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Meet Ziba Lennox, the Dancing Mama Who Is Transforming the Lives of Women Through Dance Fitness



The first time I heard about dancing fitness, I wasn’t sure it was even a thing. However, that was years ago when I thought dance was just a reserve of the pros. Fast forward to 2019, Ziba Lennox caught my eye on Instagram for combining dance fitness & fashion. I had the chance to interact with Ziba Lennox, an entrepreneur and professional ballerina who is changing lives through dance. Lennox has been in the fitness industry for ten years now. Over the years, she has created and developed the revolutionary Dancing Mama Style into an irresistible trend and brand among women from all walks of life. A mother of two boys, Lennox stands both as a source of inspiration and encouragement to mothers. I spoke to Lennox about what she does, and she obliged to let me in on her success journey. There was so much to learn from this woman who believes that, “Dancing & moving are the best things you can do for your mental health.”

Growing up in a Ballet Class to Co-Founding a Company with Her Sister

Well, Lennox did not exactly grow up in a ballet class but considering that she enrolled at the tender age of two, you would be forgiven for saying she did. Her passion for dance was fanned to the extent that she became a full-blown professional ballerina. Surprisingly, or maybe not quite so, Lennox tagged her sister, Marisol, along in her love affair with the dance floor. The two were, and still, are inseparable. They even partnered to open MaZi Dance Fitness, a company that allows women to leverage dance to live healthy lives, with a focus on mental wellness. MaZi is a first of its kind in the world because they focus on the real feel of a dance studio that embraces everyone. Unlike what some might expect, Lennox went to school like all other kids  and later to the University of Rochester where she graduated with an MBA in Finance. “I decided to go to business school after seeing how hard it can be to transition out of dance later in life,” she says. As you can guess, a few years in business school didn’t do much to erase Lennox’s passion for dance. The dance guru worked for Target/Best Buy in Minneapolis shortly after which she and her sister formed MaZi. 

Making Profit and a Difference in Women’s Lives Without the Help of Investors

I asked Lennox what amazes her most when she looks back on how far she and her sister have come, and she told me she is proud that they, “have never had investors and were profitable since the first month of operation.” Considering that only a handful of businesses can boast of such a fete, Lennox positions herself as the daring entrepreneur who is not afraid to do things differently and win every time. Despite being tempted to think that dance is not that much of a life-impacting activity, Lennox made me realize that there is a whole lot of things people don’t know about the relationship between dance and wellness. She says, “Beyond being profitable and evolving with the fitness trends, the biggest success I feel is changing the lives of the people that come to MaZi.” 

What the Future Holds

In our conversation, I must admit I wasn’t as surprised as when Lennox told me, “I don’t often think about where I’m headed. I just work as hard as I can in the moment. It’s a strength and a weakness.” Come to think of it. If the dancing mama has come this far without being obsessed and worried about the future, she is more than okay going a thousand more miles in the same fashion. The kind of easiness she approaches life with is very inspiring. However, Lennox did mention something about working on the part of her business she wants to use to create awareness on causes.  

In summation, there is nothing quite like a woman motivated enough to take life by the horns. Ziba Lennox uses her experience in business, dance, and motherhood to inspire women to reach for greatness in life, and not take for granted talent and opportunity. If you are out there and like I have ever doubted the power of dance, you should reread this and share it with a friend.

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How Stephen Campolo is Helping Thousands Achieve a Hollywood Body in Just 12 Weeks



Stephen Campolo is not your average fitness trainer. For one, he guarantees results, thanks to all the years of experience and knowledge within the diet, nutrition and health industry. You can be sure to get your dream physique through proven sciences and facts.

Here’s how Stephen Campolo is helping thousands achieve a Hollywood body in just 12 weeks.

The Shift from Corporate to Fitness Trainer

Stephen may have the body of a Greek god, but he wasn’t always like that. It didn’t bother him though, as he sought out a plan to climb out of his dilemma and build the body he wanted. In fact, the shift was largely due to his desire to become better and strive for greatness.

He began studying everything he could about body change, e.g., weight training, nutrition, and human anatomy, then worked as a cleaning boy at a Gold’s Gym so he could acquire as much information as possible about fitness. Stephen’s success largely stemmed from his action steps towards getting a better image and health, which ultimately changed his direction to becoming a fitness author and online entrepreneur.

Trial and Error

Stephen started working on what he knew in order to try and build the best physique. During this time, he already had a good understanding of how he could help others melt fat off their bodies and get into shape. He was working with CEOs and global movers in terms of weight loss and sculpting their muscles.

His love of helping others propelled him to greater heights. Soon, referrals from clients started seeing him and asking how they could get into shape quickly and easily. Stephen also began sharing his thoughts and beliefs on his social media page, which soon blossomed into a following.

The Rise to Entrepreneurship

Stephen isn’t like other fitness coaches who focus on making money. He genuinely wants to help others like him overcome physical challenges and be in their best shape. His passion as a personal trainer, nutrition coach, and weight loss expert grew, and people sent him messages to see if he had a book or program to sell. The seed formed, and Stephen began compiling his ideas and putting them on paper.

The momentum continued, and soon Stephen launched his very first fat loss program. The results were as expected- Stephen rose to become an entrepreneur and soon made enough money to do online fitness coaching full time.

His reach and audience grew to others who wanted to be like him all over the globe. Stephen’s client transformations were remarkable and unlike any other programs the world has ever seen. A session with him and you’ll understand how you can build muscle and burn fat faster than you think is possible.

The bulk of Stephen Campolo’s program revolves around tried-and-true methods coming from the author himself. In his quest to become fit he also learned a lot about dieting, nutrition, and knowledge on how the body works. Then, his intense desire to help others led him to the successful position he’s enjoying today.

Stephen Campolo has been featured in many various online publications, talk shows, radio interviews, and most recently The Breakfast Club. For any business inquiries feel free to message Stephen on Instagram.

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Advantages of Obvi Super Collagen Protein Powder



The Obvi Super Collagen Protein Powder is becoming virally popular as a leading protein supplement. Not only is it protein Obvi Super Collagen Protein offers healthier and glowing skin, hair and nails. The simple consumption of one scoop daily is useful in improving gut health as well. 

Obvi Super Collagen Protein Powder is a product that helps your skin and health. One main benefit is Collagen promotes younger and healthier skin! It wouldn’t be bad at all to look a few years younger. It will definitely feel great to look young and get a boost in self-esteem. Imagine getting a lot of compliments from your friends and colleagues. They will all ask what your secret is in getting yourself to look so young. It is no secret everyone would want to look young. The powder can help you look and feel young and that is going to motivate you to do things you should have done a long time ago. That includes getting in great shape as you thought your body would not be able to hold up.

It does not even cost much so you are spending on something that will benefit you in the long run. Since you won’t be spending that much, you won’t think of it as a burden. You will now have more budget for other things that will keep you looking physically fit. That will include gym membership and a lot of other things. It is a great investment. Besides, you should think about the things you spend your hard-earned money on. This should definitely be one of them as it is for your own health. There is no doubt we should take care of our bodies as we only have one. Furthermore, there are only 30 calories per serving. Thus, there won’t be any worrying about getting fat. In fact, it is going to be the other way around as it will make you look great. You may even get the girl or guy of your dreams if you look a lot better. When you post before and after pictures of taking Obvi Super Collagen Protein Powder, then you are going to be very proud of yourself. 

The product comes in two flavors and both are selling out fast. If you get tired of the Cinna Cereal flavor, there is still the Fruity Cereal flavor. Both flavors are extremely addicting and you will find yourself switching between the two flavors from time to time. The good news is that they will release even more flavors in the future. If you thought those two flavors were amazing, then wait until you get a load of the upcoming flavors they have in store for you. They have yet to release any details and that is because they like to surprise people. There is no question you have a lot to gain and nothing to lose when you invest in this amazing product. Obvi Super Collagen Protein Powder has never disappointed previous buyers and you will be the latest person who will be impressed with it.

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Your ED can be a Cause of your Future Psyche Disorder



Mental weakness (also called mental erectile brokenness) is an irksome issue to be considered. Despite the fact that it isn’t something people value talking about straightforwardly; it is one of the things that seems to be unavoidable for the patients suffering from ED.

What is a mental weakness due to ED? 

• Mental incompetence is a condition achieved by mental factors that come from a man fighting to get or keep up an erection. 

• Stress, despairing, fault, low self-confidence, relationship issues or pressure—including execution nervousness, could all incite ED and the mental weakness that has its source in it. 

• All things considered, mental infertility isn’t the sort of condition that should be treated by taking a pill, like Cenforce 200 and Fildena Sildenafil Citrate 100 — it has to be sorted by your adaptation itself. 

How fundamental is a mental weakness? 

Erectile inconveniences shouldn’t come as wonder since they’re really common. The Cambridge Institute suggests that 10% to 20% of us have experienced mental erectile brokenness sometime in our lives. In any case, the veritable number may be impressively higher than 20% too. 

The basic thing is that it is a mental condition that gets down thinking about ED and its direct effect in his life. However, thinking in likewise manner won’t help him out; rather creates the same situation, from which he flees or tends to flee.  

Reasons behind the mental weakness 

Hopelessness – Wretchedness can influence all pieces of your world. It can feel like a hook that weights you and makes life that much harder to live. Research exhibits that 75% of people with distress in like manner have issues like this. 

However, research shows that this particular exhibition of mental distress even creates more pressure on the patient and hence ED becomes more effective for them. 

Relationship issues – Contradictions are inevitable in any customary relationship. Relationships, however, carry that with it as part and parcel. More you concentrate on those; more you will feel and find the mental weakness to win over you. 

Sensual propensity – For certain men, a dependence on sensual stimulation can cause ED in future, particularly when is it used for masturbation. You may find that you can get an erection when you’re watching erotic entertainment but missing some strings at other times – this is simply due to a set of mental assumptions, to which your thoughts are addicted. Besides that, watching sex entertainment can lead you to make nonsensical presumptions in regards to your body and sexual limits. In this way, it can cause execution strain and mental ED. 

Low certainty – Do you know that Low level of certainty and erectile dysfunction feed off one another? One examination of Brazilian men exhibited that 95% of those with ED is having a low level of certainty in their mind, and when you have it, a general feeling of low-confidence naturally develops in you, causing ED. This can incite erectile issues in bed. Additionally, people with low certainty are progressively vulnerable against experiencing fault, sadness, pressure, and fear of expulsion. 

Sexual absence of concern – too much ignorance from sex or too much practice of sex both causes an absent-minded attack on your brain signalling that you are not having the urge for sex. It is from this brokenness in mind, you feel inclined towards ED. Your mind is everything. If your mind is suggesting that you won’t need it, then how come the body overcome that signal? 

Talking with a counsellor may help 

ED itself is curable to much extent, the mental stress out resulting out of the same is sure to be treated. Hence get in touch with some specialist. His/her suggestions and medications would help you in this aspect. You can use following generic medications as effective ED treatment medications:

Tadalista Pills

Sildalist 100

Aurogra Pills

Vidalista Generic Cialis

However, before going for any treatment, there needs some mental preparation. You need to be very much prepared for the same and for that you need to understand first that you are having some problem and you need to overcome it. If you won’t realize the same, no doctor in the world can treat you. 

Work it out with your associate 

It is important that you have a word about the same with your partner. She is the best person to resolve the issue for you. In fact, it will not be a wrong idea as well, when you say – she is the only doctor who can resolve the issue for you. Hence have a specific word with your partner and allow her to make it easy for you – be certain that there is none who knows you better than her. So, leave it on her and communicate with her in this regard for sure. 

Finally speaking, ED is more mental illness than that of physical. Whatever outcome you find in your body and whatever disorder you see, there has the source in your mind. Addiction to the B-grade movies, mental toughness about your wish to go on physical and erotic activity and finally, the low-confidence are the things that make the root cause of your ED. Hence, when you overcome all those, you will be naturally out of the tension that is going on in your mind. This tension creates the nervous pressure and eventually controls the blood pressure in your body as well as in your penis. When you will find that you have won it, your blood flow all across the body will also be normalized, and ED too will be resolved. 

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