what he offered.

Overcoming Challenges and Chasing Dreams

Gabriel grew as a person who did not have friends while still in high school, which resulted in cyberbully. He went on social media to find friends whom he would share his interests with, and that was the beginning of his turning point. Many are never sure of how they can overcome bullying, and in most cases, teens who get bullied end up suffering psychologically, which lowers their self-esteem. They are no longer in a position to stand for themselves, which again leads to depression. However, Tommy Gabriel came out as a champion who overcame all that, and he now strongly advocates for Anti-bullying. 

He understands that as humans, we all have similar struggles, and the best we can do is to inspire each other. Because of his story, he was chosen for a role at, ‘Finding Ourselves,’ where he gets bullied, but that doesn’t stop him from reaching his goals. During his senior year in high school, Gabriel was lucky to be contacted by the TMZ Live, where he became a commentator, and since he knew what his interests were, he was not about to let go of that golden opportunity. At the age of only 18 years, Gabriel was working with TMZ, talking about technology, trending topics, and giving his input on celebrity gossip. He quickly became an internet and TV personality while still in highschool.

Opportunities at the Doorstep

Just like most social media influencers, it has never been easy to gain followers and keep the number growing. It takes a special and unique kind of approach to keep the numbers increasing and maintaining them. Gabriel is now pursuing a career in acting. That has contributed to the rise in followers, whom he refers to as ‘Online Besties,’ on social media. Gabriel also reaches out to companies that mostly focus on live streaming, so he is offered opportunities to report on trending celebrity gossips, which he also uses to give them a closer look at what he does on television.

 While working on growing his career, he had a chance to work with other brands, which has also contributed to his success. He has worked with AirTime, Live, Me, NBC, MeetMe Live, and more. Being an influencer, an actor, and working for TMZ has not been easy for him, but he has achieved all that and will continue to do more. 

He Did It; Anyone Can Do It

Currently, Gabriel is focusing more on how he will continue to create awareness about bullying. He is doing this so he can help anyone who might be going through such. Being a victim in the past, Gabriel has plans to release a youtube video on his story about how he overcame cyberbullying, and, to keep on inspiring his fans and anyone who might be going through the same. His most significant achievements and successes so far are what he has been deriving strength from to continue pressing on. He has hopes for the future, since all the steps he has been making, he has not been disappointed at one point.

Using his own words as an example to others, he states that no matter what people say about you, you should not give up. He has overcome all that and more because he never listened to what people used to say about him when he was still in high school. That’s what has helped him reach where he is and become a figure to be admired by others. We are all looking forward to more of his achievements and success. 

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Jake Nicks Shares 3 Sales Tips That Every Entrepreneur Should Begin Following



Whether you like it or not, sales is the heart of essentially every business. If you don’t take the time to learn and master selling, or simply add the right person onto your team to take on that role, don’t expect to make too much progress in increasing your cashflow. Being able to consistently convert leads into sales is by far one of the most valuable skills in 2020. Luckily for you, I have a sales expert’s top three tips for converting prospects into customers, and you can immediately begin implementing them into your sales process.

Jake Nicks explained that he operates by a handful of highly important values and principles, and he believes they are what led to the immense growth in scales that his roofing company has experienced over the past few years. Surprisingly or not surprisingly, they all revolve around putting the customer first. 

Go Into Every Conversation With The Intention To Serve

Too many people approach conversations with their prospects in a way that doesn’t ultimately serve the client, and this is a big error that should very much be avoided. Jake says that in every business, the goal needs to be to provide the solution to the customer’s problem, and every conversation needs to be structured around providing that solution.

From asking plenty of questions to gain full clarity on their current situation, to speaking about the new reality that they will experience once the solution to there problem is provided, make sure that everything you are talking about is making it clear that your intention is to be of service to them. Most salespeople go straight for the money, and that often times turns away customers faster than anything else.

Sell Futures, Not Features

A new reality can be very exciting for someone, especially when they are straight up frustrated with where they are currently at. When you are speaking with a prospect, make sure that the majority of your conversation is based around the future vision that you have for them (the vision of once they’ve experienced your product / service). 

Way too many salespeople go into their conversations focused on the specifics of how something works, or the cool features that make it unique, but that’s the very thing that you should be avoiding.

Jake shared with me that when he would speak with home owners who’s roofs were getting pretty old, he would speak only about the new reality of no longer having to deal with their current roofing issues. This same approach can certainly be applied to whatever it is that you are selling, for there is always a better, easier, or faster reality that comes with whatever it is that you are selling.

Of course, you can always answer a specific question that your prospect has, for you always want to make sure they have removed any and all confusion from their minds. But just don’t intentionally talk about the details for too much of the conversation. 

Ask Questions, Collect Information, Then Tailor Your Pitch To Their Needs 

A very effective way to make sure that you are staying on the right track in all of your sales conversations is to make sure you are asking the right questions. “But exactly what questions should I be asking?” you may be wondering…

The answer: questions that help you gain a more accurate analysis of their current situation! 

Ask questions that are related to whatever it is that you are helping that person with, of course, but be sure to consistently use phrases such as “tell me more about…” or “can you elaborate on…” so that you fully understand where that person is at. Because once you’ve done that, you can then make sure everything you speak about moving forward is aligned with whatever information they’ve given you.

Simple, these may seem, yet most entrepreneurs and salespeople tend to forget about them. No matter where you are at in your business, selling will and always will be the most important area of your business. Neglect your sales, and you neglect the growth of your business.

Hopefully you begin following and living by these principles, for I agree with Jake that these three tips can absolutely transform anyone’s business once they’ve completely been adopted into their sales process.

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Cody Cornwell – Heavy Marketing



Recently, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Cody Cornwell. Cody is a marketing expert and has built a successful agency in a super short time. I asked him how he got started, what he does, and more.

  • Hey Cody, what does your company do?

Heavy Marketing LLC helps businesses and personal brands grow their exposure to increasing revenue while creating a brand that will withstand the test of time.

  • How did you get started?

I left my “high paying” skilled labor job in search of a better future more myself and my future family.

  • Why did you pick your niche?

I followed where my interest took me while making sure I was serving clients that had the money to pay for my knowledge and skills.

  • What advice would you give to someone looking to start a big agency?

Just start and figure it out along the way as you learn. Try to serve a mentor to get their knowledge if you have to. 

  • How have you leveraged building a personal brand?

By being my authentic self the people that I have met online meet me in person and realize that nothing is fake. I am transparently me and that allows me to connect with the people I was to work with. Building my personal brand also has put me in contact with so many that would never meet with someone random that walked up to them in the street. It helps build your like, know and trust factors before even meeting someone in person. 

  • If you could leave the world with one piece of advice, what would it be?

To never stop searching for the best version of yourself as possible.

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Mark Neilson Shares Tips on What It Takes To Become a Successful Entrepreneur



Parents struggling to make ends meet for their children is familiar among many families, and Mark Neilson’s family wasn’t any different. He watched his parents struggle to put food on the table and cater to their other needs. Having a mother who did odd jobs to supplement his father’s fishing income taught him that he had to work hard to make it in life. Although they weren’t rich, he learned the virtue of honesty and hard work from the example his parents set for him. Mark knew that if he was to build a better life, he had to work very hard and maintain honesty all through.

Early Life Journey

Mark grew up in a trailer based out of Alaska. Although his parents tried everything to give them a good life, it wasn’t enough. They still struggled. This formed the basis for Mark Neilson to want to build a better life for himself. He ventured into entrepreneurship while still young and living in Alaska. His family started a firework stand. The relocation to Utah at 9 didn’t kill Mark’s entrepreneurial dreams. He continued by selling Christmas trees during the festive seasons and selling other products in other seasons like lemonade during the summertime.

They lived in Utah until his teenage years when he decided to leave and find another home. While still with his parents, he tried to help them in their business. Through this, he was able to better his entrepreneurial skills, skills he later used to thrive in his environment. He first left Utah to go on a mission trip that ended up igniting in him the need to help other people achieve success. He realized that his success would come from their success. Mark also realized that he needed a different setting for his dreams. He set out to look for a new place that would feel like home to him and traveled to different states including Washington and California. He ended up settling in San Jose, where he currently resides.

Work and Achievements

Mark Neilson has a business in the insurance sector. For over ten years, he has been providing exceptional services in that industry and has grown to become a force to be reckoned with. Although seeking employment was a possibility for him, he decided to start his own business because he didn’t want a limited income. He wanted to earn as much as he could work for. He didn’t depend on his abilities either. He accepted help from others when he could and had mentors he worked with.

Mark Neilson has achieved many accolades during the ten years he has been in business. He has been an AO Rolex Recipient, AO squire, and AO knight, First to break $7,000,000 in AO Regional in one year, first producer in AO to net $150,000 in one month, and first in AO Regional Manager to net $400,000 in production in a week. He was also Producer of the Year in 2013, Number Four Manager in 2017 2017 AO Leader of the Year, and again AO Leader of the Year the following year. He also an Only Diamond Club Member, Million Dollar Club Member, four times Presidents Club Member, seven times Gold Club Member, three times Founders Club Member, and two times Monthly Producer Record Holder.

Advice on Success

Mark Neilson attributed his success to his hard work, professional work ethics, and his mentors. He advises upcoming entrepreneurs to understand that success doesn’t happen instantly but instead takes time. He also advises them to keep going, especially when it gets tough. Another tip is for new entrepreneurs to develop a passion for learning and to listen to the advice given by mentors. The mentors have been through the journey and know what it takes to get to where you want to be. Loving others is also essential because it is the only way you’ll be able to prioritize their needs and do what’s best for your clients.

One thing that is evident in Mark Neilson’s journey is hard work. For him, that is the only way to achieve anything he wants. He is always ready to put in the time and effort, do whatever has to be done to finish the job at hand. He also enjoys helping others and derives his success from their success.

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