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Here Is Everything You Need to Know on How to Travel for Free with Credit Guru Umesh Agarwal



Why pay for flights or a stay at your favorite luxury hotel while you can do all that for free? Yes, for free, or for a ridiculously cheap rate. Credit guru Umesh Agarwal has for years studied how to leverage credit for travel hacking. By knowing the best credit cards to go for and how each works, Umesh travels the world on his own terms and gets to stay at world-class luxury hotels at almost no cost. If you have never heard of this or have a profound interest in leveraging credit for travel hacking, here is all you need to know about the subject from the guru himself.


First, credit refers to any borrowed money that an individual can use to buy goods and/or services when needed. If you want or need credit, you get it from a credit grantor. This is the person or institution with whom you agree to repay the amount spent at an agreed-upon time. This will include any applicable finance charges. To further understand credit, you’ve got to look into the four types of credit. 

Types of Credit

Revolving Credit: Any type of credit where you are issued with a maximum credit limit within which you can make charges. You revolve the debt or carry a balance each month and make a payment. The most common example of revolving credit applies to credit cards.

Charge Cards: Though they look like revolving credit cards and are often used the same way, charge cards are a little bit different. With charge accounts, the holder makes the payment for the total balance every month. 

Installment Credit: In the case of installment credit, your creditor provides you a loan of a certain amount following which you agree to pay back the money plus interest in regular installments. The installments are usually paid in a fixed amount over a specified period of time. A good example of installment credit is a mortgage or car loan.

Service Credit: This is where all arrangements with service providers are in the form of credit. For instance, your phone service, electricity, and other bills or memberships are based on credit arrangements. Most arrangements will have you pay for the credit monthly.


How To Leverage Credit for Travel Hacking


Borrowing from the credit guru Umesh Agarwal, the best way to use credit to travel hack is by signing up for multiple credit cards. Choose the ones with lucrative bonuses to earn points or miles and use them to travel for vacation. When you master the art, you will be in a position to even fly business class or otherwise called luxury class. 


It gets even better with the possibility of staying at luxury with little or no cash. You can also use credit cards to qualify for higher airline status as well as earn rewards from hotels. These rewards can be used for free upgrades within the hotel or free meals in the best hotels during your holiday. 

What are the best Credits Cards for Travel Hacking


Unlike what you will commonly hear, Umesh Agarwal says that there is no single preferred card for travel hacking. Experience has taught Umesh that each card has its own unique perks. Even so, there is one tip he shares with you. Umesh says, “Do not stay away from credit cards with annual fees since those cards can help you to travel hack and even earn big sign-up bonuses to milk $2-10K value from travel. Also, there are multiple ways to bring annual fees down even for cards with $400-550 annual fees.” 


If you insist on knowing the best credit card for travel hacking, Umesh Agarwal the credit master recommends Chase Sapphire Reserve, AMEX Charles Schwab platinum card, AMEX Personal Gold card and City National Bank Crystal Infinite card. He also encourages aspiring travel hackers to research for the most favorable cards. You might be surprised to find a particular card that is lucrative but hasn’t been explored yet.

How To Start Travel Hacking for Beginners


To begin with travel hacking, it is important to have a good credit score (>700) to qualify for premium cards which you can use to reap bigger rewards. Then learning about airline reward programs and airline alliances/partnerships and how you can use this to your own advantage. 


Research is very important and being flexible with the travel dates helps to fly in luxury by using miles/points efficiently. For instance, many people don’t know but you can use British Airways miles to fly American Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Qatar, etc. Similarly, you can use American airline to fly other airlines like British Airways, Etihad, Cathay Pacific among others. 


In a world where everyone pays for everything, you could do with some help getting a cut from all the expensive luxuries of life. Umesh Agarwal has made it his mission to help people get anywhere in the world for free or for cheaper fees than usual through leveraging credit. If you would like to learn more about how to use credit for travel hacking, check out Umesh and contact him on Instagram, @uagarwal_.

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How A Broke Journalist Was Able To Create A 6-Figure Coaching Company



Many freelancers dream of living a financially free life filled with success. That can be very hard at times due to the trap of doing everything yourself. You never should. Many entrepreneurs are stuck in “solopreneur world” stressing and overdoing themselves when they can make the same amount of money delegating sales and fulfillment. Check this out:

Alex Schlinsky is the Founder and CEO of Prospecting On Demand™, a company specializing in helping coaches, consultants, and agency owners implement the systems and strategies necessary to scale their company and become successful CEOs. Over 125 entrepreneurs have built 6-figure companies utilizing the POD™ community and training.

Alex is decorated speaker and author, making appearances at college universities and being featured in renowned publications such as Entrepreneur Magazine, Forbes, and more. It wasn’t always the limelight for Alex. He’s had many successes, challenges, and major responsibilities. Here are some of his: 

‘Can you tell me the story of your prior successes, challenges, and major responsibilities?’


Alex has a major list of successes. After working hard on Prospecting On-Demand, Alex has over 500 students. This leads him to many other successes like speaking at his alma mater UCF for Leadership Week educating others on how to scale their businesses. Not only does he mentor over 500 students but owns a 6-figure marketing agency working with personal injury attorneys and owns a 6-figure coaching company. Alex has spoken for USF NSLS inductions 4 times and was published in Entrepreneur, Forbes, and many more agencies. To add the cherry on top, 125+ agencies/coaches hit 6-figures with POD™ and about 20 have hit 7-figures with POD™. A personal achievement of Alex is successfully achieving his childhood dream of working with the Miami Dolphins. 

Image result for miami dolphins


As for challenges Alex explains it best.

“As I got started: Working part-time while at school. Post-graduation realizing my college path led to a dead-end and I had to restart at square 1. With no corporate job, I’ve always wanted to figure it out on my own led to some LEAN years. Working for the Dolphins and in MMA meant working weekends, long hours, deadlines, and very low pay. Struggled to pay rent for some time while my wife worked as a waiter.”

More specific: Mostly great investments in coaching, but one in particular ($30k investment) crippled me for a while. 

Major Responsibilities:

Alex also had a lot of major responsibilities as well! He was handling everything for the agency before ReachLocal stepped in. Did prospecting, sales, and even tried to do fulfillment (ads) even though I was terrible. 
For POD™, created all the content, did all the sales, managed a team of 3-5, made massive investments in coaching that I had to do the work for, etc.

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How Entrepreneur Mehran Khan is Transforming the Digital Market at Age 16



With dedication and continuous hard work, one can achieve anything. One just has to work towards the goal with complete honesty and the result will follow sooner or later. Today, we are going to talk about a young boy named Mehran Khan, who is a true inspiration to many youngsters out there, who are feeling lost.

Mehran Khan is a 16-year-old boy, who hails from a Kharan district of Balochistan. Currently, he is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the country but his journey to the top has been a roller coaster ride with great ups and own. Mehran Khan is the co-Founder of Rifiako Media.

He has made his way to the top with his sheer work and dedications towards his goal of doing something special in life.

When he started his journey from his village, he had no idea where to go. However, destiny had its say and it brought him to the city of dreams, Quetta. After arriving in Quetta, he struggled but soon came to understand what he needed.

After working tirelessly towards his goal, success came knocking at him at a very young age.

After making his niche in marketing, Mehran has expanded his reach to digital video content. Currently, he is producing several digital videos catered to young audience. With this, he has already turned entrepreneur at such a young age.

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How This Barber Has Been Able to Completely Reroute His Life Through Entrepreneurship



Entrepreneurship is the name of the game in the 21st century. It even seems to be the last bullet shot on poverty and misery. 


Catalyzed and driven by passion, persistence, patience, and power, meet Guy Coates whose journey to success has been completely undeniable. A life-changing journey that has impacted tens of thousands if not thousands, through entrepreneurship. 


Success is not something you merely pursue, it is something that you attract by the person you become since success never lowers its standard. Indeed entrepreneurship is not only the key but the door to success.


As a smart worker with skills and passion as the better option, Coates has traversed miles. To achieve his success, the entrepreneur sets Goals and targets, visions and dreams to achieve within a certain set time frame. Finally, the marketing tools and strategy he uses are mind-boggling and a mind opener to the young entrepreneurs. 


Skills and Passion


The ability to be a ‘man of the people’ is not only super career achievement but also a social achievement. Skills speak louder than words and no wonder nobody bothers to check Coates license. Everyone is now fully aware for the past decade and a half, that yes indeed it is not just education but the output that matters. The passion of seeing people looking good and having increased self-esteem has been the driving force behind the entrepreneur venturing into this lucrative entrepreneurship. 


The youtube series he began that recaps local barber battles in the DMV area called the Recap Baber show has cut reality stars.


Skills and passion have been Coates definition for the past 15 years as you cannot separate the latter from the former. Half heartedness is Coates greatest enemy in achieving his goals and for sure passion became experience, the experience became a success which continues to tower beyond the skies.


Goals, Visions, and Targets


Where there is no vision people perish. Coates targets to build a brand big enough for people to trust and buy products to help with their profession and for the clients to have the look last longer. The launching of the classic movement called Beyond the Chair is already underway. 


This will be of great aid to other barbers that will create something for their children. Isn’t that great? But as you can tell it will not be an easy task, but who can stop the hero, champion, a conqueror with a whooping wonderful nine children and a grandchild? Viva!


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