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You Never Lose You Learn With Lauren Tickner



What’s your backstory? 

Lauren Tickner may only be a 22 year old girl from England, but she’s been in the game since she was just 16 years old. She didn’t know back in 2013, but the private Instagram account she created in order to connect with others who were also on a fitness journey and transform her health away from crippling anxiety would eventually spiral into her entire empire.

As a teenager, Lauren was mocked by everyone for doing something which wasn’t the ‘normal’: her Instagram fitness account. She was 17 at the time and fortunately chose to persevere despite the critics, because she knew that her message could help so many people. While doing this, Lauren applied for a couple of jobs in asset management. She always dreamed of becoming the CEO of a FTSE 100 corporation. After many assessment days and interviews, Lauren was awarded a role at a FTSE 250 asset management firm which has over £100 billion assets under management. She took her dream job, and started there at the age of 18.

From the outside, Lauren was seen as ‘successful’: this role was highly sought after for someone of her age. Inside, Lauren was deeply unhappy. Her parents told her that they’d “lost the Lauren they once knew,” because this job sucked the life out of her. While working here, Lauren realized that nobody should ever feel that deep sense of unhappiness which stems from the pit of their stomach due to the thing which is supposed to provide them with their livelihood. She was continuing to post to social media at this point, and noticed that many people were successfully building their own online business.

So, after careful consideration, she quit her job, went and got her personal training qualification, and started an online fitness coaching business. This was a pivotal moment for Lauren, because it is what taught her how possible it is to build an online business, even without any knowledge about sales or marketing. Her business took off, and within just a few weeks she was already earning more than double her monthly paycheck in her previous job. Lauren was 19 at the time and her deferred her place at The University Of Bath, so in September of 2016, she started on The UK’s top ranked business degree.

Lauren didn’t miss one day of posting to Instagram for over five years. She focused on adding value to those who were wanting to become strong both physically and mentally, and built her audience to over 100,000. She did this while she was in school, in a corporate job, and at University.

While studying, Lauren was still doing online coaching, and eventually decided that she wanted to sell fitness ebooks. She successfully sold thousands of ebooks resulting in six figures in income, without even knowing what a ‘sales funnel’ was. When she began learning about all things online business, her mind was opened up to so many new possibilities. The questions she was getting asked switched from “how do I lose fat?” to “how do I start online coaching?” Lauren noticed the trend, and catered to it… She pivoted her messaging away from being the coach, to educating the coaches.

She knew she had two options: to split her efforts between University and her online business, or to go all in on one. What she was learning at University was not as powerful as what she was learning through podcasts, the masterminds she invested in, and the mentors she was speaking to. So, she dropped out of her highly respected business degree to go all in on her online business. Since then, Lauren has become the ‘go to’ person when it comes to personal branding. Her messaging is no fluff, and she cuts to the chase, always delivering actionable value. She has successfully helped thousands of people, worldwide, build a profitable and well respected online, personal brand based business.

At the age of just 22, she has two six figure businesses and one of the world’s top business podcasts: Online Fitness Business School and Impact School. Online Fitness Business School is the leading education provider for those within the fitness industry who want to build an online business. Impact School is a business and a NASDAQ top 10 rated podcast. Impact School is the place to go to for mentorship regarding personal branding. Impact School is an online education provider containing online courses, for example Impact Your Niche, and an accelerator program for those who want to scale their existing business online while simultaneously building an audience.

Lauren Tickner Host of the Impact School Podcast

After experiencing the immense contrast between an energy-draining corporate job versus the freedom, fulfillment, and profitability of building her own online business, Lauren is committed to helping impact driven entrepreneurs build a personal brand and online business that makes a difference.


What made you decide to choose this career path? 

Despite only being 22, I have had a lot of pivots along the way. There are a few key moments which helped me choose the path I am on right now:


  • Losing weight in an unhealthy way and starting my Instagram to connect with those who were on their own health journey.
  • Working a corporate job that left me so, deeply unhappy. At 18, this made me realize that I am not designed to be employed by someone.
  • Creating my online fitness coaching business: this helped me realize the possibilities that lie in online business.
  • Seeing success with my online coaching business and selling thousands of ebooks, all without online business knowledge: this led to others asking me how I did it.
  • Through others asking me how I did it, I began researching and fell into the rabbit hole of online marketing. I spotted an opportunity and ran, full force, into it.


I truly believe that this career path chose me, haha. I really am not a good employee. I like to do what I want, when I want, how I want. I know that sounds entitled, but aren’t we entitled to live a life that we want to live? We have one shot at this, so I believe it is our duty to do what makes us happy and allows us to serve as many as people as possible.


Can you share a story about the funniest mistake you made when you were first starting? Can you tell us what lesson you learned from that?

Wow, I have made a LOT of mistakes! I still make mistakes to this day… So picking just one is really hard! The funniest has to be when I posted a YouTube video and I left this entire clip in (which I meant to edit out) where I was just being really weird and talking to myself. I didn’t notice until someone commented “ermm, Lauren… what are you doing at 5:03?” Haha, it was so funny! Now I know to check every single piece of content before it goes out!


What do you think makes your company/personal brand stand out?
It all comes down to storytelling. You need to be able to tell a story that connects with your people. And before that, of course, you need to know who your people are! Who is your ideal client? Get so crystal clear on that, that you know who they are better than they know themselves! This doesn’t just include demographics, but also psychographics. Add value, get personal, and always tell a story.


What’s a quote that you live by? 

You never lose, you learn.

Lauren Tickner 

Nathan Ray Ortega is the founder of influencer podcasts. Nathan helps those share their great story, by helping entrepreneurs, authors, influencers, millionaires and many more get on podcasts and tv shows around the world, his passion is to help share the stories of the few to impact the lives of the many. Nathan had to overcome many obstacles during his journey, from having 16 different jobs at age 20 to being homeless and sleeping in a car with his pregnant girlfriend, and even changing in public bathrooms for 2 months, but during that time Nathan stayed motivated and listened to many powerful stories that changed his life for the better. Nathan thanks the power of podcasting for motivating him to push further with every episode of entrepreneurship. ''Life is never a straight road, we have to face unknown obstacles, many emotional experiences, and life-changing habits, to get to where we need to be.'' - Nathan Ray Ortega


Freddie Achom on why effective listening is a key leadership skill



Freddie Achom - effective listening

Frederick Achom is an entrepreneur and co-founder of the Rosemont Group Capital Partners, a private investment group with a portfolio including renewables, financial services, and digital tech.

What’s the most important skill for company founders, start-up owners, dynamic entrepreneurs? Passion? Communication? Business acumen? All of these are important, of course, but listening is the game-changer.

Research shows that just 10% of us listen properly. That is, a whopping 90% of us fail to listen effectively. Of course, we usually technically ‘listen’ but we find our minds wandering to other subjects.

Effective listening is vital for business leaders

In my career, across my businesses, investments and partnerships, I have always found listening to be the main driver of growth. Staying open, tuning in to other people and, above all, listening to our customers, helps drive business success. Most people assume they’re good listeners but taking the time to really master this deceptively difficult skill can pay dividends.

Bain&Company carried out a survey in 2016 on leadership traits. They asked 2,000 employees to rate 33 separate leadership skills and traits. Respondents selected ‘centredness’ as the number one characteristic they appreciate in a business leader. In this context, ‘centredness’ means the person demonstrating the ability to truly be present and give their full attention to the other person. It’s about making employees feel heard and valued.

Business leaders must make sure that every team member is listened to equally. That means the quiet ones who can be tentative about coming forward. It also means those who demonstrate different communication styles.

Don’t overestimate your listening ability

It’s all too easy to pay more attention to speaking our voice rather than listening to others. This is particularly the case with business founders, entrepreneurs and start-up owners. We tend to be extroverted personalities, with ‘Type A’ communication styles.

I admire anyone who can clearly communicate their thoughts to a room full of people, as and when they crop up. But I admire business leaders more when they really listen to other people. Listening allows an insight into new perspectives. It helps to understand what’s not being said and to find out what’s missing from the puzzle.

According to development advisor Melissa Daimler, there’s more than one listening style. In fact, she says there are three different listening levels: internal listening, focused listening and 360-degree listening. Internal listening is where we concentrate on our own thoughts rather than the person speaking. Focused listening is where we listen but don’t fully connect and so miss the subtext. The final level, 360-degree listening is where we listen to what the other person says and how they’re saying it.

How well do you listen to your employees?

And while we may assume that we’re always at the highest level of listening, cognitive bias says we probably aren’t. This is why it’s good to check in every now and again and see where you measure up to the four listening qualities, as defined by leadership consultants Joseph Folkman and Jack Zenger:

  1. Positivity – good leaders are able to give constructive, thoughtful feedback. If the other person thinks you’re listening properly, they are far more likely to take your feedback on board.
  2. Cooperation – bad listeners use the time when others are speaking to construct a combative correction or statement. This leads to a defensive, unproductive conversation. Feedback should flow in both directions more or less equally.
  3. Support – effective listeners boost the other person’s confidence during the conversation.
  4. Participation – great listeners ask questions and delve deeper into the subject.

How to become a better listener

If we’re busy, distracted or stressed, it’s all too easy to pay less attention than we should. During those times you realise you haven’t truly heard your colleague, team member or employee, use the following techniques to boost your listening effectiveness. Some sound obvious, but they’re simple to miss.

  • Make direct eye contact – this shows confidence and respect for the person speaking. Don’t let your gaze stray to your computer screen or phone and switch off notifications. The other person should have your total, undivided attention.
  • Ask open questions – if you ask questions that can only have a closed answer, you’re effectively stifling the conversation. This is likely to leave the other person frustrated and feeling unvalued.
  • Allow them to finish – don’t be tempted to speak over them and try not to even frame your response until they’ve stopped talking. Pauses are OK, don’t feel you have to immediately fill any thoughtful silence.
  • Try to hear what isn’t being said – around 80% of all human communication is nonverbal. If you pick something up from a facial expression, don’t be afraid to ask questions.
  • Watch your speaking/listening ratio – if you’re not leading the conversation, watch how much you speak. As the business leader, you’re likely to automatically take control of the conversation. This isn’t ideal, when you need to listen to the other person.

Effective listeners work better in teams, learn and absorb information faster and contribute to a workable culture. They also tend to interact with clients, customers and colleagues better. Leading by example as an effective, meaningful listener will encourage your workforce to do the same. Cultivate this skill within your organisation for more effective business growth.

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The Mandalay Group today announced updates for the upcoming #PAY TAMPA BAY event, including additions to the advisory board, two of the keynote speakers for the February 20, 2020 Conference as well as a new community partnership in the Florida technology corridor.



The Mandalay Group today announced updates for the upcoming #PAY TAMPA BAY event, including additions to the advisory board, two of the keynote speakers for the February 20, 2020 Conference as well as a new community partnership in the Florida technology corridor.

The theme for 2020 event is “Banking, Blockchain and Beyond”. Event proceedings are being co-sponsored by BlockSpaces, a Tampa based blockchain technology innovation studio. This unique event will be staged at the new Embarc Collective innovation hub in downtown Tampa.

“We’re excited to enter into these new partnerships leading up to the event” said Bruce Burke, CEO of The Mandalay Group. “These high-profile supporters and contributors will help amplify our message and attract attention and investment to our thriving technology community.”

Andrew Morris, Founder & CEO of new consultancy The Fintech Agenda LLC, will be joining the #PAY Board of Advisors. An expert in the technologies and trends shaping the future of financial services, payments and commerce, Andrew serves on multiple boards and is an advisor to several fintech organizations, including the Technology Association of Georgia’s Fintech Society and the HOPE Global Forums.

“Having served for 5 years as Chief Content Officer for the Money20/20 conferences, and thus helping to build the leading fintech events globally, I have seen how powerful events can be to move industries and companies forward,” Andrew explains.

“The #PAY event brand is in the right space at the right time. I’m excited to play a role moving forward in helping #PAY produce world-class events exploring the innovation that will occur over the next decade in payments.”

#PAY also announced several presenters for the event, including keynote speaker Matteo Rizzi, an unconventional Entrepreneur, Investor, Innovator and Author of the new book “Talents and Rebels, Dealing with Corporate Misfits”.

This book is an inspirational journey where – hopefully – misfits get a spot to be heard, and everyone gets an opportunity to understand a different innovation perspective. For three years in a row, Financial News has nominated Matteo as one of the “40 most influential Fintech executives in Europe”.

Matteo will be joined by executives from Arival, the first fintech bank. Arival was founded in 2017 by a dynamic trifecta consisting of two seasoned fintech venture capitalists and one young fintech entrepreneur.

Regarded for the team’s prior investments in pioneer digital banks such as Simple, Moven, Fidor, & RocketBank – they decided it was time to take the bull by the horns & build their own. CEO, Vladislav Solodkiy, CFO, Igor Pesin and COO, Jeremy Berger will participate in the #PAY event. Arival now boasts a pre-money valuation of more than $14.8 million.

“We’re proud to have so many fintech leaders as headline speakers for #PAY,” said Rosa Shores, Co-Founder of BlockSpaces. “These innovators will explore the most transformative technologies and ideas reshaping the banking, fintech and payments industry. 

We look forward to shining a global spotlight on Tampa Bay as an emerging fintech hub and, once again, show the nation we are a “go-to” city for blockchain innovation.”

The Mandalay Group also announced a new community partnership with the Florida based non-profit, Synapse. #PAY will host a panel session focused on Fintech investment during the Synapse Summit being held February 11-12, 2020 at Amalie Arena. Leading VC’s, institutional investors and well-funded fintech firms will provide information and insight with key strategies for successful exits.

“Synapse is glad to partner with #PAY to ensure our audience of upwards of 6,000 attendees from all parts of Florida’s innovation ecosystem have the chance to learn about the growing fintech and payments industry,” said Lauren Prager, Synapse Vice President of Community Engagement.

The #PAY TAMPA BAY agenda offers keynote sessions from global leaders in the banking, fintech and paymentsindustry, with more than dozen sessions on topics ranging from opportunities in blockchain, to shifting consumer payment preferences, digital identity, innovative payment solutions and how these changes will reshape the banking, payments and commerce industry.

Reserve your spot today at: www.paytampabay.eventbrite.com

Industry innovators count on #PAY to connect them with key decision-makers at financial institutions, venture capitalists, and fintech startups as well as service providers, analysts and media.

Get your brand message in front of executive-level stakeholders and buyers. #PAY TAMPA BAY has opportunities for speakers, sponsors and supporters.

For more information visit: www.paysymposium.com/contact

About The Mandalay Group

The Mandalay Group is a consortium of professionals focused on accelerating the future in the banking, fintech and payments industry globally. TMG is well known for bringing together thought leaders, innovators and decision-makers from across the financial services industry to discuss the tsunami of transformation changing the face of finance.

Attendees benefit from access to the world’s foremost experts focused on emerging payments technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, cryptocurrencies, e-commerce, blockchain, cognitive platforms, digital identity and experiential customer engagement

Media Contact: The Mandalay Group: [email protected] (727) 612-5775

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How Nolan Johnson Created Fortune with Sales Funnels Strategy



Nolan Johnson’s story begins in Hancock, Michigan where he was born in 1992. Many years had passed before he realized how to make money and approach people in the digital world. Nolan wasn’t one of those highly successful people who made millions out of nowhere. He carved the path very patiently and today, he is one of the biggest influencers in digital marketing and sales funnel matters. How did he succeed to be an influencer? He created his way of digital marketing automation that provides results and makes him lots of money.

The Story about New Beginnings

Nothing was easy for Nolan Johnson. At an early age, he was just an ordinary guy with one extraordinary dream—he wanted to become a millionaire. Many years passed and he realized the only way to make money was to approach people online. Since he didn’t want to do traditional approach methods of convincing people about some products or services, he made a different decision. He created the sales funnel methods that change the way we see online marketing today.

Johnson started with an online marketing platform that didn’t bring much money at the beginning. He was making only $800 a month. And it lasted for 2 years. Day after day, Johnson wanted to break through and make something different. He learned digital marketing and Facebook Ads in 2017. It was a brand new start for him.

In November 2018, Johnson founded NXJ. Marketing. It was the time of huge opportunities in the industry, and Johnson had the chance to hit the larger market with his innovative sales funnel strategy. His target groups were not only Americans. He expanded the reach and his audience is now located all over the world. The USA, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Canada, and other English-speaking countries are part of his audience. Johnson is now able to communicate with millions of people through his sales funnel strategy.

Giving More Than People Expect

Today, Nolan Johnson’s company is part of the marketing world that creates new circumstances for people. We all want to know what is new in the world of entrepreneurship, and Nolan Johnson makes things easier. With his insights and keen attention to detail, we can discover new entrepreneurship methods that bring the most results. We are no longer limited when it comes to digital marketing because we can learn from the best people in the industry. Nolan Johnson is one of those men who make a difference.

NXJ. Marketing is a digital company that is on the pace to be a $10 million company by the end of 2020. If you wonder how a 27-year old entrepreneur can make a multi-million-dollar company from scratch, just take a look at the story of this young man and discover why social media and Facebook Ads have such a potential to grow one business. Sales funnels are the specialty of Nolan Johnson, the man who knows how to apply dedication and persistence to create massive results in one business strategy. We now have the opportunity to explore his system and create the same results on our business path.

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